Spekkio is the guy at the End of Time who taught you to use magic.
His forms change as you level up. Only the level of the party member
in the lead matters. You can talk to him to fight. You don't gain experience points
but you do gain really good rewards. You only gain rewards once per Spekkio's form.
You get an HP/MP restore after you win the battle.
  - His forms and strategies for them are below:

Frog (Level 1-9):
  - Avoid having Robo and unleash a couple of elemental attacks. He has 350 HP and drops a Magic Tab.

Kilwala (Level 10-19):
Avoid having Robo and unleash a couple of elemental attacks. He has 800 HP, and you gain a Magic Tab and five Ethers.

Goblin (Level 20-29):
If you can't beat him, you might as well level up until your magic does 220+ damage. The Goblin has 2200 HP, and you gain a Magic Tab and five Mid Ethers.

Omnicrone (Level 30-39):
This battle will be a bit tough. Spekkio's attacks inflict quite some damage, so cast Lucca's *Protect spell, use a Barrier. Also, if you have Marle, cast *Haste. While attacking and healing intelligently, Spekkio should go down with a little effort. He has 4800 HP. For winning, you gain a Magic Tab and five Full Ethers.

Masa Mune (Level 40-98):
This shouldn't be a problem. It's highly recommended to have the ultimate Single Techs (from *Luminaire to *Dark Matter) ready, and use them! Spekkio has an instant death attack, so watch out for that. Just unleash those strong techs while healing when needed, and you're done before you know it... If you can't defeat him now, worry not! At level 98 he'll still be in the Masa Mune-form, and then he shall be a piece of cake.

Your magic attacks will do less damage now, but the drawback is that Spekkio receives full damage from physical attacks. He still has an evade rate of 100 percent, so if you use an attack that is only physical, it'll miss. Spekkio has 10,000 HP, and if you win you will gain one of each tab and ten Elixirs.

Nu (Level **):
On level **, you should have maxed out most of your stats as long as magic and speed are **, you're okay. You should also have lots of good equipment. I suggest to equip everyone with Haste Helmets and Prism Specs. And if you want, equip everyone with the same type of element-absorbing armor and doesn't matter which. Lucca and Frog are used in this strategy.

Well, Spekkio has abnormal magical defense, evades all physical attacks, but fortunately, normal defense against physical attacks. That means that if you use a physical attack, it will miss. But, magical attacks will always hit. So if you use a Dual Tech that is comprised of a magical a physical attack, it'll hit Spekkio and he'll take full damage from the physical attack. That's the key to winning this battle.

He uses Salt, which heals one party member, the 'ultimate' techs, of which *Luminaire really hurts, and Hallation. Hallation! If you use Frog Flares after the Hallations, then you're done in three or four rounds! Spekkio has 20,000 HP. For winning, you gain ten of each tab, as well as ten Mega Elixirs!