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Final Fantasy 1 Cheats

  •  Armor Chart
  • stats, who can wear them by: Mog
  •  Black Magic
  • costs, levels, description by: Mog
  •  Monsters
  • hp, exp, gold, weaknesses, strengths by: Mog
  •  Walkthrough
  • from start to finish by: B.Lennon
  •  Weapons
  • stats, who can wear them by: Mog
  •  White Magic
  • costs, levels by: Mog

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    8/17/2008     8Bit Theatre
    - For those who don't know, 8bit Theatre is a webcom...
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    JAP: 12/18/1987
    USA: 07/12/1990
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    The world is out of balance, the elements are in revolt. Four young heroes, each with a darkened orb, must restore order to this chaotic world. Swords and sorcery will aid them on their quest; on this final fantasy.
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