Side Quests

When you near the end of the game, and you talk to Gaspar, he will inform you that
there are several events, people, and places which will empower you. More or less, he means
that you should go do some side quests before killing Lavos. They are optional and don't have
to be done in any certain order

Talking to people in your party sometimes reveals hints about where to go or what to do
in a certain side quest. Naturally there will be times when they just want to tell you
whats on their mind and what they say has nothing to do with side quests at all. You can
also fight Spekkio.

This part marks the only point which you don't have to have Crono in your party. As a reminder,
he is required in your party to do a good portion of Triple Techs. Also it is at this point in
the game which a new item opens up at Ioka Village: Ruby Armor.

The side quests are:
  - The Sunken Desert
  - Ozzie's Fort
  - Origin of Machines
  - The Sun Stone
  - Cyrus' Ghost
  - The Rainbow Shell

The Sunken Desert
This first side-quest involves Robo and Lucca. First, you help Fiona rebuild the forest. Then, discover some more about Lucca's past.
Items: Mid Ether, Mid Ether, Full Ether, Lapis, Elixir, Aeon Suit, Full Tonic, 5000G, Hyper Ether, Aeon Helmet, Memory Cap, Full Ether, Muscle Ring, Power Tab, Green Dream
Recommended: Level 30

Fiona and Marco: I think you've already done this, but if you haven't, talk to the lady in the lower-right corner of the Commons in 12,000 B. C., and tell her to plant the sapling. Do not tell her to burn it, or else you'll lock this quest for this go around, the desert won't be here. Then, head for Fiona's Villa in 600 A.D.

Talk to Fiona two times, Marco once, to find out that the monsters in the desert prevent the growth of the forest. They also tell you tips about the monsters in the desert: They are weak to water. Head to the desert.

The ground is slippery, so make sure you aren't sleep deprived or drunk when you play this part. You have to keep control of the characters. You lose 30 HP every time the ground shakes. There are four chests in this area, and every time the ground shakes, Retinite the boss of this area will show up, so be sure to get the chests before you kill him off.

Boss: Retinite
Retinite consists of a top, a bottom, and a core. All three have maximum defense. However, the trick is to use Water (as "Water hardens sand") to lower the body's defenses (only against physical attacks). If the core is still there, the defense will raise a bit again with every attack of yours. Also, you shouldn't use magic, because that will heal the core and does no damage to the body. Oh and note that Water will do no damage to any part, it'll only lower defenses. So, it's a waste of magic points if you use a very strong Water tech because it's useless. Retinite's actions include the absorbing of HP from the core as well as absorbing from you.

Also, the bottom and lower parts will not raise their defense when attacked, if the core is still there. So a strategy may be to use a target all Water spell, then start kicking the head and tail while healing when it's needed, and use either Lightning, Shadow or Fire on the core to cure it.

I myself prefer to start using a target all Water spell, then to attack the head until it's gone, then heal the core once, then go for the lower part without healing the core. If you're low in the levels (you won't do very much damage), the core will eventually die by the absorbing. If you're high in the levels, though, then you may not want to heal the core, or else it'll stay alive and run away once you defeat the body.

The top half has 5000 HP, gives 500 experience points and 20 tech points. The bottom has the same, except 4800 HP. The core has only 1000 HP, and 1600 experience points, 60 tech points and 2000G. So, if the core runs away (which happens when it's alone), you'll only get 1000 experience points, 60 tech points and 2000G. You can also Charm a Speed Tab off the core.

Now return to Fiona. On your way back, there are no enemies! You can now get the items from the chests without being bothered by them. Also, there's a new Power Tab here, be sure to grab it. To leave, enter the path in the middle of the northern wall, which you've used to enter, n'est ce pas?

Revival of the Forest:

Now, have Robo in your party. Talk to Fiona, she'll thank you for defeating the enemies in the desert. Since it'll take some time for the forests to grow, Robo will volunteer to stay at Fiona's and help rebuilding the forest! Allow him to help. He'll leave your party for now. You'll appear on the World Map; from now on, you can find Robo on the 600 A.D. map planting the fields. Now, it's time to go back to 1000 A.D. to recruit Robo again and see what happened.

But before you continue, Save your game.

As you can see on the 1000 A.D. World Map, Fiona's wish has been granted. Go inside Fiona's Shrine. You'll find three nuns, whereof the uppermost sells you hats. At the end of the shrine, you can find the remnants of Robo. He'll rejoin your party, after which he'll be taken to a camp in the woods to be repaired and to celebrate the new forest.

Here, your characters will talk about Lavos, that it may actually not be responsible for the gates, and that someone or something, an Entity, wanted them to see all of this... As I'm writing this, there is a discussion on who this Entity would be, so it remains unknown for the moment. Marle will ask Lucca if there was a point in time she would want to return to, but Lucca seems a bit hesitant to answer. In the end, the characters decide to sleep.

During the night, while everyone's asleep, Lucca will awake. Head for the lower right corner to find an unusual red Gate! Enter it, and Lucca will be taken back to 'that moment', ten years ago.

Lucca's Past:

Check out the diary, and go through the entrance. You'll witness Lara - Lucca's mom, and Lucca herself as a child , in the main room. While Lara tries to dust off the huge machine in the room, she gets stuck! In some way, the machine activates, and she gets dragged into the machine. There's a way to stop the machine, but our li'l Lucca doesn't know the password. So now it's up to you to save her, and there is limited time to do it.

Go back to Lucca's room and go down the stairs, then north into the kitchen. Read the note on the table to find out that the password is the name of Taban's wife, so the password is Lara. Now, enter the main room by going through the main entrance.

On the machine, there's a shining dot. Quickly run to it, interact with it and input the password, L A R A. To do that, press the L button, the A button, the R button and the A button again. If you manage to do it before Lara's gets in real trouble, congratulations: you've just saved your mom from getting her legs crippled.

Afterwards, read the notes from Lucca's diary if you want, and return to the forest by using the Gate. Oh, and if you have failed in saving Lucca's mom, the game will just continue as if nothing has changed back then.

The Green Dream:

You'll find Robo waiting at the red Gate. Talk to him. Eventually he'll give you a piece of amber he had created during the planting of the forest. It's a Green Dream, an accessory that allows the user of it being revived one time per battle. Very useful when you're low in the levels! It doesn't carry over in New Game +

Ozzie's Fort
This quest is to get Magus' best equipment. It is a rather difficult quest so if you are still in low levels, do this side quest last. However, it is not all too difficult to go just far enough through it to retrieve Magus' equipment and then leave again to come back another day.

Items: Full Ether, Gloom Cape, Gloom Helmet, Doom Sickle, Magic Tab, Dash Ring, Sight Cap
Recommended: Level 40


To find Ozzie's Fort, go to 600 A.D. and go to the right of Magus' Lair. There, you'll find a fort surrounded by darkness and forest. Or if you're currently in 1000 A.D., just fly above Medina Square, go to 600 A.D., and you'll appear right above the fort! And you may want to bring Magus with you, he's quite involved with the people in the fort, as well as Ayla, to Charm items off them.

So go inside. Ozzie will greet you, but he'll discover that it's you again. He'll leave, follow him. In the next room, Ozzie will call Flea. Whip out your sword, because you'll have to fight.

Boss: Flea Plus
This is actually an easy battle, but that's supposed to be. The real fight is still coming up! So just conserve your magic and pound her with physical attacks. You'll defeat it in no time, mainly due to the relatively low amount of HP it has. Flea Plus has 2500 HP. Upon defeating it, you'll be rewarded with 2000 experience points, 20 tech points and 2000G. It has nothing to steal from.

After the battle, Flea will escape. In the next room, you'll find Ozzie again, ready to make your life miserable, though I'd rather replace that word with 'enjoyable'. After having made himself look like a clown, go to the next room. There, he'll call Slash, at which point another battle starts.

Boss: Super Slash
Like Flea's battle, this one is easy. Just swing a handful of physical attacks, and you'll be acquiring your experience points before you even know it. Again, 2500 HP, 2000 experience points, 20 tech points and 2000G. If you lose, I must behave with contempt towards you.

In the next room, you'll find Ozzie, again, and again with a switch. There's a chest in this room, but Ozzie guards it with a blade. If you go under it, your party will remain with 1 HP left, so don't. Instead, just move on, ignoring the chest and Ozzie, and an Imp will come for the rescue. When he's gone, open the chest for a Full Ether, and do not go into the next room yet.

There's a secret passage in this place. Instead of going through the visible passage on the north, search the wall south of it to find a secret area. Inside, you'll find Magus' ultimate equipment: a Gloom Cape, Gloom Helmet and the Doom Sickle. So if you have Magus in your party, be sure to equip him. Also, there's a Magic Tab in the corner to the right.

Now, you can go north to the next room. If you, however, are low in the levels and only came here to collect Magus' equipment, I'd say that you return now and do some other side quests, because there's a hard battle coming up. If you decide to continue, just read on.

The infamous trio:

Before continuing, be sure to check on equipment and have your HP and MP filled. In the next room, you'll find Ozzie, Slash and Flea altogether, who will equip their trademark items to make themselves invincible. According to them. Now, you'll have to fight all three of them.

Boss: Great Ozzie
don't be fooled by the previous fights with them, as they now, due to their unique items, are hard, very hard, but not impossible to beat. The trio features Dual and Triple Techs, of which the Triple Tech really hurts. It's better to take one down as quickly as possible, so the fight becomes much easier. Fortunately, none of the three have special defenses.

In the beginning, Ozzie will sit and do nothing, while Slash just attacks with his sword and uses his own version of Slash (tech). Flea will only attack by throwing fire, and sometimes uses its status affecting magic. After a while, Ozzie decides to join the fight and uses 'Delta Force', the Triple Tech. That is, if you do nothing.

Because if you attack them, they will counterattack. Should you hit Ozzie, prepare for Delta Force. If you hit Slash, you'll have to face a Dual Tech by him and Flea, that looks a lot like Fire Sword, and attacking Flea will result in the Triple Tech 'Bad Impulse. Only Delta Force is something you'll need to watch out for, so don't attack Ozzie yet.

They can't use their Dual and Triple Techs when one of them is down, so just focus on either Slash or Flea. don't use target all techs. After one of them is gone, the other one left over will run away (so Charm quickly if you haven't done that). Soon, Ozzie will be the only one left, just attack since he'll do nothing.

Great Ozzie has 6000 HP, 2500 experience points, 20 tech points and 1000G. Super Slash and Flea Plus have 4000 HP, 2500 experience points and 30 tech points. Slash features 2000G, Flea only 1000G. If you want them, (Twin) Charm the unique items (Ozzie Pants from Ozzie; Slasher 2 from Slash and Flea Vest from Flea).

After the battle, Ozzie manages to escape. Take the Dash Ring and the Sight Cap from the two chests, and follow Ozzie. In the next room, you'll fight a similar battle as in Magus' castle.

Boss: Ozzie
Like in Magus' castle, just attack the switch behind Ozzie. If you attack Ozzie, he'll counterattack with a rather weak target all attack. If you somehow manage to defeat Ozzie, he won't die but he'll just become a non selectable opponent.

Ozzie has 1000 HP, the switch will be switched with any attack. You can Charm Ozzie for yet another Ozzie Pants, but the chance that you'll get it is lower, so have the Charm Top equipped for better results, and/or use Twin Charm.

Looks like Ozzie has learned from the first encounter, and instead of placing the trap under himself, it's now under you. You will, strangely enough, fall into the room where you've fought the trio, so go north to find Ozzie again. Just as another fight begins, a cat will come in and whack the switch to the right just a pathetic little cat can take Ozzie down. The word 'memory' then becomes applicable to him that's the end of this side quest.

Other optional stuff:

As you can see in Medina Square, there is no statue of anyone anymore. First, it was a statue of Magus, and after his defeat it became one of Ozzie, and since the Imps aren't stupid enough to plan to rule the world, there's peace now.

In the Market, talk to the Imp to shop: prices are much lower now. Also, you can sleep in the Inn for 10G. Anyhow. That's all.

Origin of Machines
This quest covers the past of Robo. Therefore, you will be needing Robo in your party. While going through the dome, you'll learn more about the origination of machinery, a bit more about Lavos, you'll acquire Robo's ultimate weapons, and a whole lot of items.

Items: Full Tonic, 50,000G, Full Tonic, Power Tab, Magic Tab, Elixir, Lapis, Full Ether, Hyper Ether, Vigil Hat, Speed Tab, Lapis, Mega Elixir, Magic Tab, 15,000G, Full Ether, Terra Arm, Crisis Arm
Recommended: Level 40

Mysterious Voice:

Geno Dome can be found in the lower right corner of the World Map. Press Select to bring it up. Inside, be sure to have Robo in front of the party, then interact with the computer screen on the left. Some unknown voice will then speak, calling Robo Prometheus. It will then welcome you, close the door behind you and open the door in front. Enter it.

The voice also mentioned a serial number 'R 66Y'. Strange, because when you met Robo for the first time, he introduced himself as R66 Y..

The voice will then test your powers. Now, if you for some strange reason want to return, return now and the door to leave seems to be open again. Otherwise, step on the huge and long conveyor belt to start five consecutive battles, each growing in both number and difficulty (two Debuggests; two Proto 4s; four Debuggests; two Proto 4s and two Debuggests; four Debuggests and two Proto 4s). They're worth 8286 experience points, 144 tech points, 10,200G and a couple of Barriers and Shields: this belt is a nice place to level up.

After the fights, the voice will kind of challenge you to find him or her. In the next area, go to the left, and go up at the first passage. Here, you'll witness a Proto 4 going in some kind of pod, in which it'll electrically charge itself. The Proto 4 will leave, follow it.

The robot will end up going into another pod near the entrance, and by doing that, the door left of it will open. It'll go inside, and again, follow the robot. Inside, you'll immediately fight the Proto 4 unless you've entered the place before the Proto 4 did. When you're finished, open the two chests for a Full Tonic and 50,000G, which is actually pretty much. Now return to where the Proto 4 has charged itself.

Fight the two remaining enemies. Then, the voice will speak again, saying something about humans, who will die out because of Lavos. Open the chest in the upper left corner to get a Full Tonic, then start the computer. It'll give you information about Geno Dome, and that info is reprinted below, along with my notes.

Door: "To open locked doors, simply charge the energy pods beside them. Energize first, in the pod to your left, then enter the pod next to a locked door." Note that when Robo is charged, the energy will wear off after some seconds.

Conveyor Belt: "The belt conveyor to the right can be reversed with a switch above it." Because the energy will wear off sooner or later, you'll need to reverse the belt to win time. If you walk on the belt to the far end of it, you'll notice that there's a secret passage in the back.

Guard Machine: "The robot guarding the figurine will block anyone that tries to pass. But if you place 2 guards in front of each other, they will short circuit. Return the broken guard to the room upstairs."

Doll: "You must obtain the 2 figurines on this floor to fight the Mother Brain. Do not leave with them." I'll just call them 'Poyozo Dolls' again, for the sake of simplicity, and because it sounds mighty. No I'm not obsessed with Poyozo Dolls, I in fact detest them stupid toys, but I somehow like the name.

Find the Figurines:

The first goal is to get the two Poyozo Dolls. You can get them in any order, but I assume you get the one guarded by the robot first. Go to the lower right area and fight the two Debuggests. Then, go up. Here's the previously mentioned Guard Machine. It will block the way to the Poyozo Doll wherever you walk, so don't waste your time trying to pass it. Instead, let's find another guard to let them short circuit.

Go all the way to the right. There's a Debuggest here (if you fight it, you'll fight three of them). In the lower right corner, there's a sparkling dot. If you use it (the 'Dust Chute'), you'll return to the beginning of the dome and you'll have to start all over again.

If you want to level up quickly, use this opportunity to go back and fight the many enemies on the conveyor belt again. This is one of, if not the best place to level up quickly, but once you defeat the final boss in this area, you can't come back.

Anyway, go into the room nearest to where the Debuggest is (or was), and use the lift. When you come out, you can see a Save Point; don't forget to use it. Instead of going down (which we'll do later), go through the steel door. In the lower right corner is a Power Tab, take it. Just go up, and the voice will talk again; it seems that the voice holds a grudge against humans.

Fight the two Proto 4s and the two Laser Guards. Then, enter the door, use the lift, and go out. There's a hidden passage in the wall to the left, go through it. While going through it, be sure to grab the very well hidden Magic Tab. There's a hidden passage in the hidden passage.
Here's how to get it: from the entrance to the right, press and hold up and left. When you hit the wall, release left, then release up. The Magic Tab is to the left of you.

Once you have it, move on and hit the switch to reverse the conveyor belt. Return to the door and go down. Fight the two Laser Guards. If you didn't know about the hidden passage a Proto 4 will show it for you and join the battle. Flip the other switch to remove the laser beam. Go all the way to the left and hit another switch to release the safety lock on the pod.

On your way back to the energizing pod, enter the steel door to find two chests and three Proto 4s inside. The chests contain an Elixir and a Lapis; nearing the lower chest will start a fight. Now, return to the pod. The hard part is that you will now have to go from the pod to the other pod as fast as possible. So when you witness the first beams of electricity around Robo, quickly RUN like Ozzie (i.e. faster than you can) to the other side of the area and quickly get into the pod. There is enough time to do this.

Inside the small room is the guard you were looking for, as well as two chests containing a Full Ether and a Hyper Ether. Touch the guard for it to follow you everywhere you go. Now slowly walk back to the guard you want to get rid of. Since the doll tends to get stuck a LOT, patience. When you're at the Guard Machine, bump into it a couple of times till it's stuck. Then, you can freely take the Vigil Hat from the chest, as well as the first Poyozo Doll.

Now, for the second doll, which is easier to get: go to the upper left area and head north from there. Fight the four Laser Guards and go to the area in the back. There are three panels here: switch the first and the last one so that only the middle one is green. This will open the pod next to the door to the doll.

Now return to the energizing pod. Charge Robo, and go to the other pod. Place Robo in it and claim the Poyozo Doll inside the room. If you wait a couple of seconds, a Speed Tab will appear on the green platform. Take it.

Artopos and the Mother Brain:
Use the lift near the Dust Chute. Be sure to use the Save Point, and go down and fight the two Laser Guards. Open the chest in the lower right corner for a Lapis. Then, go to the left. A robot, which Robo recognizes to be Atropos, will then appear. Like the voice you've been hearing before, this one also has a grudge against humans. When it starts to get messy, Robo wants to fight her alone.

Boss: Pink Bonk
Although you're on your own, this battle isn't something to worry about. Atropos' attacks include, well, Robo's attacks. However, Atropos' versions of them are weak. It's just a matter of trading hits showing the pink bonk of metal who's the boss and healing when your HP gets low. Atropos explodes once she's defeated this is an 'attack' but won't do much damage.

In this order, she'll use Rocket Punch (weak), Cure Beam (restores 300 HP), Laser Spin (weak), Atropos Tackle (halves your HP), Cure Beam, Uzzi Punch (medium), and after that, she decides to use Area Bomb repeatedly. After doing that six times she dies. Strange. Atropos XR has 6000 HP. No rewards.

After the battle, Atropos' memory seems to be restored a bit and she isn't that bad after all. However, she was damaged too badly to be restored again, so I guess this is the last you'll see of her. Just before she disappears, though, she'll give Robo her ribbon, which gets plugged into him. This will up Robo's speed by 3 and his magic defense by 10, permanently. North of you is an entrance blocked by a laser. To whack the switch, let Robo face the switch and dash into it. Inside, you can snag a Mega Elixir and a Magic Tab.

Continue to the rest of the dome. Go down the first ladder you see, follow the path and open the chest on the left for 15,000G. Then, go through the door to discover something horrifying: a machine is reducing the human population here. don't worry kids, it's just a video game.but unfortunately, this can't be stopped right now: you'll have to destroy the main computer first. Go through the door in the lower right corner, open the chest to get a Full Ether, and return.

On the bridge again, fight six Laser Guards, move, fight six Laser Guards, move. Press A in front of each of the pedestals in the back to station those cute dolls on them; this opens the large gate. (You may want to return and save now.) Onwards, you'll find the Mother Brain, the one who made both Robo and Atropos. She will offer Robo to join her again, but Robo orders her to shut her trap.

Boss: Mother Brain
The Mother Brain is your target here. Behind her are three Displays, who will heal her frequently for about 1000 hit points. So, you'll have to get rid of those Displays first if you want to inflict damage.

The trick here is NOT to delete all of the Displays; if you do so, Mother Brain will increase her attack and defense power every round. Not only that, she'll start using a target all explosion quite frequently. Get rid of TWO Displays first, then unleash with strong Dual or Triple Techs (be sure not to use target all spells) and not forgetting to cure when HP get low. Be sure to use a Heal when you get inflicted by Chaos.

Or do it the easy way: cast Boogie (Dual Tech, Robo and Ayla) to inflict Stop on all Displays. The head won't get healed and will not increase attack and defense. And now that you have Ayla in your party, why don't you use Charm a couple of times.

Another strategy, which is faster but only recommended for those high in the levels, is to use the most powerful techs (*Luminaire, *Flare, etc.) repeatedly. If you're successful, the Mother Brain will go down in few rounds. If you're not successful, you should go for the first strategies.

The Mother Brain has 5000 HP, the Displays have 1 HP each. For defeating the Mother Brain, you'll receive 3000 experience points, 40 tech points and 3000G. You can Charm a Blue Mail off the head, and three Elixirs off the Displays.

After defeating the Mother Brain, Robo will get the Terra Arm and the Crisis Arm, his ultimate weapons. All systems in the dome are shut down, so you can't enter it anymore for this play through. That's all.

The Sun Stone
You'll walk around most of the time, with only one boss battle to worry about. Be sure to have fire protective armor equipped, such as the Ruby Armor you get at Ioka Village, Red mail, and the like.

Remember the woman in Algetty? She said that a Moon Stone placed in a sunlit spot for a long time, becomes a Sun Stone. The kingdom of Zeal had such a stone before the Mammon Machine, it was the source of the kingdom's power.

Items: Moon Stone, Power Tab, Jerky, Sun Stone, Wonder Shot, Sun Shades
Recommended: Level 40

The Moon Stone:

To find the Sun Palace, just fly to Porre in 600 A.D. or 1000 A.D., then switch to 2300 A.D. to find the Sun Palace. Be sure to save, then go in. There's a shining dot at the far side of the area, and nearing it will start a battle with the Son of Sun. And its babies.

Boss: Son of Sun
Wear fire protective armor. There are six targets: the core in the middle, and the five flames surrounding it. One of the flames is real, the others are fake. don't attack the Son of Sun because that will only result in a Flare counterattack.

The key to winning this battle is to find out which flame is real and attack that one. If you attack a fake flame, you'll face a 'Flame Counterattack'. If you hit the right flame, you'll damage the core. However, the core will frequently use 'Roulette Shuffle' that forces you into finding the real flame again. Then repeat. Oh, and only use physical attacks, preferably not techs. If you have Magus, you can use Black Hole to get rid of two flames, so there are only three left.

The Son of Sun follows a pattern. It starts the battle by using Roulette Shuffle. After that, it'll use Flare, and then a laser attack, and repeat. If you have equipped all of your party members with Fire absorbing armor (two Red Mails, of which one can be stolen from Rust Tyrano, and one Red Vest is okay), then you're invincible. Just use a weak target all attack to see which flame doesn't counterattack.

The Son of Sun core has 2100 HP, the flames surrounding him have 30,000 HP. You'll acquire 3800 experience points, 40 tech points and 2000G when victorious. You can Charm a Black Mail from the core, but prepare for a Flare counterattack. You can Charm an Elixir from each flame, but don't bother doing that as it's hard to keep track of which flame you've already stolen from.

After you defeat him, he'll open up a path. Follow him, and acquire the Sun Stone. It seems that there's no energy in it left and the party will decide to recharge it. Of course, that will take some time, so head for the prehistoric era.

Fly to the isolated island northwest of the World Map and land the Epoch there. Go inside, and go north to find the sun's favorite spot, where the sun shines 24 hours a day. Place the Moon Stone in it, and return to the same place in 2300 A.D.

The Lost Stone:

It's not here. According to the lead character in the party, it seems that the stone's gone for quite a while now. Head in the year 1000 A.D. to the exact same place. It isn't here either, but this might be the era where it's been taken away. To be sure, let's check if the stone is still there in the Middle Ages (600 A.D.). Fortunately, the stone is still there. To the left of you is also a Power Tab, be sure to grab it. Anyway, go back to 1000 A.D., since the stone was taken there.

Fly to Porre. You'll notice that the Mayor's Manor is shining, so that must be the place where the stone is located. (Note: if the mayor isn't shining at all, you haven't discovered the theft of the stone yet.) Inside, though, nobody seems to have heard of a Moon Stone. Obviously, the mayor is lying, so we'll have to find a (not violently) way to let him give us the stone.

Go to the Snail Stop, east of the Mayor's Manor. Talk to the clerk and buy the Jerky for 9900G. Although that may be a high price for a Jerky, it's the best Jerky in town. You will be rewarded, so just buy it. Hey what the heck is 9900G anyway?

In the Elder's House at Porre, 600 A.D., talk to the woman standing by the kitchen. She'll notice you having some Jerky you have the choice to sell it for 10,000 squid, but what you should do here is to give it away for free. DO NOT sell it, but be nice and give it for free. She'll say that she's going to teach her kids the value of sharing. Maybe this will affect the future mayors? Let us find out.

Yes, it seems that everything has changed now. Who would've thought that would've been possible? Not me. Talk to the mayor and he'll be nice to give you the Moon Stone for free. Erm, that woman before obviously didn't teach her children not to trust weird strangers, talking frogs, etc. Anyway, it's time to return the stone to the Sun Keep. Place it on the sunlit spot, and travel to the future.

The Sun Stone:

The Moon Stone has turned into a Sun Stone now, with an incredible amount of energy. Have the BRAiNZ™ in your party and let her witness it. Lucca thinks she can make some good stuff with this, and the game will automatically switch over to Lucca's house. There, Lucca will make the most powerful gun she can wield the Wonder Shot. And also, Taban comes in and gives you the Sun Shades, which he had also made using the stone.

Now for those that are baffled by this Wonder Shot weapon, here's how it works: you'll randomly do one tenth of the expected damage, half, normal damage, or twice or thrice as much. And for those that have no idea what 'Ups attack power' means, with the Sun Shades, you'll do 125% damage. Neat. Now go outside and kick some butt with these babies.

If you've finished the Rainbow Shell quest too, you can also make other neat equipment here with the power of the Sun Stone and the Rainbow Shell combined. Check out the end of the "Rainbow Shell" side quest for more info.

Cyrus' Ghost
Cyrus was the good old friend of Glenn. However, when fighting Magus somewhere, Cyrus got killed and Glenn was turned into what Frog now is. In this quest, you'll 'acquire' Frog's ultimate weapon, as well as the ultimate weapon of Marle and some other stuff.

Items: Tools, Masamune, Power Tab, Hyper Ether, Magic Tab, Elixir, Moon Armor, Shiva Edge, Valkerye, Hyper Ether, Elixir, Nova Armor, Kali Blade, Siren, Gold Rock
Recommended: Level 40

The Lost Tools:

If you want to sleep, you can do that in Choras Inn (600 A.D.) for 10G. If you are looking for items, check out the Market, but you won't find any weapon or armor there. Please consult another source for a listing. All in all, I'd say Choras is a boring place.but what's that building north of it? You'll find out, but that's later.

Go to the Café. There, talk to the soda guzzling man, he'll tell you that his tools were stolen so he can't continue with work. You can also talk to Toma at the bar, but since that belongs to another side quest, we'll do that later. Go to Choras Inn in 1000 A.D. (it seems that the café and the Inn have merged since 600 A.D.). Here, talk to the descendant of the soda guzzler. He'll tell you that he has the tools you're looking for, but since he's busy, you'll have to get them from his wife.

So go to his Residence. There, talk to the woman and she'll give you the Tools you need. Now that you have them, return to Choras in 600 A.D. to the Café. Or if you need items first, go to the Market. In the Café, talk to the soda guzzler and give him the Tools. He'll get back to work. Follow him to his Residence. There, talk to him and he'll say that he's going to start repairing the Northern Ruins.

The Northern Ruins:
Inside, the man and his workers will tell you that they cannot work further because of the monsters. Translation: you'll have to reduce the monster population in the ruins first, then give a shout again. From inside the building, you can either go left and right, we'll go left first.

Defeat the two Sentries here, then continue. Here is another two of them. don't get the Hyper Ether from the chest, we'll get it later. And since the path here is blocked, return. You will have to fight four Sentries on the way back (prepare for MP Busters). In the right wing, defeat all three Defuncts, and a number of Reapers that join them. Now, return to the carpenter's house and talk to the man. He'll ask you if you want the Northern Ruins repaired, but it will cost you 2000G. Pay the money, then head back to the ruins.

Of course, they're already finished, but there are still spots where they can't repair because of the enemies. Now, follow the left wing and you'll end up at Cyrus' grave. Be sure to have Frog in your party, and examine the grave. Cyrus' ghost will appear, and you'll have to witness a short scene between the two. After they're done, Frog's spirit will be revealed after which the Masamune will upgrade to a more powerful Masamune.

The Hero's Grave:

Actually, we're done with this side quest. However, there are still some more things you can get. First, return to the carpenter's home. Actually, you could just return to him, while not having visited Cyrus' ghost. He now wants to have another 2000G to repair. Heck, just pay the money, you will be rewarded anyway.

Go to the Northern Ruins. Explore all the rooms in the back. If you find a regular chest, don't open it yet. If it's a sealed chest, then let your very cool pendant interact with it but don't get the item inside. Then, go through the door in the middle path. On your way, you'll meet Reapers, Defuncts and Bases. Note that if a battle with a Defunct and a Base takes a while, they'll merge to form a more powerful Departed, so watch out. After wiping the last monsters in this place, go to the far side in the hall to find another two sealed chests. Impress them with your pendant, but don't accept the items they offer.

Head for the Northern Ruins in 1000 A.D., which is now called the Hero's Grave. Instead of going to the left, go to the right. Go up the stairs, then search the lower left corner for a Power Tab. Now head back, and go to Cyrus' grave. Is the entrance blocked by some huge ghost?

If you haven't met Cyrus in 600 A.D., then he cannot rest in peace, which means that he now haunts the present, and you haven't finished the side quest yet. If that's the case, he'll be here blocking the way to his grave, and he's almost undefeatable. If you're wondering how to kill him, you can't: he's already dead. You can inflict damage using Tail Spin or Poyozo Dance (or Grand Dream), but winning won't make a difference.

Probably not, so move on. On your way, kick open the chest, take the Hyper Ether out of it, and proudly hold it above your head. That is, unless you've already taken that 400 years ago but I think I told you not to do so. At the place where the grave is, is now a Magic Tab, which never hurts.

In the right wing of the ruins, explore the rooms once more to get an Elixir from the regular chest (unless it's gone), and the Moon Armor (if upgraded from the Nova Armor) from the sealed chest. In the hall, open the other two sealed chests to receive a Shiva Edge (if upgraded from Kali Blade) for Crono, and Marle's ultimate bow, the Valkerye (if upgraded from Siren). You can now return and loot the 'old' items, too. In the left wing, there's still a Hyper Ether. In the right wing, an Elixir, Nova Armor, Kali Blade and Siren are awaiting to be picked.

Other optional stuff:

Wait, we're not done. Have Frog in the lead, then go to the Denadoro Mountains. Go through the place until you find a Free Lancer having the time of his life by throwing rocks at you. Frog will then catch one of those and it'll become the Gold Rock, which enables Marle, Robo and Frog to do the Triple Tech Grand Dream.

Having problems? Doesn't Frog catch a rock? Reason: you more than likely haven't gotten the upgraded Masamune yet, do that first. don't e mail me about this, or I will throw a rock myself right in yo face. Other problems: the Triple Tech itself doesn't work. I suspect the problem is that Frog isn't wearing the upgraded Masamune it is required for the tech to work, so equip it.

That's all.

The Rainbow Shell
We're going to search for the Rainbow Shell. It's a long quest, but rewarding. This quest is also loosely connected with the quest for the Sun Stone, as that stone can be used in combination with the Rainbow Shell to forge some incredible stuff. You can also get the Red Mail and White Mail here, but those are not as important.

Items: Toma's Pop, Sight Cap, Power Tab, Power Tab, Full Ether, Blue Rock, Zodiac Cape, Lapis, Frenzy Band, Power Tab, Hyper Ether, Lapis, Elixir, Hyper Ether, Elixir, Hyper Ether, Lapis, Prism Shard, Yakra Key, Prism Dress x3, Prism Helmets, Prism Specs, Rainbow, Elixir, Full Ether, Hyper Ether, Mega Elixir, whee, that IS a lot
Recommended: Level 40

Toma Levine:

First things first speak to Toma in the Choras Café, he's the one drinking at the bar. He'll tell you that he's found out more about the Rainbow Shell, and then gives you Toma's Pop, something he wants you to pour on his grave after his death. If he doesn't appear here at all, then you must go to Dorino and Porre and talk to him there, I think he'll then appear here. Or, you've already spoken to him earlier, likely in the previous side quest.

Travel to 1000 A.D. and you'll notice the West Cape, northeast of Choras village that's Toma's grave. Inspect the gravestone, and the one in lead will pour Toma's Pop on it. Soon after that, Toma's ghost will appear, telling you that he has found the Rainbow Shell. Northwest of this cape is an island called the Giant's Claw, so that would be our next goal.

Before going, though, first examine the back of the gravestone. You can find a Speed Tab there.. Now, off to the Giant's Claw (which is in 600 A.D.).

The Tyrano Lair:

Go to the isolated island northwest of where Toma's grave is going to be. There, enter the mountain via the opening. If you haven't poured the pop over the grave, Toma never told you about this place, and there is neither opening nor the name 'Giant's Claw'. However, you can still enter. That's why the previous part was 'optional'.

Inside, read Toma's crumpled note for a hint. Then, go south into the entrance. You'll be experiencing déjà vu here: this place is actually the Tyrano Lair, but then buried beneath the land. You can sit on the empty chair whee fun. Oh, and if you haven't opened the chests a good while ago, then open them now for a Cera Topper and Mid Ether. More than likely, they're opened already, though.

Work your way through the hall. To the left is a chest with a Sight Cap, but nearing it will invite a Gigasaur and two Leapers. Like in the prehistoric ages, use Lightning for best results, but watch out for a one time counterattack from the Gigasaur. Also, you can Charm a Ruby Armor from the Gigasaur if you need it. After defeating the monsters and getting the item, go to the right.

You'll have to fight three Lizardactyls. This time, don't use any Lightning spell unless you want to heal them. After defeating them, head into the entrance. Here's another familiar room, first step on the upper switch, then save, then step on the lower left one and laugh at a cat that falls into the hole. The last switch invites two Fossil Apes, if you don't want to fight them then leave that switch untouched. If you haven't taken it way back before, find a Full Ether in the room behind the skull.

Now, just like you could've read in Toma's note, jump into one of the holes on purpose. Step on the left switch to open the giant skull's mouth, leading to a Power Tab, step on the right one to invite three Leapers.

In the next area, climb down the first ladder you see. Go to the far right to find another Power Tab, then to the far left to find a chest with a Full Ether. Return and continue. Beware: if you stay close to the large hole at the corner, you're going to fight two Fossil Apes. And when nearing the exit, if you stay in the middle of the road, you're going to fight a Fossil Ape and two Leapers. Before leaving, take note of a chest with a Blue Rock hidden in the upper right corner.

Ignore the ladder that leads off the screen, since it only takes you to a broken ladder that brings you back to the beginning. Instead, climb the ladder south. From there, immediately go to the left and open the well hidden chest, containing a Zodiac Cape. Equip it if you need to, and go southeast to find a chest with a Lapis. Search for the passage to the left and enter the next area.

There, the first things you'll notice are the two Leapers guarding the path. You can fight them, and here's how to avoid them: walk left of the left fire pillar so they won't notice you, then touch them in the back and they'll have a terrifying panic reaction, HA. Enter the left skull to proceed, as the right one is closed. Another familiar place. It's the intersection with those buttons that drop the nearby monster to the prison below. First, go left, nab the Frenzy Band, with 80% counterattack rate, and go back to take the right path.

Here are two Rubbles. Defeat them to acquire lots of tech points, and go into the next room. If you haven't opened the left chest when this was still an operational Tyrano Lair, do that now for a Full Tonic. Then, open the right one to fall into a trap. Yes, you will have to do that to continue.

You'll fall in the prison. If you've sent the Fossil Apes down here before, then you fortunately won't have to fight them now. When you leave the prison, first go to the left. Go up the stairs and take the Power Tab, then return. Go down the other path, going back to the cell where Kino was imprisoned once ago.

The Rainbow Shell:

There's a Save Point, use it. Then, head into the new path from inside Kino's cell. Also get the Mid Ether if you didn't take that before. You'll find Tyrano here, this time it's the Rust Tyrano. Walk right of it to start a fight.

Boss: Rust Tyrano
This is actually a very easy battle, the only bad thing is the Rust Tyrano's high amount of HP. Like the Black Tyrano did, this one will count down from five to zero, meanwhile doing no attacks (except for a roar, your characters will gradually lose HP, which is negligible). When it hits zero, the Tyrano will do a powerful Fire attack, as well as two eat and spit out attacks that also heal him.

After every round, Tyrano decides to up his Fire power, so watch out for his next Fire attack. Also, the next countdowns are much faster than before: the second countdown goes faster, the third count starts at three, the fourth and fifth count start at one (although he won't use eat and spit out attacks), and from six on, the countdown starts at five again. However, since he ups his Fire every round, he would probably have knocked you out by then.

If you don't do stupid things (such as using very weak attacks or waiting too long), don't fear him. If you were smart, you have some Fire absorbing or blocking armor. If you have those, be sure to have them equipped. Also, when attacking the Tyrano, be sure to only use your most powerful attacks (*Luminaire, *Flare, etc.), because you'll want to defeat Sir Oxidized as fast as possible.

The Rust Tyrano can sustain a lot of damage with his 25,000 HP. For letting him rust in pieces, you'll obtain 3800 experience points, 40 tech points and 2000G. You can also Charm him for a Red Mail, which could have been useful if you had it before .

Once he's finished, you can finally head north and witness the beauty of the Rainbow Shell. However, it does seem to be a very huge thing, so you three weaklings cannot bring it with you. Someone in your party then suggests to get help from the Knights of Guardia, who are our next stop. When leaving, the screen fades and you will automatically be taken to Guardia Castle. Nice.

The King agrees to help you and asks the Knight Captain to find the Rainbow Shell. He'll keep it in his castle as a family heirloom, until the next era. Now, having in your mind that the shell is in good hands, leave and use the Epoch to go to the same place in the present.

Yes, you can return to the Giant's Claw. However, the only thing that you'll see is the Knight Captain along with a couple of Knights trying to lift the Rainbow Shell. If you wait for 30 minutes, their process (rounded UP). Rumors are that if you wait 400 years, they'll have finally succeeded in bringing it to Guardia Castle. I've tested it, and the rumor is true.

The Trial, Part two:

Before entering the castle, be sure to have Marle in your party. Otherwise, you can't enter. Inside, the Chancellor will inform Marle about what's happened when Marle was still young. He'll inform that Marle's mother, Aliza, didn't have too much time left before passing away. She wanted to see the King one last time, but he couldn't find the time to visit her, which means that the King indirectly killed her. Oh, my.

After that, you'll regain control over your party. Talk to the soldiers to become aware that the King is on trial for selling the Rainbow Shell. So, it seems he's actually a dirty criminal.. But of course, we don't believe it, and we're going to find out what's really going on here. All paths are blocked by soldiers, except for the hall. Follow the left entrance, going up.

On your way upstairs, you can find a chest with a Hyper Ether and a locked chest. In the end, you'll see two soldiers guarding the door to the trial. Find them, Marle will then 'talk' her way in. Inside, the King seems to know about nothing: he claims that the Chancellor is framing him. Then, you come in. However, there's nothing you can do, as you'll need proof first. Also, you can't leave the castle at this point.

To proof the King's innocence, you'll need to show the jury that the Rainbow Shell is still in the castle. Marle suggests it's in the basement, so let's find it. Upon entering, you'll find a guard which seems to be knocked out by.uh, a rat. Regardless, you can enter, and you'll notice two Gnashers. While eavesdropping, you'll find out that this is all set up, and a fight with the snakes starts. Of course, the enemies are way too easy, so you shouldn't have trouble with them. If you manage to score a game over now, you frighten me.go away. I am afraid that this ailment you're suffering might be contagious.

Meanwhile, the hearing is still in process, so hurry. Crush the puny Naga ettes and Gnashers, then take the Lapis, Elixir and Hyper Ether from the three chests. The other two are blocked, so you can't get them. Onwards, you'll find various enemies trying to block the hall, ripe to be squashed. In the end, take another Elixir, Hyper Ether and Lapis from three chests.

Then, witness yet again the beauty from the Rainbow Shell (you have to have Marle in your party). There's a letter on the shell. After reading it, Marle will pin a Prism Shard off the shell to use it as proof. Now, return to the prosecution room. The guards will not let you enter now, but Marle knows of an alternate method to enter.?

Meanwhile, the judge will find the King guilty, and they're about to take him away. However, Marle will then jump through the glass wall in the back (check out that Chancellor's mouth again.), showing the piece of the Rainbow Shell. Then, he'll reveal what's going on: he's a descendant of Yakra. The correct word is 'revenge'.

Boss: Yakra XIII

The big blob is back, in a brand new color, still ugly, and beefed up. This is just a powered up version of the Yakra you've fought some time earlier, he's been upgrading his Needle Spin for the last 400 years. It's just a fire off some powerful techs and heal, with a few things you should take note of.

This fight is divided in two parts. In the first part, he'll only use 'Drrrrrooooo', which is so weak you can laugh at it. He also uses 'Blizzard', which inflicts Chaos. That's about it.

Once you lower his HP down to 9000 or less, he'll start using more powerful attacks: mostly 'Needle Spin: Version 13.' and sometimes Blizzard or his Drrrrrooooo attack (which this time is a Needle Spin attack that hits all of you). These stand equal to pain if you're not careful. don't use Lightning or you will regret it (he has the White Mail equipped, I guess.).

Yakra XIII has 18,000 HP. You'll receive 3500 experience points, 40 tech points, 2000G, and a Mega Elixir for defeating him. If you happen to have Ayla with you, you can Charm him for a White Mail, Charm again for another Mega Elixir, yet another one for your collection.

After the battle, Yakra will drop something, but you aren't able to get it now. Instead, the King will come in. After the sappy scene in which Marle and her father make up, you'll find yourself in the throne room. There, Melchior will come in, saying he's going to make some weapons for you. Before we visit him, though, we're first going to get that thing Yakra dropped in the prosecution room.

Some more stuff:

Wait, we're not done. Remember the chest that was locked earlier on? Well, that shining thing Yakra dropped is the Yakra Key. Use it to open the chest, upon which you'll free the Chancellor (which is either good or bad.). Then, he'll leave, going to prepare for the Moonlight Parade. This will slightly change an ending.

Wait, we're not done. Go to Melchior, he's in the Rainbow Shell's room. Talk to him and he'll offer to make some equipment for you. You can choose between a Prism Dress and three Prism Helmets, I'd go with the dress, as it's far more useful. Note that you can get both of the items by Charming a boss, so this doesn't really matter now.

Wait, we're not done. If you happen to have done the quest for the Sun Stone, talk to him again and he'll open his bag of tricks for you. He'll make you the Prism Specs, which is a whoop ass accessory indeed, and the Rainbow, Crono's ultimate weapon. The Prism Specs will make you do 150% damage, be it physical or magical. Oh, oh.

Wait, we're not done. There are still some more items in the castle, so let's get 'em. It doesn't matter whether or not you've stolen the stuff 400 years ago, they're here no matter what.

· Elixir (on your way to the King's room).
· Full Ether (in the King's room).
· Hyper Ether (on your way to the Queen's room).
· Mega Elixir (in the Queen's room).

Wait, we're not done. You can also go to the kitchen to order some food, just like in 600 A.D.. Here's what they have:

· Refresh bread (recovers MP).
· Power roast (recovers HP).
· Crono special (recovers HP and MP).

That's all.