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Online Play Friend Codes
9-25-2007 1:50:16 PM
Cloud 777

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Basically so any wii users on kuponut can play against one another online.

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I will update this as I get more online games so feel free to do the same and I look forward to going against any of you.

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RE: Online Play Friend Codes
1-11-2008 8:37:13 AM

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Bwahahahahahahahahaha! I finally desciphered the code and got my Wii hooked up to the internet!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

My dad, has the worst handwriting on the planet and it took months of trying to find the right combination to get onto my network and boy was that annoying.

Anyway if anyone with a working Wii wants to drop me a line they can register me in their address book with the following code:

7594 9036 9446 1933

Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to play over the net yet but I'll figure it out eventually. Big Smile Ain't no technology that's gonna get the best of me!

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