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Aeris' Death: Take 2
5-12-2007 11:27:09 PM
The Spirit of Aeris

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Aeris: Ummmm......I can't seem to find it......HEY ZACK!? HAVE YOU SEEN MY HOLY MATERIA ANYWHERE??!!<br> <br>Zack: No, I havent seen it anywhere.<br> <br>Go.d: Is This what you are looking for? (Hands over the Holy Materia)<br> <br>Aeris: Thanks. (Out of nowhere, a sword plunges through Aeris' body and she drops it. It falls below the clouds and out of sight)<br> <br>Sephroth: Even in death, I still rock. <br> <br>Aeris: Hey!<br> <br> <br> <br>Yuffie: (carefully examining the materia that nearly gave her a concussion) Heeheehee, this is mine n---Hey! (Red XII snatches it from her and gives it to Cloud) Bad Doggie!<br> <br>Red XIII: GROWWL!!!<br> <br>Cloud: Thanks Red. (Looks upwards and smiles) I promise to keep this safe. Till we meet again.....*Sighs*

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