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All The Indie Game News Out Of GDC

The Game Developer's Conference is indie game central this year. There's so much indie new that it's difficult to keep track of. Here are the major announcements compiled into one great big list for your convenience.

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White Night Is 2015's Creepiest Game Yet

After hitting someone with your car, crashing into a tree, and wandering into a nearest house without permission, it should be of little surprise things continue to go poorly in White Night.


50+ Game Steam Sale, Sony Gold Headset, $8 Blu-rays, and More Deals

Steam just kicked off a great sale on over 50 games coming to SteamOS. Highlights includePAYDAY 2 for $6, Civ V for $7, FTL for $4, and Kerbal Space Program for $18, but be sure to check out the full list. [SteamOS Sale]


How Blizzard Is Taking Aim At Toxic Players In Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm might be the new kid on the block, but Blizzard's still-in-beta-but-already-popular MOBA has grown enough that it's now forced to reckon with an ever-present problem in these sorts of games: toxicity. One developer broached the subject in a recent interview with Red Bull in an interesting way.


Nintendo Needs To Seriously Consider Making Zombiibos

I haven't bought a single Amiibo yet, but maybe that's because Nintendo hasn't made one I'm looking for yet. Reddit user darkdreamr has spent some time modifying their Princess Peach Amiibo and came up with a potential line of NFC-enabled figures I can get behind: zombiibos.


A Brief Q&A With The Writer Of Danganronpa

One of last year's best gaming surprises was Danganronpa, a twisted series of mysteries that involve high school students, murder mysteries, and a talking stuffed bear.


Elite: Dangerous was announced for Xbox One yesterday, but what about PlayStation 4 owners?

Elite: Dangerous was announced for Xbox One yesterday, but what about PlayStation 4 owners? You're in luck. Creator David Braben clarified on Twitter it's a timed exclusive, and Elite: Dangerous will arrive on PS4 eventually.


Princess Leia Wants to Be a Hero in New Comic But People Won't Let Her

Remember how, at the end of the first Star Wars movie, Leia Organa is the one giving out medals? She doesn't get one herself. That odd metaphorical distance between her and the other Star Wars heroes is a crucial part of her new comic series.


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