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mobsters / mob wars
12-28-2008 9:19:27 PM

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if any of you are addicted to the mob wars or mobsters games on facebook/myspace, i'm curious to know a few things:

what kind of features do you like about those games?

what new features do you wish those games had?

i'm in the process of developing a brand new mob game myself, which i will of course announce on these forums once it is up and the BETA goes live - which will probably happen jan 31st or so

figured i'd get some feedback from you guys if you are interested in sharing your thoughts Wink

thanks - mog

RE: mobsters / mob wars
2-5-2009 7:56:28 AM

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i only wish i didnt feel the need to check how much money i have everytime im on facebook...

Fuck all you gun toting hick gangster wannabe's
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