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Super Paper Mario Cheats
  •  Boss FAQ
  • Boss strategies, attacks and stats by: oddri
  •  Flipside Arcade FAQ
  • Getting to the Flipside Arcade + Games and more by: oddri
  •  Heart Pillar Locations
  • Heart Pillar FAQ by: oddri
  •  Items FAQ
  • Items List and Locations by: oddri
  •  Pit of 100 Trials
  • Walkthrough + guide for pit of 100 trials by: oddri
  •  Super Paper Mario
  • FAQ and Walkthrough by: oddri
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    JAP: 2007
    USA: 04/09/2007
    EUR: 09/14/2007
    More Info Super Paper Mario  
    The newest chapter of the Paper Mario story isn’t just out of this world…it’s out of this dimension! What at first glance appears to be a 2-D sidescroller ripped straight from the stylized pages of the Paper Mario universe soon turns into a hilarious dimension-shifting platformer possible only on Wii! 2-D...AND 3-D! Run through vibrant 2-D worlds, stomping on enemies and breaking blocks....then, with the press of a button, flip into 3-D! In the 3rd dimension, you'll find hidden paths, battle foes, and uncover secrets as you explore the previously invisible depth of the 2-D landscapes! Unique Wii controls! Hold the Wii Remote sideways and control the game in classic Super Mario Bros. style! You can shake the Wii Remote to pull off stylish moves and break out of frigid ice and even point directly at the screen to get helpful hints from your sidekick. Not only that, but you'll also play as Peach and Bowser, both with their own sets of essential skills. Hilarious adventure! When a mysterious villain kidnaps Peach and Bowser and forces them to get married, their union creates a rift of dark energy that threatens to tear the universe apart! Hilarious characters, laugh-out-loud plot twists, and unforgettable dimensions await as Mario makes his way through eight worlds, each more memorable than the last!
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