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Powermad Vivi
5-12-2007 11:26:26 PM
The Spirit of Aeris

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Vivi: (looking at the cloning machine) I Have always wanted more of me..........I suppose I could use it........(looking at the instructional manual. which is so thick it's impossible to imagine) AAAAAHHHHHHHH F*ck It!!......(he decides to just mess around with it and see what happens)<br> <br>Vivi: (he gets it working and one vivi comes out. Then another and another and another) Cool!<br> <br>(By the time the 5th comes out Vivi starts thinking that it was not such a good Idea after all). (He frantically tries to stop the machine) NONONONONONO!!!!!!! Goddamn It!!!<br> <br>(after the 8th comes, the machine explodes. They all escape)<br> <br>The Vivi Clones: Daddy?! (they run towards him, but vivi runs away)<br> <br>Vivi: Why the F*ck Didn't I read the manuall??!! (The vivi's advance) NOOOOOO!!!!!Getaway!!!!!!!

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