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Family day out at the beach
5-12-2007 11:25:55 PM
The Spirit of Aeris

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Lulu: Hey!! What do you think you are doing?!

Wakka: I'm teaching our kid how to blitz, ya know....

Lulu: You don't have to drown it!!!!!

Wakka: What!!! (looks down) the baby has dissapeared!!.................OOF!! (Wakka gets hit by a stuffed moogle)

Vidinia (Lulu and Wakkas kid): Look! Tidus shot mark 1! (does a really complicated move, misses and lands in Lulus bosom.)

Tidus: Sorry Lu!

Lulu: (uses lightning), that'll teach you!!

Tidus: Jeez, I said I was sorry!

Wakka: Why are you teaching my kid your moves??!!

Baby: Because yours are sh*t!!

Everyone: (they all look at Auron)

Auron: What?? It wasn't me who tought it bad language!!

Tidus: (Doing a drunk Auron impression) Gettouttamywayyoumuthaf*ckers,I'mdoingthisalone!!!

Auron: Hey now!! That's not fair!! That was only the one time!!

Tidus: (realising that he has just sworn infront of the baby)

Lulu: What the F*ck did I tell you about swearing infront of th F*cking baby, you stupid F*ck!!!!!!!!!

(They all turn towards her)


Kimahri: (under his breath) Stupid bitch

Yuna: Kimahri!! I heard that!

Kimahri: Sorry
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