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10-12-2007 11:54:31 AM
Ansem the Defiler

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This is a tribute to John Milton's Paradise Lost, written in the tune of Black Sabbath's N.I.B.


Cast out of the heavens, damned to freefall

For once in that kingdom i stood tall.

Picking up speed, flesh burning off my back

Flung out from paradise, no going back.

Questioned the master on how he ruled

Furious was I when called the fool.

Cursing at him, enraged where I stand

Vowed to cause anarchy throughout his land.

Calling upon my comrades to and fro

To declare war upon my new foe.

As we fought on we knew no fear

Suddenly I realized that my time was near.

Wrapped in chains, flung from the sky

Only left to wonder if I would truly die.

Breaking through the earth, into where darkness dwells

Only to fall in a sea of fire, my anguish it swells.

Burning eternal, I reach the end of my tale

Standing before you, the grand architect of Hell.

Kneeling before me, see who I am

My name is Lucifer please take my hand.

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My talent's for lying. For sticking the knife in when people least expect it. Then walking away with a smile and a wave before they even realise they're bleeding.
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