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My now legendary....Are we there yet?
5-12-2007 11:24:57 PM
The Spirit of Aeris

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Zidane: I can’t wait to see my hometown!

Garnet: I know. Ever since I saw your tail, I realized that you were not from around here.

Vivi: Everyone ready?……Ok, here goes……(he opens the portal and they all jump in)

Kefka: What do you hold dear that is keeping you from dying?

Locke: I have the love of my…(A loud crash can be heard)

Kefka: Who’s there?!?!

Zidane: (wearily) Are we there?

Vivi: I don’t think so… let me check my book of spells…no…it seems we are in the world of Final Fantasy 3

Steiner: I didn’t know there were other Final Fantasies…. anyway, my mission is to protect the princess no matter where we are…(hears something)…is that…it can’t be…We left those back in FF9…it’s an Oglop!!! Nooooooooooooo!!!!!

Zidane: Sorry…I forgot I had one left….

(While running away, he bumps into Kefka)

Terra: You shouldn’t have done that…

Kefka: Feel My Wrath!!!!! (Suddenly, Quina jumps up and swallows Kefka)

Everyone: *shocked*

Quina: I did something wrong?

Celes: No! You did something wonderful!

Quina: I did?

Celes: Yeah! You managed to defeat our arch nemesis…. and save our world from destruction! Thank You!

Amarant: Are we getting out of here or what?

Vivi: Right, right…Ok…..(opens portal and they all jump in)

Sephiroth: Hahahahahahahahaha I have wanted to do this for ages!!!!!….. Now’s my……..HRUMMMPHHHH!!!

Sephiroth: Get Off Me!!!

Quina: ooooooooh long shiny Sword! Can I use it to cook please?

Sephiroth: Don’t you know who I am, you insolent little………what are you…..?

Zidane: We have no idea and….um…..we don’t want to know….we feel it’s better that way…..

Sephiroth: As I was saying….I am the Mighty Sephiroth and I cannot be beaten!!!!…..and….no you can’t use my Masamune to cook with…..(under his breath)…Idiot.

Zidane: Hey! No one calls Quina an idiot except me!

Quina: *hurt* …You do?

Sephiroth: (noticing Aeris leaving) She’s getting away! You will pay for delaying me!!! (gets a tap on the shoulder)….What!!??

Alexander: Holy has summoned me to take care of you! (With one pound of his fist, he crushes Sephiroth like a bug)

???????: End of Disc 1. Insert disc 2.

All: Whaaaaaa?????

Vivi: I can’t see Damnit! Change the discs all ready!!

Player: Oops. Sorry……(he changes the disk and the screen returns to normal)

Vivi: That’s better. Now! (he opens the portal and they all jump in)

Rinoa: Please hug me.

Squall: There is no time. We must find a way to get back to Earth.

Rinoa: I guess you are right

(Frantic knocking can be heard)

Squall: I will see who that is. (Opens the hatch of the Ragnarok)

Zidane: (gasping for air) Where are we now?

Rinoa: Who are you and how did you get here?

Zidane: Ummmmm….Vivi, you wanna explain?

Vivi: If I must…we are from the Final Fantasy 9 world and…

Rinoa: (butting in) So we DO kill Ultimecia??!!

Garnet: Who’s Ultimecia?

Squall: Ultimecia is the supreme witch that we SEEDs must destroy at all costs.

Vivi: (getting impatient) Ok! Great! Now please let me finish!

Rinoa, Garnet + Squall: Sorry….

Vivi: As I was saying, we are from the FF9 world and the storyline has led us to go into a portal and visit Zidane’s homeworld…

Rinoa: Which one’s Zidane?

Amarant: (Smirking) Monkey boy.

Zidane: Hey! I resent that comment!

Vivi: (nearly in a trance) LET ME FINISH!!!!! (calmly, sort of) We are trying to visit his homeworld of Terra and…. well…I can’t seem to get the damned spell to work properly…


Squall: I’ll go check it out

Zidane: We’ll come with you

(they open the doors and they see huge monsters roaming about)

(before Squall had a chance to take out his Gunblade, the FF9 crew had the monsters beaten)

Squall: (to himself) Damnit!…Well, lets find the….cockpit….(they had beaten him to that too) Damnit! Damnit!

(They go into the cockpit and they hear a crackling sound.)

Rinoa: This is Rinoa speaking…

Voice: We are bringing you back to Earth, so sit tight and don’t worry. We have everything under control.

Freya: Let’s give them some privacy

(Vivi opens another portal and just before they jump in, Eyes on Me can be heard)

Vivi: (To himself) Our song is better. (They all jump in)

Garnet (of the Past): I can’t get this dress to fit properly! I need a hand! (To herself) Why do I have to go to a stupid play? I hate plays! I wish I could be whisked away somewhere….

(Whooommmppphhh) (They land on her bed)

Garnet: *shock* Who are you and how did you get in here?! I want some….(looking at the other Garnet)…answers….

Zidane: (To himself)….Two Garnets….and one of them is in their underwear….boy are my dreams coming true….Now if only the others would get out of the roo…uuurrrggghhhh (he gets pulled by Steiner into the next portal) Damnit! Not Fair!!

Garnet: It was for your own good.

Preist: Do you Yuna, take thee Seymour to be your lawfully wedded…Whooommmppphhh…

Seymour: Who are you!!??

Zidane: (Looking at Yuna) Forget Garnet! This girl’s mine!

Tidus: No, she’s not!

Seymour: She’s Mine!

Zidane: (embarrassed) Did I say that out loud? Smaaaccckkk (Gets slapped on the cheek by Garnet) Owwwwww….I guess I deserved that

Garnet You can say that again!

Zidane: I’d rather not…it hurts too much…and I thought summoners were weak….Smaaaccckkkk (he gets hit on the other cheek) Aaaggggghhhhhhh!!!! (Muffled) I’ll shut up now….

Seymour: Enough Talk! (summons Anima)

Quina: I’m gonna need a bigger pot!

(Goes to the screen in FFVIII when you are eating a baddie. The screen disappears and Anima is nowhere to be seen) Buuuuuuurrrrrppppp

Seymour: (shocked) Forget that! (Jumps off the building and commits suicide.)

Yuna:……What do we do now?

Rikku: Party!!!!

Vivi: (runs to a far pillar) This way! (they follow) Here Goes…(he opens another portal and they all jump in)

Riku: Do I know you from somewhere?

Vivi: Noooooooo! Not You!

Riku: You were at Yunies wedding two years ago weren’t you?


Riku: I knew it! (Looking at Zidane)…You’re cute. (Giggles)

Zidane: (Blushing)

Garnet: Back Off!

Riku: I was just saying……

Paine: I hate to interrupt…but we are in THE most important battle of our lives here!!

Yuna: Oh, yeah…..Lets Do This!!!!!

Yojimbo: Need a hand? It’ll cost you.

Yuna: I thought you went away for good, like the other Aeons?

Yojimbo: I nearly did, but my faithful dog was a little too faithful. He jumped in front of me and sacrificed himself to save me…..

Yuna: That’s so sad….

Shuyin: (counting and thinking to himself) 1,2,3,4,5………9,10,11 and 12. Hmmmm…..fighting that amount of characters at the same time….suddenly I don’t feel so good…… (Out loud) I surrender!!!!

Yuna: Good! Now what have you done with my Tidus?

Vivi: Shall we? (opens portal and they jump in)

Black Mage: (to himself) I have the perfect plan to get some action from White Mage. I have loads of Ethers and I will force WM to use up her MP by healing the rest of the Light Warriors when I use my best friend Mr. Stabbity loads. I might throw in a few Hadokens too. I will blackmail her into giving me some action for some Ethers. Hehe this plan is bound to work….

Fighter: I like swords.

BM: (to himself) I think I will start with Fighter…..

RM: Look out Fighter!

Fighter: Where is out?…..Ummmppphhhh (the FF9 crew all land on him)

BM: (Looking at Vivi) Why do I get the feeling like this is going to be a bad day all of a sudden……

White Mage: Curaga-All

Zidane:….Thanks…..You’re cute….(remembers and winces)

Garnet: I’m not going to hit you…It would be a waste of time and energy…besides I am going to be Queen soon and You could potentially be king….you know how you like gold?

(Thief's ears prick up)

Zidane: Yeah…

Garnet: Well, if you became king, you could be the richest guy in the…I mean our world. The catch is, you have to stop looking at other women… know…that way and you have to stop womanizing.

Zidane: Deal.

(Thief comes by with a contract in his hand)

Thief: Excuse me, but could you sign this please?

Garnet: (suspiciously) What is it for?

Thief: It is a petition against Black Mage using Hadokens, seeing as it belongs to Ryu in Street Fighter. Therefore, he shouldn’t be using them. I have…umm….3 names so far…

BM: (under his breath) You are next Thief.

Garnet: Give it here. (She signs)

Thief: Hahahahahaha, you are now legally my wife! All the riches shall be mine!!!

BM: You are still next.

Zidane and Garnet: Whaaaaa? How in the Hell?

Fighter: (looking at Steiner) You like swords too?

Steiner: It’s what made me become a Knight. I love Swords!

Fighter: Cool…

BM: I’m getting tired of this…Haaaaaa…..Dooooooo

Quina: Magic Hammer! (It bopped BM on the head and drained BM of all his MP)

BM: Awwww Nuts…….Fine then! Stabitty time!

Steiner: (a la Crocodile Dundee) That ain’t a knife (pulls out his ultimate weapon…the Ragnarok) This is a knife!

BM: Nuts…again……Wait…Ether!…..Huh…where’d they all go? I had tons of them!

Fighter: According to the contract, I get to keep all Items acquired during this quest.

WM: I have some Ethers if you want them BM. You gotta do something for me though.

BM: What?

WM: you must resist all evil thoughts and……Hey where’d they go?

Zidane: I’m a skilled thief too you know. Ethers are rare in our world.

Thief: You give those back!

Zidane: (looking at Garnet and winking) I tell you what. If you tear up that wedding contract, I will give back those Ethers.

RM: His stats are very high. Zidane is going to come up tops. It’s obvious. If you look at both sheets, you can clearly see that Thief is no match for Zidane. Watch and see.

Thief: Fine you have a deal. (He tears up the contract)

Zidane: And all the duplicates you have stashed away too…

Thief: Ok. Fine! (he tears up all 50 duplicates). The Ethers please?

Zidane: We didn’t shake.

Thief: Fine. Lets shake.

Zidane: Too late. We had to shake, before anything was to happen. That means I get to keep the Ethers.

BM: I hate it when you are right RM.

Vivi: The portal is open! Let’s go! (They all jump in. Then the portal closes)

Thief: Noooooooooooooooooooo!

RM: Outclassed by a fellow thief…. That must be humiliating…

Thief: Shut up RM!

(After this, The FF 9 crew did get to Terra)

The End
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RE: My now legendary....Are we there yet?
5-23-2007 11:03:57 AM
Safer Sephiroth

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its even funny the 2nd time haha

Its hard being hated and discriminated against
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