Bushido Blade

About Bushido Blade: The Meikyokan dojo of the Narukagami Shinto school is really a secret society of assassins called "Kage." Everyone who knew that secret was sworn to secrecy and not allowed to leave the compound. But one person broke the code of silence and escaped into the ruins of a deserted castle in search of the only way out, through the castle tower.

And so begins the story of Bushido Blade, set in the Meikyokan, a comprehensive fencing school where you, the gameplayer, have come to learn a 500-year old art of fighting, only to discover that you are amongst a group of evil assassins from which you must escape in order to save your life.

This first ever sword fighting simulation is unlike any other fighting game. Bushido Blade offers a new style of fighting that takes you out of the ring, away from the timelimits and strength bars, and into a vast 3D playing field where you are free to roam and battle at your own risk. With the choice of six fighters and a selection of some of the most deadliest weapons you ever saw, Bushido Blade uniquely utilizes varying levels of strength and style in which one deadly strike could mean the difference between death and victory.