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help for ff3 on ds
7-21-2008 9:22:08 AM

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can anyone tell me how to get 4 toads and use them in ff3 on ds thanks

RE: help for ff3 on ds
7-21-2008 10:44:27 PM

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Toads? What do you mean toads? A spell Toad? Or a Feind Toad?

(Lol, holy grail ref!)

Na seriously, where are you stuck at?

You'll always know I'm there... but if the high pitched noise is getting louder it's time to RUN!

RE: help for ff3 on ds
7-29-2008 9:50:06 AM

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he wants the bit where everyone in the party has to be turned into toads i reckon
either cast toad on everyone or get in a fight with some toads...wait isnt frog
eh its been a while
i think it works as long as the party leader is said amphibian

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