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RE: Gaming? a mental illness?
8-16-2008 7:37:17 PM
Cloud 777

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1) I think the whole part of it being a replica is that it doesn't have all it's functionality
2) I doubt these violence threats are dispelling the video games = violence topic.
On a slightly related note, I completed GTA 4 last night. I won't ruin either ending for anyone but the last mission on the Revenge choice seemed overly dramatic.
Still, you shoot people in the FACE. (Mental note: Don't copy that)

You Will Remember The Night You Were Struck By The Sight Of Ten Thousand Fists In The Air.

RE: Gaming? a mental illness?
8-16-2008 8:11:40 PM

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Hmmm, I was playing GTA4 the other night and the driving system feels like steering a iceskating midget wearing buttered socks across a melting ice cap, it's just to... ANNOYING!!!

And Cloud, honestly. I was violent long before I started playing videogames, so I know my streaks aren't video game induced... unless someone tried to take my system away from me, in which case it might technically be Game induced, but the only video game character I'm likely to emulate...

Is a Tonberry!

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