Below are the locations and time periods that you can find specific tabs. The order of the list is chronologically listed based off of the first chance you have to obtain them.

1000 AD
    Southeast of Guardia Forest - 1 Power Tab

600 AD
    Southeast of Guardia Forest - 1 Power Tab
    Northwest room of Guardia’s Cathedral - 1 Power Tab

2300 AD
    Bike Race, making more than 1500 points (needs the Race Log ) - 1 Power Tab

End of Time
    Winnning the fight against Spekkio:
     - Amphibite: between the levels 1 and 19 - Magic Tab
     - Kilwala: between the levels 20 and 29 - Magic Tab
     - Goblin: between the levels 30 and 39 - Magic Tab
     - Omnicrone: between the levels 40 and 49 - Magic Tab
     - Masa&Mune: between the levels 50 and 98 - 1 Magic Tab, 1 Power Tab and 1 SpeedTab
     - Red Nu: level ** = 10 Magic Tabs, 10 PowerTabs and 10 SpeedTabs

1000 AD
    Medina, Elder’s House - 1 Speed Tab and 1 Magic Tab

600 AD
    The cook of Guardia Castle gives you 1 Power Tab
    The Cathedral’s Secret Naga-ette Bromide:an Old Man of Dorino gives you 1 Magic Tab in exchange for the Naga-ette Bromide
    Porre’s Market, Behind the girl - 1 Power Tab
    Denadoro Mts., talk to the Kilwala 4 times-1 Magic Tab
    Denadoro Mts., below the Save Point, after the ladder - 1 Speed Tab
    Magus’Castle, to beat Flea - 1 Magic Tab
    Magus’Castle, Southeast of the hole that Ozzie makes - 1 Magic Tab

65,000,000 BC
    Tyrano Lair, charm Azala - 1 Magic Tab
    Tyrano Lair, charm BlackTyrano - 1 Power Tab

12000 BC
    Enhasa’s Water,Wind,Fire: beat the 6 Nus - 1 Speed Tab and 1 Magic Tab
    Kajar, northeast room - 1 Speed Tab
    Scratch the Nu at Zeal Castle, after scratch the nu at Kajar - 1 Magic Tab
    Zeal Castle, charm Golem - 1 Magic Tab

2300 AD
    Trann Dome, locked door - 1 Magic Tab
    Arris Dome, basement of the locked door - 1 Power Tab
    Keeper’s Dome locked door - 1 Magic Tab

12000 BC
    south of the beast's nest - 1 Power Tab
    beast's nest, charm Mud Imp - 1 Speed Tab
    Mount of Woe, before the Giga Gaia - 1 Magic Tab
    Mount of Woe, charm Giga Gaia - 1 Speed Tab
    Ocean Palace, in the elevator, go down then up - 1 Magic Tab
    Ocean Palace, charm GolemTwins - 2 Magic Tabs
    Behind the Nu of Last Village (wait him come out) - 1 Magic Tab
    Northeast of Blackbird - 1 Magic Tab

2300 AD
    Death Peak, right of the first tree - 1 Power Tab
    Geno Dome, behind the red laser - 1 Magic Tab
    Geno Dome, southeast of the long passage - 1 Power Tab
    Geno Dome, in the "switch" of the secret passage - 1 Magic Tab
    Geno Dome, near the last Poyozo Doll - 1 Speed Tab

600 AD
    Left of the Sun Keep - 1 Power Tab
    Sunken Desert, charm the Retinite’s core - 1 Speed Tab
    Beat Retinite, then come back to the first room - 1 Power Tab
    Ozzie’s Fort, in the secret passage (where you get magus' equipment) - 1 Magic Tab

1000 AD
    West Cape, behind toma's grave - 1 Speed Tab
    Hero’s grave,left of Cyrus grave - 1 Magic Tab
    Hero’s grave, southeast (right steps) - 1 Power Tab

600 AD
    Giant’s Claw, behind the second jaw - 1 Power Tab
    Giant’s Claw, southeast room at the second jaw - 1 Power Tab
    Giant’s Claw,fourth jaw - 1 Power Tab

Black Omen
    Charm the Panel (13 times) - 13 Speed Tabs
    Charm the Tubster (infinite times) - Infinite Power Tabs
    Charm the Alien (4 times) - 4 Magic Tabs
    Room with Flyclops, Tubster, Martello, Cybot, in a chest - 1 Speed Tab
    Room after the 49th tab - 1 Speed Tab
    Room with Aliens and Blobs - 1 Speed Tab
    Room with Panels and the TerraMutant - 1 Speed Tab

Once you get Ayla, try doing Charm on all the enemies. There are a number that have
magic, speed, or power tabs. Many of these will reappear if you leave and come back.
It is an easy way to increase your stats.

Power Tabs:

You can Charm a Power Tab from the Black Tyrano, and you can
do that infinitely with the Tubsters in the Black Omen. Also, 11
can be received from Spekkio by defeating him.

· Guardia Forest (1000 A.D.): At the far right end.
· Guardia Forest (600 A.D.): At the far right end, lower dot.
· Cathedral: In a room with soldiers, in a bucket.
· Death Peak: Dash to the upper-right corner - right of the first tree.
· Lab 32: Race Johnny and get 1500+ points (only once).
· Proto Dome: Under the Gate, after visiting the End of Time.
· Guardia Castle: Given to you by the chef, along with a Jerky.
· Porre (1000 A.D.): In the Market, with a kid and a soldier.
· Arris Dome: Behind the sealed door, requires powered-up pendant.
· Terra Cave: It's in the Beast's nest - the lower-right corner.
· Sunken Desert: In the desert, after defeating Retinite.
· Geno Dome: In a hall.
· Sun Keep (600 A.D.): It's right there.
· Hero's Grave: Right, up the stairs, lower-left corner.
· Giant's Claw: Behind a skull's mouth.
· Giant's Claw: The far right of a certain area.
· Giant's Claw: Take the path left of the prison.

Magic Tabs:

You can Charm Magic Tabs from Azala, and from each of the three Golem
monsters. You can get 15 from Spekkio. You can Charm four from the Aliens
in the Black Omen. That would make the total exactly 40 that you can receive
through one round of playing through the game.

· Medina: In the Elder's House.
· Dorino: Trade it for the Naga-ette Bromide.
· Denadoro Mountains: Nag the Kilwala four times.
· Magus's Lair: Dropped by Flea upon defeat.
· Magus's Lair: In the room with the Save Point-enemies.
· Enhasa: Won from the six Nus.
· Zeal Palace: Scratch the back of the Nu (in the tab-making room) that stole it.
· Trann Dome: Behind sealed door; requires powered-up pendant.
· Keeper's Dome: In the room before Epoch's room; appears after you get the Epoch.
· Mount Woe: Near the chests with a Time Hat and Full Ether.
· Ocean Palace: Go _up_ the elevator.
· Last Village: Behind the selling Nu (wait a while).
· Blackbird: In the vent shaft, after you get everything back.
· Ozzie's Fort: In the 'secret area', where you also find Magus' ultimate equipment.
· Geno Dome: Hidden passage! See the walkthrough for this one...
· Geno Dome: In the room north of where you find Atropos. Run into the switch to access it.
· Hero's Grave: At Cyrus' grave. You must finish the side-quest first.

Speed Tabs:

Charm from Mud Imp, Giga Gaia (head), thirteen from a Panel, and Retinite
(core). 11 can be received from Spekkio. The total comes to 38 in one round of playing.

· Medina: In the Elder's House.
· Denadoro Mountains: At the Save Point, lower-left corner.
· Kajar: Above the bookcase, search the other room.
· Enhasa: Won from the six Nus.
· Guardia Forest (600 A.D.): Sealed chest.
· Black Omen: In the room with a Power Seal; lower-right corner.
· Black Omen: See above; go all the way left.
· Black Omen: In a chest in the room with Aliens and Blobs.
· Black Omen: A chest right before you face the Terra Mutant.
· Geno Dome: Under a Poyozo Doll (I mean the one in the upper-left corner). wait a few seconds for it to appear.
· West Cape: Behind Toma's grave.