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Zelda, The Legend of Cheats
  •  Backstory of Conception
  • background info of the game's creation by: Mog
  •  Game Genie
  • cheat codes by: Mog
  •  Gameplay
  • overview of how the game works by: Mog
  •  Storyline
  • story and characters info by: Mog
  •  Walkthrough
  • start to finish by: DanSimpson

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    JAP: 02/21/1986
    USA: 08/22/1987
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    This is a video game designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and published by Nintendo. Set in the fantasy land of Hyrule, this is a classic example of the action-adventure genre, which centers around a young hero (Link) and his quest to rescue Princess Zelda from the evil Ganon by collecting the eight fragments of a powerful artifact known as the Triforce.
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