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Angela Aki Youtube Videography (and soon discography)
7-18-2007 10:27:47 PM
The Spirit of Aeris

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I made this a sticky because I found and collected together every song on Youtube by Angela Aki (who by now, you must know that she sings the FF12 theme song). Anyway, enjoy!


Tashikani (Her new single!!)

Kodoku No Kakera (live)

This Love (live)

Rain (live)

Kiss Me Goodbye (live) (Theme Song to Final Fantasy 12)

Eyes On Me (live) (Theme song to Final Fantasy VIII)

Kokoro No Senshi

Music (live)

Kiseki (live)

Will You Dance? (live)

Kiss From A Rose (cover with clips from Final Fantasy VIII)

Sora Wa Itsumo Naiteru (live)

Sakura Iro (live)

On&On (live)

Hallelujah (With clips from several Final Fantasies)

Train Train (live)
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