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Has anyone noticed?
1-19-2008 5:30:05 PM

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The similarities between FF9 and FF6 (FF3 US, I think)?

The main male characters, Locke and Zidane, are very similar, as are Garnet and Terra. Locke and Zidane are both thieves, while Garnet and Terra can both naturally summon. There's also the 4 people in battle thing. Kuja and Kefka have very similar goals (although every bad guy in Final Fantasy wants woirld domination). There is also Terra's 'Trance' ability, which is almost exactly like Trance on FF9. This is all I can think of for now. Let me now what you guys think!
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RE: FF7 oddities
1-19-2008 6:30:11 PM

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Cloud 777 said:What about cloud being taller than barret in battles, but sits on his shoulders to escape the falling plate in sector 7?

I think that;s just because Barret's the biggest built out of them. He wouldn't be able to sit on Cloud's shoulders, because he's probably 100 lbs heavier than him, lol.

One thing I think everyone's noticed is all the miss spellings in the game, like Gizzard Greens. and Pile Bunker, for example.

Also, there's a Vine when you head towardsthe Lost Capital that leads to nowhere. I believe this was the place that they were going to put a side quest, but then decided against it at the last second, or something. Smile
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