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biggs? Wedge???
5-16-2008 6:36:31 PM

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is it me???or or are Biggs and wedge in like every final fantacy???in ff7 they were members of AVALANCHE,in ff8 they were galbadian soldiers,in ff10 they were the two gaurds in luca who gaurd the blitzball stadium(you know you can sighn them to your team...)also in ff9 they were pluto nights...i can't think of anymore right now but i kno theres more.......... Smile
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RE: biggs? Wedge???
5-21-2008 12:05:34 PM
Cloud 777

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They were deliberately put there as an in-joke and reference to the two star wars characters. (Realises a bit of fanboy knowledge just showed and ran off to hide from Arc)

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RE: biggs? Wedge???
5-29-2008 5:27:26 AM

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(Arc Laughs at Cloud, Really really hard.)

They're also on you Blitzball team in X-2 if you took a look at your own line up. I hated blitzball in that one, I liked it better in X. They also feature as two Imperial Soldiers in FF12 and one of them, I can't remember which, is phobic of Chocobos. Well..... I might have to check but I'm pretty sure its them.... Big Smile

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RE: biggs? Wedge???
6-4-2008 6:09:27 PM

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bahbahahhhakhffgggf8ewefghfi!!blitzball was totally better in ff10 what were they thinking...oh and cloud thanks for that bit of info i did't know that Big Smile and also, it might be me but i feel like ff games wer'nt as good as when it was just squaresoft...i know some people might disagree but...

RE: biggs? Wedge???
7-9-2008 12:48:51 PM

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at the start of ff6 their running around with a brainwashed terra

thers more about the biggs and wedge appearances here

also theres stuff about boco the recurring chocobo
and of course Mog as well as other characters with lots of cameos
like Cid who is in every game
i think ff6 cid is the worst everything in the game is his fault and then he has to try and die on you
evil fishies
ff7's would have to be the best partly cus he's a playable character but also cus of all the cids he kicks the most ass

RE: biggs? Wedge???
8-12-2008 12:42:37 AM

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i fully agree, cid kicks ass in 7, but sucks in most of the others. question 12, who represents the cid we all know and love, al cid or dr cid? cause i really dont have a clue, on a guess i would say dr cid, but still they could be paying cid back for some of his suck roles *coughs* 6 *coughs* and settin him up with the ladies.

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