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1.  Cure potions restore health to maximum: DDA4-D40D
2.  Alternate attacks: 7A6D-04AB
3.  receive 198 cures after one is used: 03AF-D40D
4.  receive 200 cures after one is used: 9DAF-D40D
5.  Infinite cure potions: 83AF-D40D
6.  Cure potions are bombs: EDA4-DF0D
7.  Infinite magic points: 7A6C-04AB
8.  Infinite life points: C96B-64AB
9.  Unlimited bombs during battles: C9B0-D7A6
10. Bombs more effective: C1B9-D7A6
11. Unlimited ninja stars: C9B8-D4A6
12. 48,000 HP when cure potion is used with 2 characters in party: EEAF-D40D

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