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5-19-2007 10:08:56 PM
Ramza Beoulve

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Hahaha, I think this is the third time of me making a thread about MapleStory.<br><br>The game revolves around well, nothing. It's just a free online MMORPG, in which you create a character, starting at Maple Island and work your way to either lvl 8(magician advancement level) or to lvl 10(thief, warrior & archer advancement level). Some don't even make the job advancement at all, they just stay as a beginner.<br><br>After going from lvl 8 or lvl 10 to lvl 30, you get to make your second job advancement. For thiefs it's either an assasin(one who throws stars) or a bandit(dagger user). For magicians it's either cleric(one who heals), an ice lighting mage(the title suggest all) or a fire poison mage(title suggests all). For a warrior, you can either become a fighter(one who uses swords or axes), a spearman(one who uses spears or pole arms) or a page(one who uses axes or maces) As an archer, you can either choose hunter(one who uses bows) or crossbowman(title suggest all). <br><br>From your second advancement, you require 40 more levels. So from lvl 30 to 70, is your second job. Once you become lvl 70, you can take your last job advancement(third job advancement, it is only the last one because mostly all of us are from the North American side of the planet aside from Matt, so he can play eMS, but we don't have 4th job so it's basically your last job till they get that). As a fighter you become a hero. As a page, you become a knight. As a spearman you become a dragon knight. If you chose to become a mage, here are your 3rd job advancements. If you were either an ice lighting or a fire poison mage, you become a mage as your 3rd job. If you became a cleric, you would advance as a priest. If you chose to become an archer, like I did, here are your advancements. If you were a hunter, you advance as a ranger(I was a hunter, so now I'm a ranger). If you were a crossbowman, you advance as a sniper. If you chose the thief route, then here are your advancements. If you chose to become an assasin, you advance as a hermit. If you chose the bandit route, you advance as a chief bandit.<br><br>And that's all for now. 4th job advancement is at lvl 120, but as I said we don't have it.<br><br>Basically, this is just like any other MMORPG. You meet great friends. Go on quests. Get levels. Chat. Join a guild. Join a party to get extended experience. <br><br>It's actually quite a hard game. It takes a long time to level then most, but sometimes Nexon will add 2x experience for set periods of times. <br><br>You can also spend reallife money on this game if you have a paypal acc., or if you live in the US, you can go to a nearby Target store to purchase 15$ or 25$ prepaid cards. You get the benefit of purchasing Cash Shop items, to further make yourself distinct. The equips cover your regular class equips. So you can basically upgrade everything. Get a new hairstyle then the original one you got, change the color, get a new face, new eye color, new eyes, new shirts, pants, shoes, weapons, capes, overalls. It's quite awesome Smile <br><br>So this is MapleStory. It's a great community of people, even if there are alot of jackasses...and actually, our hacker situation si getting quite bad, but hey,our GMs(Game Masters) try. <br><br>If you want to check out MapleStory, go make an account and download it at ----><br><br>If you want to join good communities, and have guides to classes(use these guides, seriously, don't f up your character)<br> (I joined this one. Better members in my opinion)<br><br> ( This is an auction site for items on the game. Quite good to just get a quick buck Smile)<br><br>Also, our curency is mesos. You can purchase scrolls to upgrade your equipment and such.<br><br>IF you have more questions feel free to ask me.


RE: MapleStory
5-20-2007 5:33:04 PM

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I tried Maple Story a long time ago. It took way to long personally. It literally would take hours of sitting in the same spot killing the same creatures to level up.

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RE: MapleStory
5-22-2007 12:49:10 PM

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Yeah, it does take helluva long time to get to any sort of high level, but I dont mind it that much personally. PB showed it to me like, what, a year or so ago? I played it on and off for a while, but now Its pretty much all I play when the TV is taken.

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