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The Lovely Bones
11-9-2007 7:15:38 PM

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Has anyone ever read this book before? My Pre-AP English II class has to read it. It's about this girl who is raped and killed and it's about what's happening to everyone she knew after she died. She's in heaven looking down at them and after a while she can break through and make herself visible on Earth. It's a pretty good book so far with a interesting concept of heaven. In the book everyone has their own heaven. If your heaven has something in common with someone else's heaven they show up there. It's kinda hard to explain but it's like many dimensions inside one big dimension.

RE: The Lovely Bones
11-11-2007 3:01:39 AM

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thats sounds cool
i wanna read it now
who's the author?

RE: The Lovely Bones
11-12-2007 10:51:09 AM

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Alice Sebold...... I think.
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