Best Equipment

Best Weapons:
Ayla: (none)
Crono: Rainbow Sword
Frog: Masamune II
Lucca: Wondershot
Magus: Doom Sickle
Marle: Valkerye
Robo: Crisis Arm (or) Terra Arm
Best Armor:
Ayla: Nova Armor
Crono: Nova Armor
Frog: Moon Armor
Lucca: Taban Suit (or) Nova Armor
Magus: Gloom Cape
Marle: Prism Dress
Robo: Nova Armor
Best Armor:
Ayla: Prism Helmet
Crono: Prism Helmet (or) Vigil Hat
Frog: Prism Helment (or) Vigil Hat
Lucca: Prism Helmet (or) Haste Helmet
Magus: Gloom Helmet
Marle: Ozzie Pants
Robo: Prism Helmet (or) Vigil Hat

Crono's Rainbow + Lucca's Wondershot:
Crono's ultimate sword is related to Lucca's ultimate weapon. The link between them is that you need the same "magic shell" to create it. These would be the rainbow shell and the sun stone.

It's quite complicated to get the stones because you need to beat several bosses, stages, etc. I suggest you find the sun stone before the rainbow shell, because you get better weapons that way. Here we go:

Getting the Sun Stone:
To do this, you need to have the epoch ready for flying where ever you want to go.

Go to 2300 AD. Fly around until you find a small island with a cave called "Sun Palace". In here will be a very "fiery" boss, it's the son of sun! He'll use strong fire attacks. If you think you might need it, go to BC. 65.000.000. Go to "Hunting range" and collect some fangs, petals, horns, etc. and trade them for strong armors that can take fire (like Red vest, ruby vest or the best Ruby Armor) and use them against the boss. Equip them and you'll be better prepared for the boss. Go back to Son of Sun and fight him. You'll see a core and six flames around him. Now hit the flames(not the core). If you hit the right one, he'll die a little. If you picked the wrong one(5/6 chance) he'll cast flare. Thanks to the armors you equipped(ruby armor) the damage won't be severe. Keep hitting the right flame until the boss dies. This is the only way to defeat him, you can't use any magics! After you defeated the boss, cross the bridge and pick up the moon stone.

Transforming the Stone:

Take it back to the sun keep in 65.000.000 BC and leave it at the sun keep(small island at the west). If you leave it here the power will be regained because you travel back to 1000 AD and then the sun would've been shining on it for 65.000.000 years. When you go back to AD 2300 you find out that the Sun Stone was stolen in year 1000 AD. Go back to AD 1000 to find the culprit! You see a house where some shining stars stream out from. Could it be that the sun stone is there?!? Go down and talk to the owner. He'll say he doesn't know anything about "some sun stone". What to do now? Go to snail stop at the same village and talk to the kilwala café owner. He'll sell you a Jerky for 9999(weird, why not just 10000?). Buy it and head to AD 600. Go back to the same house where the sun was shining. Talk to the woman and GIVE her the jerky(seems nuts, huh! Just giving away 10000 like that?). Now go back to AD 1000. The housekeeper will give you the stone back. Why? Well, the reason is because his grand-mother -"- -"- taught her kids good manners and not to steal and then the influence was that the dude was honest when you came back. You got the Sun stone, Yay!

Put it back in the Sun keep and head back to AD 2300. The sun stone will now be full-loaded. With this sun, you can create Lucca's best weapon (Wondershot) and you'll also get an accessory.

Getting the Rainbow Shell:

Ok, now you got a bit of the sun stone you need to make Crono's nice weapon, but you still need more. You need to obtain the mighty shell. Of course you can only get it after you defeated Dalton Plus(blackbird) and after The magic kingdom was destroyed.

Go and talk to Gaspar at the end of time and you'll know what's up. You can put Marle in your party now already because she'll be needed later(cause of the castle). Then go to AD 600 and head for the café. Go talk to Toma, the adventurer. He'll talk some about that shell and give you the "Toma's pop". Then go to AD 1000 and head to west cape, to see Toma's grave. Stand next to the grave and pour "Toma's pop" on it with pressing button. When you do this, Toma's spirit will set free(like Cyrus at Hero's grave). He'll tell you where the treasure is and open up the cave. Go to the island and enter the cave.

Your old friends, the reptites still live in this cave, as a hideout. They've been hiding in here for 65.000.000 years and now you discovered their secret lair "Giant's Claw". Go into the cave and search it. The cave is not that big, but you have to fight a few enemies. At the end you'll fight Rust Tyrano, if you remember that big dinosaur-monster, this is one of that sort, just a little stronger. You might want to equip your party with strong fire-defending armors(like red vest, ruby armor, etc.) As the first dinosaur, this one is also counting down from 5 til 0, until he makes his breath-attack. I'd recommend having Marle, Crono and Magus in your party. Let Marle heal and Magus/Crono make some powerful spells. After the boss you find the rainbow shell in the background. When you're about to bring it back you find it's very heavy, definitely to heavy to carry. You will be teleported back to the castle to get help.

Go back to AD 1000 to see what happened. You'll find out that the king is being tricked by the chancellor, accused of stealing from the treasure chamber. The rainbow shell is gone, and that's why the king's accused. If you can find the shell and prove for the judges that the rainbow shell is still there, the king will be released.

Go down to the basement and you'll find some new stairs that wasn't there before in the castle. Take all the treasures you find. You notice one chest that won't badge? Well, keep playing and everything will be fine. Follow them. You have to make some fights but the enemies are really weak. At the end of the tunnel, you find the rainbow shell. Take a piece of it and return to the trial. You'll prove that the king's innocent. Then the chancellor will turn into a boss, Yakra XIII. You must fight the boss, do your best because he is pretty tough and he has a lot of hp. When you win, you get the "yakra key". You can use that key on the chest that you couldn't open before. And guess what's inside: the chancellor!

Getting Crono's Weapon:

Go to the rainbow shell and find Melchior's there. He'll create strong armors and most important of all, the rainbow sword (because you got the sun stone). You'll also be choosing among three Prism Helmets or a Prism Dress. I usually take the prism dress instead of the three helmets, because I think the dress is better. The helmets get surpassed by some other helmets later, but the dress holds forever (It's the best for Marle). But don't bother, you can steal all of these stuff later in the game so take whatever you want, the important thing is getting the Rainbow Sword.

Frog's Masamune II:
Getting Masamune I:
The search for Masamune I starts when you finished the village of magic, you know that cave where a big monster was(Hecran), in 1000 AD. After you finished that, it's time to start searching. Return to the Millenial Fair in Leene Square(1000 AD) then head for Lucca's invention(upper right corner) and warp back to end of time. From there, step into the lightbeam that transform you to AD 600(upper left corner). You'll notice a few changes since you were here last time, there'll be different enemies, etc. Exit the canyon and head for the Village of Truce.Go to Truce Inn and talk to the people. You hear something about a wild guy called magus :) that causes trouble. Take the Bronzemail(an armor, not so strong) from the treasure chest and then head to the castle. Talk to the king and you find out he is injured. He'll send you to Zenan Bridge, where magus's troops are. NOTICE!!! But there is no point in going to Zenan Bridge without food supplies because the king's troops are starving and they need food to keep on fighting. Go downstairs and to the royal kitchen. Talk to the chief and then head out of there. You'll get a Jerky that is food for the soldiers. Then head to the Zenan Bridge.

Here, talk to the commander and he'll ask you if you want to join them. Say yes and you'll get a gold helmet(quite good helmet). After that, go left and beat Ozzie and his goons. At the end you'll fight a boss, Zombor. He is divided in two different parts, the upper body and his legs. Use Ice magic on the head and fire/lighting to destroy the legs. When you won, you saved the kingdom...for now. Ozzie and his goons will flee. But there is still more to do if you want the masamune...

After you defeated Zombor(boss at the zenan bridge) head on down/right on the map and keep exploring. Head to the Porre Village to hear some gossip about the powerful sword(whoa, finally something about that d_mn sword!). After that, go to the cursed woods(lies west in the forest on the map). Investigate around here and find a hidden entrance in the bushes. Go down and you find an old friend.....FROG!!! Frog is discouraged and a little depressed when you find him. He keeps telling you that he is no hero, and he failed to protect the princess. Don't bother, he's just not in the mood, ok? Forget him for the moment and head to Denadoro Mountains(the big mountain on the map). But before you do that, you might want to stock up with powerup-items like tonic, ether, mid tonic etc. Go buy it in a shop and then return to the mountains. Here, go on and you'll soon find a little boy that is chased by a monster. He runs by and start talking. Climb the whole moutain(really huge mountain), you have to fight many enemies before you reach the top. Don't forget all the treasures around here! When you're finally on the top, recover your hp and mp to max and then save at the nearby spot. Then enter the cave. Talk to the twins. They'll start fighting. You defeat them easiest by concentrating on one first. When you beat them, they'll transform into a huge dude which is a little harder to defeat. Use magic and the Crono's slash technique to stop the boss's special attack(you know that one when he starts briefing and powering up for a mighty attack). When you defeat him, they'll transform back into two harmless boys again and they'll give you the masamune.

Ah, finally you got the precious masamune sword! Sorry to tell you this, but..yes you do have it, but it's broken and can't be wielded.

Go back to Tata's house in Porre Village and Tata will give you the medallion(Hero's medal). When you got this, go back to frog in cursed woods. He'll be surprised but he's still discouraged. Though he will give you the Masamune's hilt.

Go back to Truce Canyon and go back to end of time. Talk to the old wise man there and then speak with spekkio. Hopefully he'll initiate a new spell to ya. After that, head to 1000 AD. From there, go to Melchior's hut. Melchior explains he needs a rare metal to fix the sword, the dream stone that can only be found in 65.000.000 BC. Oh no, more to do before I get that sword!!!

Getting the Dream Stone:

Go to 65.000.000 BC. and you'll meet a new friend, Ayla. She knows something about that rock and follow her to the village, where you'll be invited on a party. You actually win the dream stone from Ayla in an eating contest. But when you wake up next morning, the gate key is gone! Without it you can't go back to end of time!

You find out that the reptites(evil animals!) took it and you need to trace them. Follow the footsteps and you encounter the thieves, sooner or later. Go to Forest Maze(south on map) but before you do this, you maybe want to stock up with powerful weapons/armors/items. If you want to do that, go to the north place "Hunting Range" where you can defeat easy enemies and gain valuable goods you can trade in the village for equipment. When you are ready, go back to forest maze.

Follow the footsteps and fight your way through(don't forget the treasures) You might want to have Ayla in your party(you must) but I mean you want to equip her with Berserk because she'll be really strong then and defeat most enemies easily. Some enemies(like megasaur) you need to shock with a lighning blast first, then they'll be easier to vanquish. After you are out from the forest maze, you find a cave. Save and then enter it.

Inside the reptite lair, it will be neccessary to dive into a hole and explore underground to find a boss and then retrieve the gate key. So how do these holes appear? Well, you see that blue dudes, walking around with a long nose? They will start digging holes in the ground if you just leave them alone. Try to stay away and wait for them to begin. After they are finished, dive into the hole. You end up somewhere, depending where the hole was located. Sometimes you find a treasure chest, sometimes nothing. A good tip is that you wait until they are completely finished and you choose a hole far away from the others. Don't dive into holes that lie nearby where you've been before, the risk is that you just end up in the same place(time wasting).

At the end of the cave, you find the boss(you don't need to dive into the holes to get there, I think). The boss will be Azala(small green reptite) and Nizbel. Use Ayla's Rollo Kick and Crono's Cyclone. Use the lightning spell Crono has to shock Nizbel so he looses more energy. Keep on fighting, you'll probably win. After you defeated Nizbel, you get the time key. You can go home!

Fixing the broken Masamune:

Go back to end of time, save and talk to Spekkio. You'll learn some new magical spells. Then go to AD 1000 and talk to Melchior. Ah, finally the masamune will be ready!! Since you have the Dreamstone and the other parts of the sword, Melchior can fix it. Now, of course go back to Frog in 600 AD. As Frog spots the sword, he has to think over the situation. You'll stay there for a night and you'll see an awesome cinema scene!!! After that, he'll join you. Now you might want to go back to end of time and give him some spells. So, now you got the precious sword masamune!! You want to test how good it really is? Then go back to AD600 and to the magic cave in the east. You'll see a cinema scene where Frog shatters the mountain.

Powering up the Masamune:

You want to powerup the masamune? Ok, but that can only be done later, from where you can choose among the different chapters. I'm talking about the Hero's grave, where Cyrus(awesome guy) is buried. You still don't know what I'm talking about? Ok, after you fought Dalton Plus at the Blackbird, the whole Magic Kingdom will break down. Now you can choose among some things in the game, you don't have to take them in a special order. To do this you need to change out Frog from your party so you don't have him and then talk to him at the end of time(where the characters are located, you can't travel more than 3 at the same time at the end of time, remember?). He'll tell you about the Hero's Grave. The legend lives on; When Frog was a young swordsman his real name was Glenn. Frog/Glenn had a master named Cyrus. Cyrus and Frog were near friends and they fought together to protect the kingdom. But one day, the kingdom was threated by Magus(evil wizard) and Cyrus and Glenn had to protect the king. Glenn survived. He was turned into a Frog by Magus and knocked out to unconcsiousness.

Now, 15 years later, Frog decides to go back to his old friend Cyrus's grave.

Unknown of what waits, you and your party walks into the ruins of what was a splendid church before. In here, you don't know that there will be a mighty sword and a lot of enemies. But before you can walk into the ruins, you need to get it repaired because it's full of trashed matrial, deep holes that are like natural pits, etc. You might need to change time from 600 to AD 1000/and vice versa to get this working: first you must go to Choras Cafe, there you'll find a carpenter but he has no tools. Then go to Choras Inn and talk to the guy there. He'll lend you his tools, if you go to his house. When you have the tools, go back to the guy at the bar. He'll take the tools and go back to work. Head to his residence and the workers there will team up and repair the ruins(a bit). After a while, go to the ruins. You'll see that the carpenters repaired a bit but there is still more to do. But thanks to all ghosts and creeps in there, they can't keep on working. You need to slay a few and then go back to the house. Talk to the carpenters and have them working again. You might need to pay 2000 G. You might need to defeat more enemies and pay more money to the carpenters. Don't worry, it will all be worth it, trust me! After everything is finally finished, go back into the ruins for real this time. Be sure to have Frog in your party.

In here(Northern Ruins), you'll fight many dangerous enemies so I suggest you powered up your level until you feel safe enough to be in here. Investigate the ruins and you'll find some strange boxes. The pendant will react. Now a message will say something like "Do you want to take out the contents?"
- Choose: "No"

This is a very important piece. If you pick it out, you will be sorry. Inside you'll only find a quite good weapon. But if you say no instead and "wait a few hundred years" by travelling back to AD 1000 by end of time and you go backt to the same place, you'll find out that in the same treasure chest you didn't open the contents will have been powered up and the new weapon is much better. Now you can take that weapon and also the other one back in AD 600. So why can't you take it in the past then(600 AD)? Because then it will be gone in AD 1000. See? So go to AD 600, investigate the ruins, say "NO" to all boxes and then travel abck to AD 1000, take out the contents and after that, go back to AD 600 and take the contents. Thanks to this, you'll get better weapons plus the ones you were out for before. You'll also find Marle's ultimate weapon, Valkerye, here and the strongest armor you can have(except Prism Dress), Moon Armor.

To powerup the masamune so you get the Masamune II you need to have Frog in your party and go to the grave in there. Then Cyrus spirit will set free and talk to Frog. After a nice cinema sequence, the masamune will be powered up and will be the Masamune II.

Magus's Doom Sickle:
Magus ultimate weapon is actually hidden somewhere, and it's not easy to find without some help. Meanwhile you're looking for the Doom Sickle you'll find a lot of other weapons/armors here. You can take them but we're in for the Doom Sickle.

As usual you need to have defeated Dalton Plus at the blackbird so that you have the Epoch.

Talk to Gaspar at the end of time and he'll show you a new place in 600.

Go to AD 600 and head for Ozzie's fort. I suggest you have Magus in your party because the storyline will get a little better(you know Magus was a Ozzie's homie before, but now he turned to the right side, so Magus and Ozzie will have a little chat which is better than nothing). Also you're about to find his weapon so I think it's fair to hook him up in your party.

As you enter the castle, you soon find Ozzie and his goons Slash and Flea. First you got to fight them one on one, but after you defeated Slash and Flea once, you have to fight them all together! They are a bit stronger now and can use more dangerous attacks. I suggest you have Ayla in your party, then you can steal the valuable hat "Ozzie Pants" from Ozzie.(You can also charm the weapon "Slasher 2" from Slash but it's not that good as the rainbow-sword). When you beat them, keep going into the castle. Pretty soon you'll find Ozzie standing there, winding a chain that leads to traps. As you step under the axes they'll hit you several times and you'll lose all your energy but 1 hp. So try to keep out of it, ok? Run quickly under it to the other side. Keep running through the castle. You also find Ozzie in a room where a treasure is, with an axe above. Don't take the treasure chest, it's just a trap that Ozzie laid because the guillotine cuts your hp down to 1. Instead keep running on and Ozzie will flee. In this room you'll find the Doom Sickle. Look at the end of the room where the wall is. Search the wall down and you'll find a passage way to the secret room where a lot of treasures are.
You find the Doom Sickle, Gloom Cape, Gloom Helm.

Marle's Valkerye:
You get Marle's ultimate weapon at the same place where you get Frog's ultimate weapon, at the Northern Ruins. If you want to know how to get it, check Frog's ultimate weapon section above and read about powering up the magic boxes.

Robo's Terra & Crisis:
To get Robo's ultimate weapons, you must play a bit into the game first. The first time you can get it when you can choose among the scenarios in the game. But I suggest you take this section last because the enemies are quite dangerous and then it could be good that you've powered up your levels and stuff before you do this.

To ger Robo's weapons, talk to him in end of time. He'll tell you about his birthplace "Geno Dome". Travel to AD 2300. Then here search for an island with your ship and enter the dome. Remember, Robo must be in the party.

The Geno Dome is huge. It's a sort of maze with amazingly many enemies, hard battles, mini bosses, treasure chests, etc. Before you go here, be sure to have goods like mid tonic, mid ethers, full tonic, good equipment and maybe most important; time. This place is so big it will take quite long to finish it so if you're in a hurry, don't play this section. Oh well.

Geno Dome:

Investigate the Dome with the strongest characters you have, plus Robo. Let Robo fix the computer in the beginning and enter the dome. You can use the chute in the corner here whenever you want to return to the dome's entrance. Now, keep going in here, searching everything. At one moment, Robo will fight his girlfriend(?) that have been reprogrammed by the evil motherbrain. When Robo finally win this sad fight :( Atropos XR(the robot) gives Robo a nice ribbon and disappears. Then go on. When you come to the Mother Brain, defeat her quickly because the computer is loading and powering up all the time, so it just gets stronger and stronger. Use Luminaire etc. When you finished the boss, you get the two weapons. Remember, the dome is big so there's no need to be in a hurry.

The Terra Arm is always strong and the best overall weaponf for Robo. But when your hp are lower than 10(Robo's) the Crisis Arm will powerup and get very mighty! Check it out sometime!

Moon Armor:
To Find the Moon Armor you need to go to the northern ruins (hero's grave, where Cyrus is buried). From here you need to find the magical boxes, say "no" when it's asking you about the contents and then travel back to AD 1000 to open the treasure chests. You find that Nova Armor have been powered up to Moon armor. For more info, check Frog's Masamune II section. Equip Frog with the Moon Armor.

Nova Armor:
The Nova Armor is a quite good armor, the best one you can get many of - there's only one moon armor in the whole game. To get the Nova Armor you need to go to the Black Omen and you need to charm the big enemy "Goon", using Ayla's special tech. If you're lucky you got a Nova Armor. If not, try again. Equip Robo with the Nova Armor.

Gloom Cape:
The Gloom Cape is just about as good as the Moon Armor. The Gloom Cape is better than the Nova armor, but just a little. You find the gloom cape in Ozzie's castle (AD 600) in a hidden room - You find Ozzie in a room where a fake treasure is, with an axe above. Don't take the treasure chest, it's just a trap that Ozzie laid because the guillotine will cut your energy. Instead keep running on and Ozzie will flee. In this room you'll find the Doom Sickle. Look at the end of the room where the wall is. Search the wall down and you'll find a way to the secret room where a lot of treasures are. You find the Doom Sickle, Gloom Cape, Gloom Helm. Equip Magus with the Gloom Cape.

Taban Suit:
Lucca has two armors to choose from: the Taban Suit or the nova armor. The Nova armor has slightly higher defense, but the Taban Suit (that was made by her own father) increases the speed with 3+ "Fire guard up". Take your Pick. To get the Taban Suit you need to go to Lucca's house and talk to her father after sometime into the game. He'll give you the Taban Suit.

Prism Dress:
You can get the prism dress in two ways: either you steal it from the boss Zeal inside black omen, or you choose to create it by the rainbow-shells power instead of the three helmets. Take your pick. If you choose the prism dress instead of the helmets, you already got it. If not, go to the black omen and head for the boss. Have Ayla in your party and charm his body. You'll get the prism dress. Equip Marle with the Prism Dress.

Vigil Hat:
You find the Vigil hat in the black omen, or you can buy it in a church in AD 1000 in Fiona's Shrine (if you replanted the dead forest). And you can also find it in a treasure chest in Geno dome, which is more trouble than buying it.

Prism Helmet:
The prism helmet you can get in two ways: Choose the three helmets when creating them from the rainbow shell, or you can steal the prism helmet from the boss Zeal at the black omen.

Ozzie Pants:
Go to Ozzie's castle, have Ayla in your party, and fight the boss when they are three and steal the Ozzie pants from Ozzie. The Ozzie pants have great defense but it'll start you crazy in the beginning of the battle. But don't worry, after you're hit you'll be normal with a great helm on ya!

Haste Helmet:
Lucca has the slowest turn rate, so the haste helmet would be best for her, although she can equip the prism helm too. The haste helmet is good because it's pretty strong plus it will increase the speed rate by 50% in battle. It's a little weaker than the prism helm, but equip which one you want. You find the haste helmet in a treasure chest in Black omen.

Gloom Helmet:
Magus might want his own helmet, the one that was designed for him. It's also a good helmet, about as good as the vigil hat, prism helm, and the ozzie pants. You find the cool helm inside Ozzie's castle, hidden in a secret room. You find Ozzie in a room where a fake treasure is, with an guillotine is above. Don't take the treasure chest, it's just a trap that Ozzie laid because the guillotine will cut your energy. Instead run on and Ozzie will flee. In this room you'll find the gloom helm. Look at the end of the room where the wall is. Search the wall down and you'll find a way to the secret room where a lot of treasures are. You find the Gloom Helm. Equip Magus with it.