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how many hours did you spend just riding the horse?
10-4-2007 1:35:44 PM

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I think I wasted about 5 days of my life just riding around on the horse. It was called an Epona, right?

RE: how many hours did you spend just riding the horse?
10-4-2007 1:59:57 PM
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Yeah it was, and I didn't/don't spend much time riding epona all over. Sure you like to think you're in the intro but it's just a big field you're riding in.

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RE: how many hours did you spend just riding the horse?
10-5-2007 8:23:11 AM

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Epona totally rocks! The first thing I do every time I replay the game is to go Get Epona from lon lon ranch when I'm big enough. The first time I did it though I was on a timer and I wasted a good two hours of the 19 hours total play time figuring out how to get out of the Ranch when dat lieeetle turd locked the gate. Hehehe, anyway, did you know that the poes that you sell to the spooky guy in the gate house when you're older only appear when You're riding Epona in certain areas and directions within the field? I spend days when ever I'm playing just riding around on Epona to get them all, and I ride her in the Gerudo Canyon as well. There's a horseback shooting game at the top of one of the ramps and I like belting around the lake while it's mostly empty...

......heh, Riding Epona is fun, just don't get me started on how much I play with her in Majora's mask and Twilight princess, heh. Tongue sticking out

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