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RE: IQ test
8-23-2007 8:16:09 PM
Safer Sephiroth

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lol dibs on Johnny Cohchram

Its hard being hated and discriminated against

RE: IQ test
9-1-2007 7:12:46 AM

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mine was 133 i was going to be put into the smart kid classes when i was younger they tested me at 115 at age 7 but i moved and the new school didn't give a shit

Free-will: God's First Mistake

RE: IQ test
10-29-2007 11:32:11 PM

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Yeah, that sort of thing will happen. My dad is in the defence force so I moved around alot and I went to dozens of different schools. Only one of them tested me and tried to do anything about it. Eventually when I moved to a new school, the results didn't come with me and I eventually got bored with the teachers and the stuff they where trying to teach me so I just ended up downplaying whatever ability I had and then they finally noticed that I was inteligent and put me in a higher class but by that point I had already started to find other things to keep myself occupied and I barely bothered to do the minimum required work for my classes.

So basically the school system and my idiot teachers are souly responsible for turning me into the insane raving habitually lazy and preoccupied Fangirl I am today.

Comforting thought huh?

Rolls Eyes

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RE: IQ test
10-30-2007 5:22:12 AM

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My classes are overcrowded so if you want a decent education you usually have to read the textbooks for extra information its not my teachers fault the local council is building a new school that will have soundproof music rooms so we could make as much noise as we want in senior year and wont be in the new school...shit

Fuck all you gun toting hick gangster wannabe's

RE: IQ test
10-30-2007 11:56:30 AM
Ansem the Defiler

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sucks how the schools get all the good shit before ya leave eh Andy?


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RE: IQ test
10-30-2007 8:37:54 PM

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arc that is my story exactly (without dozens of schools though i went to only 10 different schools)

Free-will: God's First Mistake

RE: IQ test
11-6-2007 9:42:01 AM

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Ansem the Defiler said:I agree, my GPA is a 3.3, which is good, got me a decent scholarship for college too. My school was really, sad to say, boarderline retarded. full of rednecks and religious pricks, all who had really bad grades, and i ended up doing average work too. Which sucked, because none of the things i did in high school are applied to what i take in college now. The only teachers that did actually teach on a college level ended up having to pass the idiots to avoid riots from loudmouth parents over how the school is screwing their child out of a good education.

Which is why i say the South sucks, if percentage of the school is a bunch of idiots then the rest of the real students have to adjust to the morons level.


aaww come on ansem can't be that bad right? it spawned evil little bastards like us didn't it?
though i'm in danger of failing because i keep skipping school....

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RE: IQ test
11-9-2007 6:51:37 PM

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Well that's what Honors and AP Classes are for. For the kids that are smarter than the hick percentage of the school. In my school I'm taking Pre-AP and Honors classes and they are full of kids that are smart. Which really istn't that many kids.

In my Pre-AP classes there are only 13 kids including myself.
And last year I got B's and C's (b/c I didn't try) and I ranked 16th in my grade.

So even thought almost all the kids in my school are hicks the AP and Honors classes separates them so that the talented kids can learn in a productive environment.

RE: IQ test
11-10-2007 2:06:01 AM

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yeah but there weren't any advanced placement classes in elementary school which is when some of us needed it most

Free-will: God's First Mistake
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