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RE: Kuponut.Com productions
9-8-2007 11:27:36 PM

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Ohboy.... Just so yall know I got another You tube acount (Finally) and I'll start reposting everything that didn't get taken down from my old account. Gah....

The username I've got is Architect2point0...... not so original is it...

Tongue sticking out

You'll always know I'm there... but if the high pitched noise is getting louder it's time to RUN!

RE: Kuponut.Com productions
9-8-2007 11:48:10 PM
Ansem the Defiler

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lol, so long as the feds dont kick down your door over copyright enfringement its all gewd.


My talent's for lying. For sticking the knife in when people least expect it. Then walking away with a smile and a wave before they even realise they're bleeding.

RE: Kuponut.Com productions
9-10-2007 10:50:01 PM

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I do wish to join this group as well.

If, in your heart, I dissapear like all this snow, I want to bloom again within your heart. -Gackt

RE: Kuponut.Com productions
9-11-2007 3:21:46 PM
Safer Sephiroth

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thats mine im to lazy to send yall one and my connection is slow so
send me a friend request if yall want

Its hard being hated and discriminated against
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