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Angel Of Betrayal (my story)
6-6-2007 3:42:55 PM

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Angel Of Betrayal
by Chelsea Murphree

An angel betrayed looks forward to the revenge of the God who banished her…

Her name is Emily, heavens ex assassin, former angel of death, who was cast aside as God became a kind forgiving God. Now she wants revenge upon the father the abandoned her.

Our story starts when our beloved Emily is first cast out of heaven and thrown brutally to the mortal world.

DAMN YOU!!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!” Emily screamed to the sky in vain, but her cries fell upon the deaf ears of the holy and she stormed off in rage of her betrayal. Her shoulder length black hair flowing in the wind of the up-coming storm, red eyes flashing with anger.

Damn that bastard! Up there all high and mighty! How dare he belittle me, and loyal servant for centuries, Betrayed!!!” She ranted as it began to rain, she shivered, her naked, well-toned body now getting used to the mortal pain, the cold, for the first time.
She laughs, an insane, angry laugh and stutters, ”Oh great!! How fucking Great!!!” Her teeth chattered and she wrapped her arms around herself for the warmth it would provide.

A whistle from a dark ally “now what do we got here, Spike?” says an unknown voice. “Well I dunno, Shank, what do we have?” said a supposed Spike. Two men step out from the shadows, dirty, looking like the kind of guys that rape little girls or deal upper class illegal drugs, the kind of men Emily used to slay.

Shank stood barely 5 foot tall, while Spike was in between 6 foot 3 and 7 foot tall. these men seemed to be strange partners, for each contradicted the other, Shank had short reddish brown hair and green eyes, while Spike had long blue and purple hair and red contacts. Spike seemed to be the one with the brains, while Shank seemed just a little clueless, if not just down right retarded.

Emily stood to face her attackers and studied them closely, trying to think of what exactly to do. She judged them as guilty in the eyes of god, slipping back into her angel ways, and smirked...

With a smile on her face she said, “Ah, Shank, Spike you dirty old rascals,” she grabbed a beer bottle from the ground and busted the end, “If you want me, come and get me.” Her eyes gleamed with blood lust. <br><br>Spike pulled out a switchblade, “Okay bitch we’re coming.” <br><br>Shank advanced and Emily jumped over him, grabbed him by his nappy hair, pulled his head back…<br><br>“Betcha can’t find a good piece of ass in Hell!!!” she laughed eagerly.

His eyes widen as she slit his throat. “SHAN--!!!!!” screamed spike, cut short by Emily throwing the bottle, piercing his heart. “Cowards…” smirked Emily as she pulled Shank’s long black trench coat off him. “This’ll do quite nicely”, she said as she slipped on his blood stained coat…
Our Emily went on like that for two years, killing and moving so as not to be caught. Then she came upon a village of assassins, the roads blood red, and settled down, finally among friends…

Now clothed in her assassin’s outfit, and her spiked dog collar, of course; she sits on the roof of the hokagae’s cabin creeping along the seam of the roof, waiting to attack the ninja's leader. “One, two, yes I’m coming for you… three four, you had better lock your doors, five six, it’s a gruesome fix…” Emily sings softly to herself, anticipating the death, loving the murder.

“We have no information on the new assassin…, I’m sorry sir, We were unable to get any info….”, a lower level ninja says to the hokagae. <br><br>The leader’s face grew red, his eyes glowed yellow and his teeth grew long, the signs of a demon, You have screwed up for the last time!!” And all that could be seen from the outside window was blood spatter as the leader devoured the ninja in rage. Emily, watching for the skylight, laughed at the arrogance of the leader…

“I knew it, demons…” she smirks,” Incubus, they think their so bad…Huh? Wait a minute, aren’t they only supposed to be able to be in dreams?” She watches him as he turns back into the frail looking, wrinkled old man in white ninjas robes.

“…”, she blinks unsure,” I don’t get it, that’s for sure an incubus….” She watches him walking out of the building. “Okay, well, might as well kill him and get it over with”, she sighs, this being the only connection between heaven and hell she had seen in years.

She jumps from the roof, and right in front of the demon. “Time To Die You Evil Scum!!!!” she yells, and charges at him.

The incubus laughs,” Mortal!!!” Then he notices something…”Emily? “ His eyes glare at the scar at the base of her throat…. “It is you, you conniving little bitch!!!”

She stops,” WTF??! Who are you? How the fuck do you know me? And don’t you fucking DARE call me a Bitch you bastard!”

The incubus changes to his true form, a monstrous, yet appealing, demon with shining silver hair and bright blue eyes, as well as a sexy body, complete with a forked tail and bat wings. All the ninjas gasp in surprise and terror, gaping dumbly at the so called leader of the tribe. “It is I, Arius, Incubus of Passion…” he disappears and reappears standing right beside her,” Remember??” he says as he licks her cheek,” Those days of solitude? Those days of Lust?” he laughs.

She turns to hit and slashes at him with her sword, but with no prevail.

Oh I have to tell Lucifer his little angels mortal, tell him his little whore can finally be his….” his sneers and disappears.

“ARIUS!!! COME BACK AND FIGHT ME!!! You Fucking Coward!!!” Emily tears up, remembering Lucifer’s promise of love… and the brutal rape that followed that promise… the down payment for his love and protection…

Emily picks up the ripped clothes of the leader of the tribe, who had been impersonated by Arius.

“Is he dead… Our leader I mean, not that fake…” a young girl asks, deep pain in her voice.

“I’m afraid so, and if he weren’t, I’d have to kill him”, Emily says, her voice cold and apathetic.

“But, why?” the little girl asks,” he was all I had, he made the village take me in… he protected me. Now what will I do?!”

“Come with me, leave this behind you. I will protect you, what is your name?”

“Liza, But everyone calls me Lizzy”, She says.

Emily looks closely at the girl observing her. She has pastel green, long, flowing hair and soft purple eyes, skinny to a fault, but seems to have strong arms and legs.

“Okay Lizzy, you can come with me, just don’t get in my way, and do what I tell you, okay?” says a stern looking Emily.
Lizzy nods, knowing that now Emily was going to take care of her, knowing she could trust her, don’t ask how she knew, she just did.
Lizzy grabs a hold of Emily’s hand, Emily nearly pulls it away, slightly uncomfortable with this physical contact. The little girl looks at Emily a little confused and Emily just shrugs.
“Just not used to it, don’t worry about it”


And Emily and Lizzy head to the assassin’s village, to Emily’s home…

Emily stepped into her house only to find a mess of wreckage, her home destroyed on the inside.

“Oh my god, Emily, what happened to your house?”, Lizzy asks in a childish naïve voice.

“I dunno, just help me clean up this shit and we’ll find out later, okay?”, says a irritated Emily, “ If you find any clues, report them to me. Then we’ll set up your room and get you settled in”

Lizzy nods and starts to clean, only to find a trail of blood on the floor.

“…Emily?… is this a clue?”, whispers Lizzy in a frightened voice.

Emily comes over and inspects the trail, nods, and follows it to the spare room… What is to be Lizzy’s room…

“You, stay right here, or I’ll throw you out so fast your head’ll spin, I guarantee you…”, Says Emily in a stern voice, worried for the young girls safety.

Lizzy nods obediently and sits on the torn couch in the living room while Emily follows the trail of blood… Straight to the bedroom closet… She opens it…

Lying in a bloody heap on the closet floor is the ninja leader. Emily bows her head respectively for Lizzy’s ex-guardian and goes to the kitchen.

“What’s in there?”

“Don’t worry about it, kid”, says Emily as she grabs a garbage bag and goes back to the mess. Lizzy quietly gets off the couch and sneaks to the bedroom door. She peers in only to see Emily shoving her dead father figure into a garbage bag.

She screams, loud and heart brokenly, “NOOOOO!!!”

“I told you not to look, I told you to stay in there!”, Emily says slightly angry, “Listen to me when I tell you something girl!”

Lizzy takes off running, hard and fast, unaware of anything except the image of her father figure’s body being shoved into a bag by her new best friend.

Meanwhile Emily sighs deeply,” I told her…”, and takes the old man’s body outside. She goes inside and searches for a box of matches, digging through the mess in her room. As she is digging she cuts her finger on some broken glass from a picture frame.

Shit!!”, she says as she shoves her finger into her mouth, savoring the warm blood. She finds the matches under one of her thongs under her bed and goes back to the body outside.

“Good bye old man”, she says as she sets the lifeless body on fire.

As she watches the flames dancing on the corpse Lizzy is still running far away, lungs burning, feet bleeding, long hair getting caught on branches of the trees that surround her, but she can’t turn back, she refuses to face the horrific scene. She tears up, her vision blurred, and finally, she collapses from exhaustion. She lays in the dirt where she has fallen, just sobbing, a broken heap of a child long forgotten by the world…

Hours pass and Emily begins to worry about Lizzy, she picks up the trench coat she stole from shank years ago and steps outside.

“Damn kid”, she mutters worriedly and runs full speed, tracking Lizzy to where she lay.

“Lizzy? Kid?”, Emily says in a soft voice, reaching down to stroke the girls hair.

“Yeah?”, sniffles a tear stricken Lizzy.

“It’ll be okay. Kid, you have to keep on living. You’ve lost a father, yes, but you still have me, and I’ll never leave your side.”

“Promise? Promise you won’t leave? Huh, Emily?”

“I promise, Kid, now get up, let’s go home”, says Emily.

Lizzy pulls herself into a sitting position and nods,” You’ll always be here right?”

“Of course, Kid”, she smiles at the tear stained girl,” I’m you’re friend, I’ll always be here for you.”
Lizzy nods.

“It’s time to go home, I’ve set up your room. It’s purple and red, hope you don’t mind”

“Purple’s my favorite color”, says Lizzy, flashing Emily and big toothy grin,” and red’s not all bad either.”

Emily picks up Lizzy, ”your feet are bleeding.”

“I can walk…”, says Lizzy embarrassedly.

Emily shakes her head, “It’s no problem, I’ll wrap your wounds when we get home and then settle you into your room.”

Lizzy nods, and Emily takes off running, and gets home with in a an hour or so. She sets the tired girl on the living room couch and goes to the bathroom to grab the galls and surgical tape. When she returns to the living room Lizzy’s asleep.

Emily leans against the wall.

“Cute Kid,” she says adoringly.

She walks over to the couch and carefully wraps Lizzy’s feet, trying not to wake her up. She then picks up the sleeping child and takes her to her room and tucks her into bed.

“Night Kid”, she says and turns out the light. She goes to her room and slips out of her clothes, then, exhausted she falls into her bed and gets under the covers.

“Damn, what a day…”, are the last words on her lips as she slips into a dream land full of pain and agony.

The nightmare begins and she’s a little kid again, running from her father as he drunkenly chases her. This was her former human life, a life of fear, a life of loneliness in which her father was the only person around, a father who abused her to no end, and ultimately killed her…
All you hear is panting as a young Emily is rushing towards her doom, blinded by tears, energized by fear, as her father screams her name in a drunken slur.

“E-Emily!!!!!”, his voice echoes over the trees, making the birds take flight.

The young girl keeps running, fast, away from her abusive dad, her bruised ribs aching, her feet sore, but she carries on, hoping to finally get away from what is her nightmare.

“Leave me alone!”, cries Emily in a frantic panic, wondering why this is to be her life, why her dad hurts her so…

All of a sudden the girl is jerked back, the collar of her jacket in the hands of her father, a loud gasping sob escapes Emily’s lips, tears rolling down her round child cheeks. He hits her across the face causing a big red spot to form.

“Shuttup and stop ya cryin’ Bitch!!!”, he barks in a drunken stupor.

Emily struggles out of her jacket, takes off running through the trees…only to run straight off a cliff. A loud piercing scream cuts the silence as Emily falls, her last image of life being one of her father with a horrified look on his face….

Emily awakens in a cold sweat, trembling from head to toe, as she gets up and stumbles to the bathroom.

“Damnit, why now?”, she says bitterly, thinking about her father.

She turns on the water and splashes her face with water, shaken to the bone. She turns the water off and pats her face dry, thinking about all the pain, about her father and the nightmare. She gets so deep into thought that she doesn’t notice a figure enter the bathroom…

“BOO!!”, screams Lizzy loudly.

Emily reacts quickly, snapping out of her trance, grabs Lizzy by the collar of her shirt and holding a knife to her throat. She sighs loudly, relizing it was only Lizzy.

“Don’t do that again Lizzy, if I had been really worried I might’ve taken your head off.”

“I-I was only p-playing”, says a scared Lizzy, “I’m sorry…”

Emily nods and takes the knife away from Lizzy’s neck, gets a far away look in her eye and tears up.

“I’d never hurt you on purpose Lizzy, that I assure you”, she says, viciously wiping her tears away.

Lizzy looks at Emily questioning the tears, but shakes her head, deciding against asking about it. Lizzy backs away, leaving the room, leaving Emily to think by herself, leaving the negative energy in the room. The girl walks outside, into her new world, a world of assassins, timidly she sticks to the shadows, unseen by most of the village. She crawls around, exploring her new surroundings, until she comes upon an old abandoned house.

“wow, that’s cool looking…”, she says in awe as she takes in the view. The house looks really old, the brown paint peeling, windows broken, and the roof caving in on the upper half of the house. Long vines of ivy cover the door making it impossible for her to get in that way, so Lizzy wraps her hands in cloth, grabs the window sill of the lowest window and pulls herself in.

“Omg…” gasps Lizzy as she walks around the dusty living room. There is a grand painting of a tall, skinny woman in a big bulky evening gown on the west wall, her expression grim, her eyes dark, Lizzy stares at the painting and suddenly she gets the feeling she is being watched. She jumps to the shadows and sneaks around, wondering who else is here, she feels the presence of at least one person, hears the breathing… she backs up… right into an assassin boy!

Lizzy turns quickly, but not fast enough, the boy grabs her and pushes her to the floor. Lizzy breathes hard, the boy stares at her with a twinkle of curiosity, but also slightly wary of the thin girl.

“who are you?”, he says,” why are you here?”

“I’m Lizzy, and it’s none of your business why I am here.”

“really, and why not?”

She shakes her head as he smirks.

“Fine don’t tell me, I don’t care you’re nothing but a little girl, you’re what 6 or 7?” he says cruely.

“NO!!”, she shouts,” I’m 11.”

“Oh like that’s a big difference”, he says, helping her up. He looks at her closely,” you’re not from around here, are you Ninja?”

She shakes her head, studying his face. He has red hair, blue eyes, a cute up-turned nose and thin, boyish lips, she blushes, unsure what to think of the rude boy.

“you know my name, now, what’s yours?”

“Oh… I am Jakijen Auroshi, assassin apprentice and future leader of this tribe!”, says the boy arrogantly.

She nods respectively,” sorry to bother you” , and she disappears into the shadows.

“Wait!!!” he says loudly, but she’s left the house already, headed back to the house, unnerved and crushing. She walks into the house, and it’s unusually quite, the hair on the back of her neck stands up as she wonders around the house, only to find Emily missing.

“Emily?!”, she calls,” Emily?!!”

The frantic girl rushes all around the house in an unorganized panic, trying to find her friend. When all of a sudden…

“BOO!!!”, screams Emily, scaring Lizzy to death.


Emily bursts out laughing, looking at Lizzy, making fun of her silently in her head.

“Real nice Emily”, Lizzy says, her hand on her chest, heart racing,” I was honest to god worried about you.”

Emily’s eyes darken thinking about god,” Don’t use that word.”

Lizzy’s confusion shows in her deep purple eyes…

“GOD”, Emily spits out in disgust as she turns and walks away,” Fuck him and his up tight Christian ways.”

“oh, sorry…”

Emily nods,” Com’on I have something to show you kid.”

“where are we going?”

“You’ll see soon enough.” Emily replies in a bland, cold voice, void of emotion. Lizzy nods, scared of what is to come.
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RE: Angel Of Betrayal (my story)
6-9-2007 1:07:49 PM
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Awesome.<br>Its a lot more graphic than mine...<br>you have a helluva way with words

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RE: Angel Of Betrayal (my story)
6-13-2007 5:34:21 PM
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Is no one else posting about this story?
I think its better than mine, and im full of self pride/importance 24/7

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RE: Angel Of Betrayal (my story)
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I like it as well! It's by far better than my crappy Star Wars stories any day!!!

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RE: Angel Of Betrayal (my story)
6-15-2007 12:14:28 AM

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awwww thanks guys, loves you!!

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RE: Angel Of Betrayal (my story)
6-27-2007 6:14:54 PM
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any chance of the updated one soon angel? its great

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RE: Angel Of Betrayal (my story)
6-27-2007 6:16:27 PM
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im actually scared to read this story

Its hard being hated and discriminated against

RE: Angel Of Betrayal (my story)
6-27-2007 6:25:56 PM
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then you probably wont wanna read on safer. it gets scarier than this

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RE: Angel Of Betrayal (my story)
7-4-2007 8:30:50 PM

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Emily went dashing through the trees, vision blurry, dizzy, but she'd never let Lizzy know that, she had to keep going, she had to tell Lizzy why... Why what exactly she doesn't know, she just feels a strong need to explain.

Hurry Lizzy, i can't slow down, we won't make it in time!!, says a distraught Emily, tears running down her face. She picks up Lizzy and dashes on, faster and faster... Until she nearly falls off a ledge, the same ledge in which she died, staring with hatred at he drunk father's face. She sets Lizzy to the ground, panting, and sits down herself.

Emily?..., Lizzy puts her hand on Emily's shoulder,What's going on? I don't understand...

Lizzy, Kid, i'm an angel, i half to tell you what's going on, why Arius is after me, how i got here, everything, why? I dunno.

Lizzy stares at her a nods in understanding.

Emily continues,I died at an early age, 6, i fell of this ledge, she points and Lizzy looks.

Oh my god!!, Lizzy gasps in horror staring down,Emily, why?

I was running from my father, he got drunk and beat me nearly every day, for anything, even if i did nothing, she says angrily,but what more can you expect from the son of Satan himself? That bastard ruined my life by telling me i was the granddaughter of Satan and so i was going to hell. Well i showed daddy dear didn't I? Her bitter tone shows her hatred for it all, and Lizzy wraps her arms around her, nodding for her to keep going.

When i died i was found guilty at the gates, for not honoring thy father and mother, but i had no mother, and my father was defiantly not someone to honor. God made me a deal, if i'd be his angel of death he'd give me a chance to get revenge on my father, the son of Satan. Yes, my father had told the truth. You see now? yes i am the granddaughter of Satan, king of lies., another bitter note for her as she remembers the rape, the rape by Satan himself,That BASTARD!!! She breaks down and starts to cry, human emotions swimming around inside of her, killing her immortal heart. Lizzy starts humming a tune pasted down by her family, a lullaby of sorts, and Emily calms down and clings to the girl.

So much pain has been dealt, so much hate..., Emily mutters,Satan raped me, Lizzy, my own grandfather made me promise to be his bride, that's why Arius is here, that's why you are in danger, you cannot stay with me anymore.... Something clicks in her mind...

Lizzy where did you learn that tune?, Emily stares at her,Kid tell me where you learned that lullaby.

It's been pasted down in my family forever, momma said to never let anyone hear it, but she died, and i think you need someone to sing to you since you've been through so much, Lizzy says, hugging Emily tightly,Why?

Lizzy, that song your singing is only known by angels.... It's the Requiem of Spirit, it's given to guardian angels to help them calm peoples spirits, that's why it's calmed me down...., Emily says, staring at Lizzy....

Kid, if your mom knew that song...Emily begins but is cut off by Lizzy.

I'm part angel, yeah Emily, i am..., Lizzy looks at Emily,I meant to tell you, but i was afraid you'd throw me out like so many before you did! I just didn't want you to think i was making it up for attention or crazy or something!

Emily just stares at her...

That's why you're so innocent, born half angel..., Emily says,You're mother was one of them! She jumps up and stares at Lizzy, who was thrown to the ground.

Emily, i assure you, my mother was one who protested you being thrown out....., Lizzy looks at Emily,Why else would she had thrown out too?

I-I didn't say i was thrown out! I LEFT THAT ASSHOLE GOD!!!, Emily yells at the top of her lungs,You hear that god? I HATE YOU YOU BACKSTABBING BASTARD!!!

she rants on and on, Lizzy staring at her. She stands up and puts her arms around Emily and starts to hum again, calming her down. Emily, shaken, hurt, and betrayed, slumps to the soft ground and cries.

Why? why me? It's not fair...., Emily pretty much whispers as Lizzy hums on,I'm so tired Lizzy, it's just too much to bear sometimes. You must understand, you have to know what it's like to feel betrayed, like no one loves you. Lizzy nodds.

I know Emily, says Lizzy, showing great maturity beyond her years.

I'm tired of it, good or evil, betrayal is a must i see, all around me, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal... It should be a sin, even the humans betrayed Jesus, why? Emily mutters, losing herself in Lizzy's humming.

Lizzy just rocks her back and forth, calming her.Emily pushes Lizzy off of her gently and gets up, then motions for Lizzy.

Come on, Kid, let's go home, Emily says as Lizzy stands,Oh and Lizzy?


Thanks kid, i know why i had to tell you now., She smiles, facing Lizzy.

Lizzy screams.

All of a sudden Emily is thrown from the cliff, push from behind, and when she looks up she sees a smirking Arius holding a scared and confused Lizzy. The last thing she hears is Lizzy's horrified scream as Emily falls.

Emily woke up, dazed and naked, blood dripping from a gaping injury on the back of her head. She senses somethings wrong, familiar tremors of expectation creeping up her spine, she stands up and looks around at grotesque figures whithering on the ground, screaming harshly as if dying, but can't die. She knew where she was...

I'm in hell..., Emily shakes her head and backs up, right into Satan himself.

Hello, my dear, his tongue caresses her neck and she jumps franticly and turns to face the monster, the bastard fallen angel, the king of lies. This is the one person that could get under her skin and make her wish for death, the one person who no matter what she did she could never escape, even dieing wouldn't work.

NO!, Emily feels every muscle in her body tightening, her knees almost buckling as she stares at one of her most hated enemies, next to god and her father that is. Satan looks at her with a proud smirk on his twisted face and in the sincerest voice says...

I told you you couldn't run, you couldn't hide, because grandpa loves you my sweet sweet dear, that means you are damned, you pathetic excuse for a fallen angel!!, his voice gets harsh at those last couple of words. Emily stares at him blankly, unable to grasp the thought of belonging to him for eternity, a bride of incest, a bride of sin, but then again, this was hell right? So anything goes, no sin too great for the king of lies. That bastard, she thinks staring at him, why not just leave me the fuck alone?

Emily looks him in the eyes, shakes her head...


Lucifer smiles big at her, almost as if to mock her strength, telling her she is nothing but a pretty face, a thing to fuck. Rage courses through our Emily and before she knows it she spits in Lucifer's face, something she would soon regret with every ounce of her being.

Lucifer bursts into a fiery anger, eyes flash cruelly, he grabs her by her by her hair, nearly ripping it out by the roots. Hot tears burning under Emily's eyelids, but she refuses to let them out, to give him any satisfaction. He throws her to the ground, which opens up to flames, licking at Emily's unprotected body.

Unable to contain herself she screams as her very flesh is burnt from the bone, deep pain searing through her. The flames cooking her alive until she feels like she should be dead, feels like nothing but bone is left of her burnt and battered body.

Suddenly she wakes as if from a dream, she is chained in Lucifer's bed chamber, wearing nothing but skimpy slaves clothes, lyrics from her favorite, though most depressing songs passing through her mind....

Like a sex slave... crying and sore...., she whispers in a sing-song voice, near tears, our hero's worst fears passing through her mind.

hey sweetie a cold laughing voice comes from the right side of her. She looks to see her father, she stares hatefully at him, saying nothing, for words couldn't begin to describe what she felt for the man. Hate seared through her heart and she couldn't so anything but stare, stare with cold eyes that he himself created a long time ago with drunken beatings and hurtful words.

Missed your old man, eh?, he takes a long swig of vodka, kisses Emily and the back hands her across the face. She winces and whimpers, feeling like a little girl again, weak and unprotected.

you filthy whoring cunt!!, he screams drunkenly at her, his hand comes at her again and flashes of his past violence cross her mind. But she wouldn't take it now, she refused!!

FUCK NO!!!!, her voice rings out through all of hell and her father falls out of the tallest tower of Lucifer's never ending castle, a monstrosity that was taller the more you tried to make it fit within your field of view. The building that towered over all of hell. This was the central center and Lucifer controlled the whole thing, using an army of demons to do his biddings here as well as on earth.

Listen to me. Emily., a whisper comes from behind her, she looks at the voices owner with a fierce gaze, her heart white hot with rage. A lady with long dark purple hair stands before her, wearing not much more that Emily herself...

You must get out of here, you are our salvation, Emily your destiny is to rule Heaven and Hell as one, to determine good and evil a you see fit, you have been blinded, but soon you will see, neither God nor Lucifer can rule the way you could. You proved that by being better than the both of them, you must soar above and defeat them... you must..., tears well up in the lost looking deep green eyes of the tall slender woman.

Who are you? how do you know me?

I was one who was cast out of heaven, one who stood up for you., the tall lady says.

you're.... you are... Lizzy's mother... aren't you?, Emily's voice quivers thinking about the girl, Arius took her... but why?

The purple haired lady nods and smiles sadly at Emily.

You must protect my baby Emily, she believes in you, as did i and many other angels at the time that god cast you out. I still believe you are higher up than god himself, the bastard. Please... watch over my child.

Emily just bursts into tears, so much caused by her... so many lives of angels, and their half breed children ruined, all because a bitch and refused to leave heaven, but damn it, he PROMISED!!! But promises were never kept, not by god or Lucifer, why must such powerful men be nothing more than lying bastards? They ruin everything, not her, no. This is not her fault, she only demanded a promise be kept. Men ruin everything, her father, Lucifer, even God had betrayed her, not to mention Arius, the demon who had her Lizzy. She knows she must escape now, if for nothing more than for Lizzy...

how could this be happening? why? It is not fair!! Her heart pounds in her ears, she can't think straight, all her pain, her memories of betrayal returning. Sweet spirits almighty!! why must this be happening why such pain and agony.

IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!,her heart wretched scream echoing through the very bowels of hell and back.

As her voice rings out Lizzy's mom disappears, and the king of lies himself, Lucifer, walks through the door.

Time for you to redeem yourself dear Emily., his voice cold and hurtful, impatient and wanting. Emily stares at his nakedness with nothing but disgust in her heart and mind.

why must you do this to me? why....?, she says in just above a whisper.

He smirks.

Emily's tears flow to the ground, desperate to get away from her newest twist of reality...

Satan's hand rested gently on Emily's chest, feeling the rapid heart beat of the fallen angel.Lustful intent gleams in his eyes, eager and unfulfilled, Emily's eyes filled with the expectation of pain, and then...

Emily's scream pierces the thick hot air, screams so pain filled you'd think she was being tortured. But the opposite was true, Satan kissed her with tenderness, confusion coursing through Emily's mind, swirling and haunting her very thoughts. His hands were all over her body, under her clothes, carefully caressing her breasts, gently prodding her body. She struggles against the chains, scared, fear attacking her heart like an invasion of aliens, unwanted and not where it belonged. Tears well up in her eyes, little sparkling badges of the pain falling on her heart, her emotions like a void of darkness, empty and hard to see.

Her eyes glow blue as glacier ice, her natural human eye color,a color of innocence, bloody stubs of cut off wings rip through her back, the pain searing, coursing through every part of her nearly naked body, tears flowing freely down her innocent looking face.

Stop hurting me!!!!!, a child like whining voice screams at Satan full of defiance, hate, and want. His face twists into an uncontrollable smile as he bursts into laughter, mean angry laughter, sending a sense of death to all that hear it's loud ringing tone.

But I'm not hurting you, he says meanly,Emily i could show you pain, i can show you hurt. I'm not causing you anything compared to what i could now am i? I could rape you, i could kill you, i could hand you over to your god forsaken father, but i haven't.

But he was wrong, his odd actions toward her hurt her more than even she knew, she wanted so much to love....

He knew it was driving her insane, making her question herself and her emotions, thinking about why, wanting so much for it to be real, love, such a senseless emotion, so painful. He laughs again and leaves a bloody winged, blue-eyed Emily sobbing on the cold and cracked floor, broken and tired.

Her heart yearning to trust, like a child to a mother,she had never had a mother, no one to hold her and tell her everything would be okay and mean it... Thinking about this she pushes aside all emotion, she won't be betrayed again, she wouldn't let it happen this time. She will not trust the King of lies. A small squeaking demon comes into the bed chamber, cleaning and such.

You, demon, come here! Emily says sharply, emotionlessly.

Don't talk to me like that! i am Satan's most trusted King of hell!!!, he squeaks loudly in and annoyed tone, as if he were some kind of bad ass.

Emily bursts into a mocking laughter, unable to hold back the thought of this demon being a king of hell. He stood barely over two feet tall, big watery eyes that looked like tears flow from them often, a very skinny build, as if a hug would crack him, and loose fitting clothes. This was a King of Hell? She shakes her head at the hopeless demon.

I am a King of Hell!! I am Paimon!! FEAR ME!!, he squeaks out loudly giving a tone tell Emily to back off, causing a new burst of laughs to explode from Emily's lips.

Paimon? the Paimon? where is your deep voice and strong build? Oh fucking god!!, she saids out loud with a chuckle.

All of a sudden her mood changes, she grabs Paimon by his scrawny head and shoves it to the floor fiercely, wanting to crack his skull for the fun of it, to release her anger and emotion.

Now unlock me and show me the way out of here or all my pent up emotion comes down on you, she says, putting pressure on his head with every intention of smashing it into the ground if he refused. He nods quickly, squeaking loudly his apologies to Emily.

please, please...., his squeaks loud and jumbled. She releases him, giving him a look of warning.

Good squeaky, she says as he unlocks her, she stands up and pets him on the head as though he was a mer pet, annoying him further,Now show me out of here.

He nods and opens a door, nodding for her to follow. She smiles and heads after Paimon, trending softly, she mustn't be found out....

They creep down a long hallway, winding, like a snake. Perfect description, She would forever think of Satan as a snake, untrustworthy and winding. They then rush down the stairs, twisting and turning like unpredictable fate, Paimon looking scared and weak as he crawls out of a small crack in the wall, motioning for Emily to follow.

A loud clang comes from the bed chamber as Satan finds his bride to be missing.

AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!, a loud roar can be heard even on earth by the extra sensitive people, shaking the ground, completely demolishing places of the earth with earthquakes.

Emily scampers out the hole in the castle's exterior. Pulling out a heavy brick she bludgeons Paimon with it, knocking him unconscious. She then picks him up and runs toward a demon filled cavern, knowing right where she hid it the last time she was here... Knowing it was untouched...

She dashes pass angry, blind demons as the sniff the air, trying to catch their meal. She throw Paimon to the back of the cave and does a back flip over the wall of demons blocking her path. Scrapped, like a rose that attacked itself, our beautiful angel digs with her bare hands into scalding hot dirt, the burning sensation like anesthetic to her wounded emotions. Finally she digs up three vials of holy water, crisp and clear, the cleanest thing Emily had ever seen. The only clean thing she had ever seen in all of her years.

She busts the vial on herself and grabbing Paimon she disappears...

Back to the mortal world...

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RE: Angel Of Betrayal (my story)
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Wow, sis i gotta say your getting better, dont give up and post more, i love it.


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