How to play "New Game +":
You must complete the game by defeating Lavos through the Black Omen. If you go to Lavos any other way, the New Game "+" will not appear on the main screen after you defeat the game. Upon finishing the game, you'll need to press reset to get the New Game "+" option to appear.

How to open boxes and doors that say, "sealed with a mysterious energy"
You must have the Pendant "powered up". This happens once you go to Zeal Palace (Gameplay Sequence) and hold the Pendant up to the Mammon Machine.

Some of the sealed boxes in 600 A.D. may bring up a message saying, "Something inside is reacting to the Pendant". When it asks you if you want to open it, say "NO", and then go to the sealed box (at the same location) in 1000 A.D.

This time when you open it you'll receive a powered up version of the item. Then you may return to the box in 600 A.D. and open it to receive the original one. Basically, you are getting 2 for 1.

How To Get Crono Back
Once you have the Chrono Trigger, you must get the Clone and go to the Keeper's Dome - 2300 A.D. Talk to the purple creature (Belthasar) to activate the program in order to climb up Death Peak. When you reach the top, you will get Crono back into your party. (Gameplay Sequence)

You have to talk with the old man Gaspar at the End of Time before you can get the clone. If you don't talk with the old man you can't get the clone.

Who and where is the person that I "need to help fast" and that's "close to one of the characters"
This is Lucca's mother. You must save Lucca's mom's legs in order to complete the objective given to you at The End of Time. To do this, you must destroy the Sunken Desert, help Fiona replant the forest, and go through the "camp fire scene" in order to go back to Lucca's House in the past. (Gameplay Sequence)

If You Didn't Get It Right The First Time.. Then you have to go back to a previous save file and try it again. You only get one shot at trying to save Lucca's mom's legs.

Even if you have already saved Lucca's mom's legs, Gaspar at The End of Time will still say "someone close to you needs help fast". There is no way to get him to stop saying this.

My characters won't learn more than two techniques. Why?
Take Crono, Marle, Lucca, & Frog Here:
In order to learn spells or other techniques (other than two), you must speak to Spekkio at The End of Time.

To get there: You will automatically be taken there once you get Robo in your party and go through the Time Portal in the Proto Dome - 2300 A.D.

Where is the "Moonlight Parade" or the "new bell"?
The Moonlight Parade will take place once you beat the game. Everyone gets together in celebration and praises you as the hero.

The item that some people refer to in the game (an item that's "being worked on") is a new bell for the pavilion (Nadia's Bell, rather than Leene's Bell).

How do I change my characters' name? After You Defeat The Blackbird: Return to Laruba Ruins - 65000000 B.C. Go to the upper left corner of the ruins and you'll find a Nu (a purple creature). Talk to him, and he has the ability to change your names.

To change the Epoch's name (the time machine), return to the Keeper's Dome - 2300 A.D. Go up to the computer when you first enter then press the A Button to change its name.

Why is there a "star" above my character's head during battle?
This means that your character is "chaos-ed". You can take care of this situation by using a Heal, or checking to see if you have the Ozzie Pants equipped. If you do, you can simply unequip them or use a Heal to restore your character's disposition back to normal.

Keep in mind that if you have the Ozzie Pants equipped, this will happen each time you go into battle.

Can I rescue Schala?

2300 A.D. : How can I operate the crane & open the security door in the Factory?
Once you get the message off of the screen that says "Enter the password" (by pushing the A Button once), you will hear a "ping - pong".

This is the time to enter the code.
Security Codes:
X, A - To move the left barrel.
B, B - To move the right barrel.
X, A, B, Y - To unlock the security door.

If you try to enter the codes at any other point, it won't work.

1000 A.D: How do I play the games at the Tent of Horrors (Norstein Bekkler's Lab)?
The 10 Silver Point Game: You will have three people walk around and then you will have to guess which one is who (similar to the nut & shell game). If you guess correctly, you will win a Poyozo Doll.

The 40 Silver Point Game ("Simon Says" Game): You will have a look a like of Crono and you will have to mimic his exact moves. The L Button raises the left arm, the R Button raises the right, the Y Button makes the character laugh, and the A Button throws up both hands in surprise. Also, the game tells you the commands for each button. If you do everything correctly, you will win a Clone.

The 80 Silver Point Game: You need at least two characters in order to play this. One of your characters will be lowered into fire while three fuzzy creatures are coming towards you. The object is to hit them back through the door with the rocks that are provided (with the A Button). Also, you have to hit the "sparkle" on the left wall in order to prevent your partner from being lowered into the fire.

If you do everything correctly, you will win a Cat.

Make sure that you are RUNNING while doing this, otherwise you won't have enough time.

Play The Games Again: Once you have won the prizes for the different games, you can play them again. This time, instead of getting another prize you will receive Cat Food.

12,000 B.C. : How can I get the "Elemental Weapons" from the blue pyramid?
You can't. You can only get them by going to Forest Ruins - 1000 A.D. The blue pyramid cannot be accessed in 12000 B.C. or 600 A.D.

65000000 B.C.: How can I get by Nizbel II in the Tyrano Lair?
To Get By Him: You simply walk by on the left or right side of him. It looks like that he's blocking the entire pathway, but he is not. He leaves you enough room to squeak by on either side of him. There is absolutely nothing "special" you have to do, except to walk.

When I walk into Trann Dome, and other places, all I can see is Fog. What the hell?
You are using an emulator, and not a real SNES for one. Secondly, I do not promote using emulators because that makes Squaresoft lose money by you not buying their games. (Which, naturally, pisses me off to no end.) Third, go get a job, save some money, buy a damn SNES and Chrono Trigger. However, the SNES version of Chrono Trigger is rising in value every day because it's become a collectible antique, so you might have better luck and save money buying a Playstation and Final Fantasy Chronicles. But, to answer your question, you are an idiot.

In Arris Dome, when trying to input the password, nothing happens. I try but it doesnt work. ??
Read the question directly above this one. Don't be so damn stupid.

Spekkio tells me to walk around his room three times. I did it, nothing happend?
You'll have to walk around his room three times, clockwise. Don't forget you'll have to be touching the walls all the time except for the door. It doesn't matter if you walk or run. In the end, talk to Spekkio, and you'll continue. If it does not work, you aren't touching the walls all the time!

Where is the Hunting Range?
For some reason, some people have no idea where this place is. See the Dactyl Nest over there? The Hunting Range is somewhere right of it. If you still can't figure out where it is, stand in the Dactyl Nest, go five steps down, then eight steps to the right, then two up.

I have the clone, spoken to Beltahsar, on Death Peak. This damn wind keeps pushing me back. ??
You'll have to be behind the tree, go south of it, as close as possible. You'll also have to press and hold the up button while behind the tree. If you still get blown back, you're doing one or both of those two things wrong and you're not trying hard enough. A common problem is that when you're behind a tree, running up, you slip around the trunk because you aren't exactly behind it. In that case, don't run, but only hold the Up button when behind a tree, because when you run, you go forward, and when you walk, you stay in place. Get it?

I killed Magus at North Cape and want him back. How to?
Load up a previosly saved game before you killed him. Otherwise, there is no way in-game to get him back once he's killed off. It's your fault. You're the one that killed him.

Sunken Desert: Can't find the desert!?
In order for this side-quest to become available, you'll need to have spoken to the lady from Zeal Palace, and you must have told her to secretly plant the sapling. If you've missed that part, you can talk to her in the Commons. And if you've told her to burn it, you can't do this side-quest anymore for this go-through of the game, sorry.

I failed trying to save Lara from being crippled. How to fix this?
Sorry, you can't go back again, but you can go back to a previously saved game and start over. That's the only remedy. On the other hand, it won't make a very huge difference in the storyline: Lara will be standing instead of sitting.

Ayla's Fists:
You'll acquire Ayla's fists automatically. She'll get the Iron Fist once Ayla reaches level 72 and finishes a battle. For the Bronze Fist, you'll have to be at level 96. The Iron Fist inflicts Chaos, while the Bronze Fist dishes out 9999 damage at every critical hit, regardless your enemy's defenses! What fist Ayla has doesn't affect damage; that's what level and power do.

Triple tech isn't working!
In case you're talking about the Gold Rock (Grand Dream), then you also have to have Frog equipped with the Masamune. If otherwise, it won't work. If the tech still doesn't work, then be sure all three members have their attack gauge filled in battle and have enough MP. Also, be sure to know all required techs!

Quick level ups ?
The most popular place is the conveyor belt in Geno Dome. A trip through there is worth 8286 experience and 144 tech points, and 10,200G, and about 75% for the inactive party members. Return to this place using the Dust Chute. But! Once you defeat the final boss here, you can't return. Do a New Game + and return to this place as soon as possible.

Items and Equipment Extra stuff:
Sealed chests and doors:

Requirements: "upgrade pendant" (placed in the Mammon Machine). Sorted in alphabetical order.

· Arris Dome: Power Tab, Lumin Robe, Elixir, Hit Ring, Gold Earring.
· Bangor Dome: Charm Top, Full Ether, Wallet.
· Elder's House (Porre, 600 A.D.): Black Vest, White Vest.
· Forest Ruins: Safe Helmet/Swallow.
· Guardia Castle (1000 A.D.): Red Mail (if upgraded).
· Guardia Castle (600 A.D.): Red Vest.
· Guardia Forest (1000 A.D.): Power Ring.
· Guardia Forest (600 A.D.): Speed Tab.
· Heckran Cave: Wall Ring, Dash Ring.
· Hero's Grave: Moon Armor, Shiva Edge, Valkerye (if upgraded).
· Magic Cave: Magic Ring.
· Mayor's Manor (Porre, 1000 A.D.): Black Mail, White Mail (if upgraded).
· Northern Ruins: Nova Armor, Kali Blade, Siren.
· Trann Dome: Magic Tab, Gold Stud, Full Ether.
· Truce Inn (1000 A.D.): Blue Mail (if upgraded).
· Truce Inn (600 A.D.): Blue Vest.


Critical Hit Rates: The rate is 10% for Crono's weapons, for Marle and Lucca it's 20%, Robo is 10%, Frog is 23%, Ayla is various (see entry below), and Magus is 10%. Exceptions are Kali Blade (20%), Shiva Edge (7%), Rainbow (70%), Siren and Valkerye (40%), Wonder Shot (40%), Crisis Arm (5%).

Wonder Shot: The attack power of this freaky weapon, sometimes doing massive damage and sometimes being harmless, is each time you use the weapon randomly multiplied by either 1/10, 1/2, 1, 2 or 3, which means you'll either do one tenth of the expected damage, half, normal damage, twice or thrice as much.

Crisis Arm: Is strange too. Your attack power is multiplied by half of the last digit of Robo's current HP. So, if you have 999 HP, you'll do 450% damage, but if it's 990 or 10, you'll do zero damage, whee. The weapon's attack power is 1; that influences the attack power. Note that whether you have 999 or 9 HP, damage you do depends on the last digit only - the in-game description is a bit misleading.

Fists: Ayla doesn't have weapons to equip. Instead, as she gains levels, she'll automatically acquire new fists; a new set at every level that's a multiple of 24, so there are five in total. To actually get them, you'll have to be on the required level (or higher) and fight one additional battle. The first three fists are named 'Fist', the fourth is 'Iron Fist', the last is the 'Bronze Fist'. Respectively, the critical hit rates are 20, 25, 30, 35, and 10 percent. The Iron Fist may inflict Chaos, and the Bronze Fist deals exactly 9999 damage on a critical.

Doom Sickle: It says that attack power goes up when an ally dies. With one ally knocked out, its attack power is 200%, and with two down, it's 300%. This only affects physical attacks.

Anti-Fire Equipment: Looking for Fire-protective armor? With the Taban Vest equipped, Fire damage will be reduced by 50%. With the Taban Suit, 90% will be reduced. The Ruby Vest does the same for 50%, and the Ruby Armor will reduce it by 80%.

Gloom Helmet: While the description doesn't say it, it also ups Magus' speed by one.

Ozzie Pants: You start off in battle with HP down-status, AND a Chaos-status, AND a horrible smell. While it _does_ have the most defense of all 'helmets', the downsides are just too annoying to deal with. Get Haste Helmets instead!

Sight Scope: This accessory doesn't work on bosses. And Gato, because he's some stupid robot. This rule also applies to the Relic.

Hero Medal: This accessory, of which the description says that it ups the Masamune's critical hit rate, changes it from 23% to 50%, meaning there's a 27% increase. Not über great, I'd say.

Berserker: Ups your attack power by 50%, physical damage done to you will be reduced by one third, and the wearer will also automatically attack. Ayla one want.

Sun Shades: The Sun Shades up your attack power, just like the description says. To be exact: it raises any damage done - both physical and magical - by 25 percent, which means you'll do 125% damage.

Prism Specs: The Prism Specs do the same as Sun Shades but for 50 percent so you'll do 150% damage. Mighty and powerful. There's only one per play-through.