Playstation Changes:
Chrono Trigger was re-released on the Playstation along with Final Fantasy 2, and had the title of "Final Fantasy Chronicles"

  - In the Playstation version of CT, there were some anime cut scenes. They're just snippets here and there and don't alter the storyline in any way. Because there weren't that many, they are not listed.
  - Just like with Final Fantasy Anthology: Because the code was transfered over from SNES code into PSX code, rather than reworking all the code, they just created a modifier within the PSX code so it could read the SNES code. Due to this, having extra code, it creates load times to be somewhat longer (and at times a little irritating). Notice the fanfare when a battle is won, how rather than jumping up and down, Marle just sort of floats in the air.
  - It came with an Omake mode. Check out the "Omake mode" section for more details.

  - When you go to the status screen, the buttons are coded differently, and it looks like there's one screen missing.
  - There's no candy lady at the Millennial Fair.
  - Truce and other towns in 1000 AD are coded differently. The fountains in the middle of Truce and Medina look larger.
  - Zenan Bridge was broken.
  - You walk faster on the world map, and the character sprites are larger and more detailed.
  - Both Crono and Marle started out with their element already stated in the status window.
  - When warping through time, there is a special effect sound and an extra graphic when going in and out.
  - There is more bass to the battle music.
  - Marle has Esuna instead of Haste

Beta Info:
  - Schala was originally playable, just after you lost Crono. However, due to time constraints and the lack of interest to create a story for her, she was deleted as a playable character. The other player was rumoured to be Flea, Toma (The most possible choice) or Gaspar, or someone along their lines. Sage's comments on the second character: "It's to my belief it was actually several different people until they couldn't make up their minds and just decided not to even bother...I believe it was someone like Flea (some scenes and parts of CT lean toward this if you watch carefully) and my friend Luxamar believes Toma was at one point. Both characters have more Sprites than they really need. (Running, Walking and multi purpose poses)"

  - Some other people say the second deleted character was the Epoch...go figure. Sage's comment on the Epoch thing: "It seems to me they had the extra (left over) data for a character name and picture so they just thought "What the hell?" and allowed you to name the Epoch."

  - Schala's original hair design was blond. The reasoning behind it was that Schala's hair when it's blue represents power, blonde means drained. They changed it later in development. Schala was also supposed to share double and triple techs with Magus, although her magical element is unknown and up for debate.

  - There was a lot of Magus's history that was not written into the game. Magus's back story is kind of already layed out in CT if you think about it. Magus was prince of Zeal and had a powerful Aura, He was gifted with the power to "feel" the Black Wind and when he was sent into the future he spent his life fooling Ozzie and the rest gaining power. Only to gain such power to fight Lavos. Magus isn't evil, just a very serious person. To know more about the origin of his power, you have to know more about Zeal and how it all started.
Well all the people of Zeal started just like everyone else. They were Humans. The people of Zeal however had a dream unlike the rest, it was a dream to create a kingdom where they could live and rule over. In the process the original King of Zeal discovered the "Sun Stone" this was in reality the source of all Magic in Zeal. The people of Zeal gained a new dream and with their magic they called themselves the "Enlightened Ones." By the time Queen Zeal came along her dream was to be the next goal of the kingdom. That was to gain Immortality. The King of Zeal died not long after Magus was born and by now nothing was left to stop her discover her dream.

  - There was what's being called an Alfador sidequest where Alfador had something to do with the Sun Palace in Zeal, which can't be accessed in the final game. Alfador was supposed to lead you to the Sun Palace, and the quest was supposed to go from there.

Pre-Release Info:
  - There is the Singing Mountain dungeon, acccessible via game genie. The area is a series of uncoded caves, some with lava flows in them. Mostly it is caves but there was an outside area with some streams and such.
  - This is the most changed era. The contineent is much larger that before. There is an extra mountain northeast of Tyrano Lair. It's VERY big and is probably the Singing Mountain place mentioned before. This might have possibly been a place to get the Dreamstone, or maybe a sub quest. Who knows.
  - There is also a 3rd village located a bitt to the south-east of Tyrano Lair, on the edge of the continent. There are 3 huts and an odd looking forest. You can't enter any parts of the "lost" village.
  - The map's music is different. It starts the same, but changes a lot about midway through the track. It's still annoying though.
  - Ayla is nowhere to be found, she is not in the demo at all.
  - Tyrano Lair is apparently not coded yet. If you try to enter, it will play the Unknown Battle music for a moment, then it will show the sequence when you begin the game, with the seagulls, then it will freeze.

Dark Ages:

  - On the ground, it plays the Zeal Kingdom's music and not the normal snow sound.
  - Earthbound Village is abandoned, and the layout is very different. It is all one large room and you start near where you go toward Mt. of Woe. The path to where you get to Mt. of Woe is a bit longer.
  - If you teleport to the Zeal Continent, you just instantly appear with no teleporting.
  - Zeal itself has a few changes. First of all the usual inaccessible blue pyramid is replaced with a small futuristic building.
  - The bridge across the lake in Zeal is gone. There is a dock of sorts on the left side but it is inaccessible. There is now a cave a bit north of the teleporter. From there you can teleport up to a path to another cave. At this cave if you walk northwest, you will end up at the other side of the lake. If you walk northeast, you end up at Zeal Palace.
  - The Black Bird is inaccessible.
  - Kajar is empty as well.
  - Enhasa is pretty empty, but there are actually are a few people in it. One near the entrance and 2 or 3 a little north. The man at the entrance mentions the release date of CT, and something about Frog, Lucca, Marle and Crono. It's something like "Play as Frog ! Will he help Crono and Lucca save Marle?".
  - Zeal Palace is pretty empty as well. But there actually are a few people here as well. There is a man right near the entrance and Masa and Mune are right by him. Don't know what they say though.
  - Several statues are different. They are semi-nude looking and rather odd.
  - Walk through walls in Schala's room and go through the bookcase. You will end up in a very strange area. The area is grey with several statues and staircases. The place is not coded so you can walk all over. To the north there is a door that leads to Zeal's throne room. Also, a remixed Ocean Palace music is playing in the area.
  - Ocean Palace is inaccessible.
  - The Mountain of Woe can be accessed via game genie. The area however is not coded very well yet and is missing enemies. You can't get to where you fight Giga Gaia.

Middle Ages:

  - Only Truce, Guardia Castle, and Porre have any people in it. All the other towns are completely abandoned.
  - A few of the NPCs are different or missing. A few are unique or moved.
  - The Lost Woods is inaccessible, if you try to enter, it will reset the game.
  - If you play the organ in the cathedral, it will take you to the "Coming Soon" credits. If you use Walk Through Walls to go through the hidden entrance, the game resets.
  - You can't enter the place where you get the Rainbow Shell.
  - The Northern Ruins are completely different. The layout is very different. You start coming down stairs on the right side of a hall. There are no enemies, but there is treasure. Farther on there is a room with three doors, the ones on opposite side have ladders. One ladder leads to a room with stairs and large torches, leading to two treasure boxes. The other ladder leads to a room with a large throne in it, the same type that is in Guardia Castle.
  - You are not allowed to leave Magic Cave once you enter.
  - Magus' Castle is accessible, but you are only able to fight Slash and Flea and the battles in-between. Once the teleporter in the center hall appears, it takes you to the "coming soon" credits.
  - The Music when you first get to Magus' castle is different. Instead of playing the regular music when it shows Magus' Castle, it plays the music in the background of the actual castle.
  - Ozzie's Fort is deserted; there is none of Magus' equipment in it either. The hidden room is not there.
  - You are able to walk through the forest near Ozzie's fort and get to the Blue Pyramid, but you can't enter.
  - Slash had a different sword when you fought him; he also had a hell of a lotta HP. I cast Luminare on him at least 12 times and he didn't die.


  - This area is very similar to the Middle Ages, there are only people in Truce, Porre, Guardia Castle, and Leene Square, the other areas are devoid of humanity.
  - A lot of the NPCs seem to have different color or are completely different/missing. Some of them are unique to the pre-release. Some are also moved.
  - Zenan Bridge is destroyed in the present. Apparently, destroyed by the Chorus Army. Too bad Chorus is empty though.
  - There is a barricade of Blue Imps in fronnt of the exit of Guardia Forest. You're not supposed to go to the castle or exit it.
  - The cave peninsula by the cave where you fight the Heckran is different, more like the 600 version of it. The entire area where Melchior's Hut once stood is now underwater.
  - Melchior's house is in Medina village, not by Heckran's cave.
  - Not much else that I can think of, I was able to get Poyozo Dolls and Clones, as well as cats through some hacking. Only for Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Robo, since Cursed Forest can't be entered, Magus and Ayla are not in the demo, so they can't get one either.
  - The forest ruins can be entered. If you walk into the center of it you enter a hidden dungeon with a lot of treasure chests filled with 200G. Remember in the Dark Ages the pyramid sprite was a different structure. I guess originally it was gonna be a dungeon. There was even a place for a boss at the end.


  - You can teleport there with the Epoch, butt Lavos is nowhere to be found. You can land and walk around, but only the first quadrant of the map is coded, the rest is just open space.
  - With a Game Genie code my friend was able to fight Lavos. He said it was rather easy and when you beat it you got a lot of experience and then the game froze.


  - Quite a few differences here, first of all there is a freaky growling sound every so often on the world map instead of the lightning sound. It might be a glitch, but it sounds VERY weird. Odds are it's just the rom though. Also the flash of lightning is a different color.
  - None of the Domes have any inhabitants. Guess all the humans are dead or something.
  - Only both of the Labs/Ruin has any enemies, the sewers and domes have no one
  - There is a barricade of robots barricading the western exit of Lab 32. There in the way 'cuz you're not supposed to pass that point in the game.
  - The doors that are "sealed with a mysterious energy" have a completely different design and color. There is also a different tune when you click it.
  - The Keeper's Dome has completely different music. I'm a bit partial to the final version music, but the pre-release one is real nice too.
  - Robo's brothers, the R-Series, are pinkish-purple rather than blue. Someone told me it was the same in the Japanese version, but I skipped that area when I played Japanese CT, so I don't know.
  - Death Peak can be entered, but you're not going anywhere. The trees that you're supposed to hide behind to stay out of the wind are there, but you still get blown away.
  - You can't enter the place where you battle Son of Sun.
  - Genocide Dome can be entered, but you can't go any farther than the first room. The door is locked and WTW code won't work. Even if you bring Robo, he won't open the way. Actually, I have been able to get into the conveyor room with a game genie code, but the place is not coded yet.
  - This is one of the more mysterious things I have found. In the south- western part of the map, there is an island with a coliseum on it. The coliseum cannot be entered, but it looks rather cool. I have no idea what it could have been used for, but it does bear a slight resemblance to Chronopolis in Chrono Cross, not really, but it could be.
  - Robo has Frog's Theme; I guess his wasn't programmed yet.

End of Time:

-End of Time is empty. No Spekkio, old man, or portals.
-The End of Time also has slightly altered music.

Other Notes:

  - Frog's Frog Squash tech. doesn't bounce all over, it just lands on the enemies and falls away.
  - Some of the enemies have different pallets than normal.
  - In the intro, the music is a bit off. It ends at right before the Epoch goes through time, around 4-5 seconds till the end of the intro.
  - I once got to a large open field. Nothing was in it and there was nowhere to go. Once however, the game glitched and I went to Genocide Dome conveyor belt. The game apparently thought it was Death Peak and blew me out. I ended up stranded in front of Death Peak.

Music Differences:
Yasunori Mitsuda - Battle 1 Remix: This is a jungle like remix of the main battle them. I'm assuming this would have been used in battles during 650000000 B.C. I don't believe this was used in the demo, but I'm not sure.
Yasunori Mitsuda - Keeper's Dome: Like the name says, this is the music that was used in the Keeper's Dome in the demo. This track was replaced with "Sealed Door" in the final version.
Yasunori Mitsuda - Unknown Battle: This was replaced by Boss Battle 2 I believe. It is a heavy remix of Boss Battle 2. I personally like the final version music better. On a bit of a side note, this music apparently plays at Tyrano Lair. The game let me play a few parts of the place, and this music was playing.
Yasunori Mitsuda - Untitled: This is sort of the type of music that would be played at a church, or a very emotional scene. It might be the originally planned music for the Cathedral place, but I doubt it since the original "Manoria Cathedral" music is played in the demo. I dunno where it could have been used.
Yasunori Mitsuda - Battle 1: This is the battle music in the demo. It is slightly altered and has a different beat to it. Nobuo Uematsu - Mystery of the Past: This is the sound that plays when you try to open a sealed door. It is pretty much the same, except it has an extra note at the end.
Yasunori Mitsuda - Rhythm of Wind, Sky and Earth: Prehistoric maps music, but rather different. It is pretty much the same until about 25 seconds in where it changes quite a bit. The whole thing also has a different beat to it.
Yasunori Mitsuda - Zeal Palace: This music is almost exactly the same, until about 1 minute into it. At that point it changes quite a bit from the final version. This music is played in the mysterious part of Zeal Palace if you use the WTWs code through Schala's Room's bookcase.
Yasunori Mitsuda - Lose: Dum Dum Dah Dah Dah Dah Bum Bum. This is probably the music that would be used if you lose a minigame early in development. Wonder what kinda game it would have been.
Yasunori Mitsuda - Singing Mountain: This is a nice track that is in the OSV, but never used in thefinal game. It is however used in a dungeon in 650000000 BC. The dungeon can be viewed, it is a hella big, brown mountain, that bares resemblance to a turd.
Yasunori Mitsuda - The Brink of Time: The End of Time's music, it had a slightly different beat to it.