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The sims 3
5-6-2008 12:01:28 PM

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Well, its about bloody time they annouced that The Sims 3 is comming next year. There has been rumors for a time n half that it was due out this year, now EA games has finaly steped in and said, shut the fuck up!

They have confirmed it should be with us somtime in 2009.... and release some tantaizing screenshots!

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RE: The sims 3
5-11-2008 11:52:42 PM

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I Haven't even finished getting all the other games and now I've gotta start collection all over again?!


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RE: The sims 3
7-9-2008 12:51:07 PM

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whoa 3 already
but 2 is just so awesome
will the mods transfer over
i like playing Final Fantasy Sims
why do they have to do this
what is going on

RE: The sims 3
4-17-2009 1:15:36 AM

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yeah! they have so many expansion packs
for the sims 2 to begin with..
i still haven't completed them too!
and they're going to introduce another one?

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