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After the Highwind landed on the crater, Cloud's group goes to the
North Cave. After going all the way under.

Cloud: All right, everyone, let's mosey.

Cid: Damn! Again! Stop sayin' it like a wimp! Can't you say 'Move out!'
or somethin'?

Cloud: Move out!!

Suddenly, Cloud's folks hear a suspicious roar.

Barret: What?

Red XIII: Look at the number...

Cid: #$*#&$*#! They're comin' out in full force!

Barret: Cloud! You go first!

Cloud: I'm fighting here too.

Barret: Shu'up! It won't do us no good wit' everyone back here!

Cid: Barret's right. You take two of us with you and go first. The
rest'll catch up with ya later.

Tifa: Is this like a practice run before the real thing?

Cait Sith: Yeah, a major practice run...

Yuffie: Heh heh, I'm fine with that. (It's probably more fun then
fighting Sephiroth down there.)

Vincent: Hmm, this might be fun to pass time.

Cloud's folks heard another roar.

Red XIII: They're coming! They're already on the floor next to us!

Barret: Cloud! Hurry up and make up your mind!

Cloud chose Cid and Barret.

Cloud: All of you! Later!

Tifa: We'll meet up later.

Cloud's group heads down.

Cloud: Where are we...?

Cid: What the hell!

Cloud: Jenova...!? It's coming!!

Cloud's group fight Jenova-SYNTHESIS. After destroying it, we watch a
movie of Cloud's group falling to the planet's core. In there.

Tifa: Owwww......

Cloud: Tifa!?

Tifa: Cloud...... Cloud... So we did end up together... Uuuugh...!!

Sephiroth appeared.

Cloud: Sephiroth!!

Barret: Ugh... Is this...... the true power of Sephiroth?

Cid: My... my body... I can't control my body... Uuugh!?

Red XIII: My front legs...... my hind legs...... my tails about to tear

Cait Sith: This is definitely not good...... He's way outta our

Yuffie: I, I don't know if I can... go on...

Tifa: Cloud... Cloud...

Cloud: Ugh... ugh... ...there... It's there...

Tifa: Cloud...?

Cloud: ...Holy... Holy... is there... The Holy is shining...... Aeris's
prayer is shining......!

Tifa: Holy...... Aeris......

Cloud: It's not over yet... This isn't the end yet!!

After everyone formed their attack position...

Cloud: Aeris's memories... Our memories... We came to tell you... our
memories... Come Planet! Show us your answer! And Sephiroth!! To the
settling of everything!!

Cloud's group fight Bizarro-Sephiroth. After the fight, Cloud's group's
final fight is against Safer-Sephiroth. After defeating Safer-
Sephiroth, it's over.

Cloud: This is all we could do.

Barret: Wait! What about Holy? What's gonna happen to the Planet?

Cloud: That... I don't know. Isn't the rest up to the Planet?

Tifa; ...You're right. We've done all that we could do.

Cloud: All right, everyone. It's no use thinking about it. We'll leave
all our worries here. Let's go home proud.

Cloud felt strange all of a sudden.

Tifa: What happened?

Cloud: ......I feel it...

Tifa: What......

Cloud: He's still...... here. Still......

Tifa: Cloud!?

Cloud: He's laughing...

Tifa: Cloud!

A soul of Cloud fell into the Lifestream. We watch the final movie of
Cloud pulled into the Lifestream. Cloud confronts Sephiroth for the
last time. Cloud gave him his Omnislash and Sephiroth suffered a lot.
His face is covered with blood and he disappeared.

Cloud: .........Lifestream?

Cloud came back to his sense and the ground was collapsing and Cloud
save Tifa when she was falling and Cloud held on a cliff.

Cloud: .....I think I'm beginning to understand.

Tifa: What?

Cloud: An answer from the Planet... the Promised Land...

Tifa: I think I can meet her... there. Yeah, let's go meet her.

Cloud and Tifa climbed up safely.

Cloud: Hey, where is everyone?

Barret: Heeey!

Tifa: I'm glad you're all safe!

Barret: They all seem to be safe, too. But... now what're we going to

Red XIII: Holy should be moving soon and that means this place will...

Cid: Oh, Lady Luck don't fail me now...

Cid drops his cigarette and the Highwind fell. Everyone got in and Holy
popped out along with the Highwind.

Cid: Shit!!

Cid pulled the emergency switch and out goes a new airship. Meanwhile
at Kalm Town.

Marlene: The flower girl?

She looked out side and Meteor is attacking Midgar (Meteor is using
multiple tornadoes to attack Midgar). Holy then came to attack Meteor
but that made things worse. Meanwhile in the Highwind...

Barret: Wait a damn minute! What's going to happen to Midgar? We can't
let that happen!

Cait Sith: I had everyone take refuge in the slums, but the way things
are now... (unhappy)

Red XIII: It's too late for Holy. Meteor is approaching the Planet.
Holy is having the opposite effect. Forget Midgar, we've gotta worry
about the Planet!

Later Tifa saw something.

Tifa: What's that?

Barret: What the hell is that......?

Cloud: ......Lifestream.

In Kalm Town.

Marlene: It's coming.

Lifestream destroyed Meteor. We see Aeris for the last time. Then the
credits roll. 500 Years Later, Red XIII lives to see the day that
Midgar is in peace. Red XIII is with his two cubs. This ends our story
and the game.

Article Source: : Final Fantasy 7 Game Script Disk 3  :
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