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Custom Robo
5-13-2007 3:39:19 PM

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I know that not everyone here has a gamecube, but to those who do, have you played this game? I'm almost done with the grand battle.<br><br><br><br><u>Things to discuss</u><br>Favorite Parts<br>Strategies<br>Anything else about the game.

Noah just couldn't save the dinosaurs, could he?

RE: Custom Robo
5-19-2007 9:54:57 PM
Ramza Beoulve

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Oh my gosh, I haven't played this game in forever! Lol, I had like EVERY single parts, including getting as far as unlocking all of the illegal parts. My robo was teh sex after that xD <br><br>This is still a great game. I beat all the grand battle, and went on to the after tourni to get my S class back, those bastards, stripping me of my tital! D=<

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