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Suikoden 4 Cheats
  •  108 Stars of Destiny
  • how to obtain them by: KouliZhao
  •  Level 99 Guide
  • tips to reach lvl 99 by: R.Choe
  •  Missed Items
  • missable items by: M.Lassiter
  •  Walkthrough
  • quick start to finish by: KouliZhao
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    JAP: 08/19/04
    USA: 01/11/05
    EUR: 02/25/05
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    The mysteries surrounding the Rune of Punishment will be answered in the newest installment of the hit RPG series Suikoden IV. Follow the plight of a young knight as he struggles with a powerful Rune that slowly steals the life of its bearer. The oceanic environment filled with huge ships and vast oceans is brought to life with a captivating score dynamic lighting effects and highly detailed 3D models.* Discover the 108 Stars of Destiny in your adventure on the seas * Full recorded voice-overs and cut-scenes bring the story to life * Dynamic battle camera shows the action from multiple angles * Build up and customize a homebase as the Stars of Destiny are unveiled...
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