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8-24-2007 2:27:33 AM

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This has to be my favorite game for GBA, I play it non stop and I've beaten it, always finding something new to do or attempt to get.

I've yet to FULLY beat the game (by that I mean get all items, which I'd have to Link and Trade for, which I can't, no link cable), I've yet to Master half the classes, it's a lot of work...

One thing I haven't done yet either is beat ALL the quests, which brings me to a suggestion::

Someone doing a Walkthrough or Guide for all the Missions.

Such as:

Rank, Item(s) Needed, Type (Negotation/Dispatch/Engage), Days to beat, When available/How to trigger...Stuff like that...

I'd do it myself but it's a HUGE pain in the rear trying to get them on my own, which is why I suggest a guide...

Also - some Character guides would be awesome...

Such as how to level a character to achieve 'maximum' potential (like a guide on how to make Marche a super mage, cause my friends owned my Fighter/Ninja Marche, which was pathetic...)


Best game for GBA ever, I wish they'd come out with more Final Fantasy GBA games, but now that DS is out, good luck with that, eh?

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