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  • What happens if Gau is the only person in your party and you Leap an enemy?
  • What happens if you Vanish/Doom Phunbaba in the battle that Terra is destined to lose? (It can be done.)
  • Wouldn't it be great if Chupon's Rage was Sneeze? You could instantly get rid of any enemy!
  • Try Gau's Retainer Rage out...Remind you of anybody?
  • Have you ever tried Sketching/Controlling Gau?
  • What happend to all of the moogles after the world was destroyed? The caves in narshe are still intact.. where did they all go?
  • What ever happend to Lone Wolf after he fell from the Narshe Mountains Cliff?
  • Is Shadow Relm's father?
  • What ever happend to the 1,000,000 GP that Baram stole?
  • Was the gate between the Esper world and the Physical world ever really sealed, that no one will ever be able to open it again?
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