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Personalised items
1-28-2008 11:47:06 AM
The Spirit of Aeris

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W00T! I now have this picture as a mousemat! Big Smile

Courtesy of here: Irish based personalized stuff makers

Ive also had a brilliant idea! I'm going to get them to make me T-shirts. One FF for every day of the week! €15 each, so I'm going to use my birthday money to get them. 3 days btw........! Big SmileBig SmileBig Smile

RE: Personalised items
1-31-2008 1:24:19 PM

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hehe neat picture
its now my desktop

RE: Personalised items
2-1-2008 11:13:32 AM
The Spirit of Aeris

Join Date: 5-12-2007
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Location: Doctorin the Tardis
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Thanks! Y'know...if you want....I could get them to make something for you?

Well, for anyone on here actually.

The plan is....You mail me the money and email me a picture, I convert the money to Euros (via a bank) and send both the money and the picture on to them. they then send me the mousemat/T-shirt and I forward it to you.

I'd like to do this for anyone on here. Obviously there would be a commission. It'll be €5 per (100% Cotton)T-shirt and €2 per mousemat.

The prices are €15 per T-shirt plus €3 for postage and with my commission add an extra €5 ontop of that. So, thats €23 in total per T-shirt.

However, they do a deal whereby if you want 5 T-shirts or more, then its just €15 each without any postage. I'll match that and if you want 5 or more T-shirts, then my commission will be just €10 in total, rather than the €5 per T-shirt, so you'd be saving a massive €30 minimum. But the reality is that it would still cost a hefty €85 minimum.

However, wait until I have received my T-shirts first. If the quality isn't great then I won't be recommending them. I should have them by the end of next week.

As for the mousemats, they go for €6 each with an extra €3 per postage. the commission on those for me will be only €2 per mousemat, so that would mean that if you wanted one, you would have to send me €11.

The quality of the mousemats is great, so I fully endorse that product though. Big Smile

You can go here to see the exchange rates: Currency converting website

Or here to have an add on for Firefox so you can see in moments what money costs in other currencies: Change

What you can do if you want is round up the amount to the nearest zero or five and I'll mail you the change.

Normally, I don't endorse this kind of thing, however, I am an Admin so you CAN trust me. After all, I'd rather not see my reputation ruined and privileges gone by some bad business. Lol

So, the best way to mail money is this (remember, reputation at stake! Big Smile), you will need:

1x Envelope
1x Card
1x roll of Sellotape

Now, what you do is this: Write my address on the envelope (click my username to find it), write your name and address in the card and put the paper money in the card (if you have coins, sellotape them to the card securely). Next, put the card inside the envelope and use sellotape to seal it up. Now, go to the post office and say where its going to. They will give you the appropriate amount of stamps (I'm never sure myself, so I always go and ask them). Stick the stamp(s) on and give it to the clerk. Job done. This method has never failed me once. Big Smile

Also, email me or PM me in advance if you are going to be sending money to me to pass onto the guys at Emerald Embroidery.
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