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RE: FF7 oddities
3-3-2008 4:44:55 PM

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A few things i recently alive looking Aeris, Phoenix down in Aeris' bedroom, unlimited great gospel?

first, If you go to Aeris' church in the sector 5 slums and don't move once inside, Aeris remains and doesn't look like a ghost. She appears to be gardening or whatever and looks just as alive as the children along side of her. However once you move toward her she disappears. but still gardens if you walk in and out of the church without walking around the inside of the church.

Second, If you go to Aeris' house in the slums and go to the room upstairs where you can rest there are two items which cannot be seen but can be acquired if you press circle when standing next to them. they are near the door when you walk into the room and decline to rest. The items are a phoenix down and a potion. (a phoenix down inside Aeris' room? interesting?)

Finally, you can get as many mythrils as you want, sort of. If you go the the sleeping man in the cave who gives you mythril once the last two numbers of battles are odd you can then trade it with the weapons maker for the great gospel or an armlet of some kind. however if you go back and forth between the weapon maker and sleeping man you can keep getting mythrils and keep getting great gospels. i was able to amass 4 great gospels until i had to battle again.

So i dont know if this i common meaningless knowledge? do any of these findings mean anything? and ideas?
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