Who and When

When -
65,000,000 BC: The prehistoric age where the Apes and the Reptites are fighting. Kino and Ayla are here, and this is where he comes down.

12,000 BC: The Dark Ages, where the Kingdom of Zeal is. Schala, the princess, lives here, as well as her kid brother Janus. As it turns out, Janus is someone you know quite well. Anyway, in this age, they find a new source of power. A dangerous source.

600 AD: The Middle Ages. Here the kingdom of Guardia is at war with the Mystics. Frog is here, as well as Magus.

1000 AD: The base time period of the game, as Crono, Marle, and Lucca hail from here. Not much else to say about it.

1999 AD: The apocalypse. This is when he comes out, and, in essence, destroys the world.

2300 AD: The Future. This is a world that has been ruined by him Robo is here, as well as the Mother Brain.

Who -
65,000,000 B.C.
Ayla: The cave woman who joins your group. Quite powerful.
Azala: The Reptite leader.
Black Tyrano: Azala's pet.
Kino: The goofy little dude who keeps getting in trouble.
Nu: The blue dude who appears in the forest when it rains.

12,000 B.C.
Belthasar: The Guru Of Reason. Becomes a blue Nu in the future.
Dalton: A piratish type of guy who works for Queen Zeal. Not a nice guy.
Doreen: sister of Masa and Mune
Gaspar: The Guru Of Time; A.K.A. The Old Man at the End Of Time.
Janus: A young Magus. Very troublesome.
Lavos: Here's that first time you meet the big, annoying bad gut itself, Lavos.
Mammon Machine: The annoying machine that makes hell for you.
Masa: One of the protectors of the Masamune.
Mune: One of the protectors of the Masamune.
Melchior: The Guru Of Life. You may recognize him from 1,000 A.D.
Prophet: After being sent through a time rift as a result of the battle with Crono, Magus poses as a Prophet.
Queen Zeal: The evil Queen of Zeal. Really dislikes Crono.
Schala: Magus' sister. Becomes lost when the Undersea Palace is destroyed.

600 A.D.
Chef: the brother of the Knight Captain. They are feuding
Cyrus: A very brave knight who was killed by Magus. A friend of Glenn's.
Fiona: A woman who dies trying to save the forest from destruction, but Robo can help her.
Flea: One of Magus' henchman. Hard to tell whether it's a guy or a girl.
Frog: A.K.A. Glenn. Magus turned him into a frog after killing Cyrus.
Glenn: A.K.A. Frog. A good friend of Cyrus, who helped him to become a knight. Magus turned Glenn into a frog.
Knight Captain: a brave soldier, but feuds with his brother, the Chef
Magus: A ruthless wizard who was sent through a time warp when young and ended up in 600 A.D.
Marco: husband of Fiona
Masa: One of the protectors of the Masamune.
Mune: One of the protectors of the Masamune.
Ozzie: Magus' main henchman. A Mystic that looks very bloated.
Queen Leene: The Queen of Guardia, who bears a remarkable resemblance to Marle.
Slash: One of Magus' henchman. A Mystic who is a master swordsman.
Tata: Was mistaken for the Hero when he found the Hero Medal that Frog dropped.
Toma Levine: An adventurer looking for the Rainbow Shell.
Yakra: Poses as the Chancellor in order to kidnap Queen Leene.

1,000 A.D.
Bandeau: Guy who wants to build a ferry route between Medina and Truce
Crono: The main character of the game. You know, the dude with spiky hair.
Crono's Mom: The mother of Crono.
Fritz: Son of weapon shop owner, put into jail
Gato: The big singing robot
King Guardia XXXIII: Marle's father.
Lara: Lucca's mother. Was crippled after getting caught in one of Taban's machines. This can be prevented.
Lucca: A genius inventor who is a friend of Crono. Invented the Telepod that started all of this.
Marle: Actually Princess Nadia in disguise. Befriends Crono at the Millennial Fair.
Melchior: A swordsmith who is actually one of the Guru's from 12,000 A.D. Collects rare items.
Ozzie VIII: Leader of Medina Village; descendant of Ozzie from 600 A.D.
Pierre: The defense lawyer
Queen Aliza: Queen of Guardia, passed away many years ago.
Taban: Lucca's father. Also a brilliant inventor.
Yakra XIII: Poses as the Chancellor to attempt to frame the King and get even with Crono.

1999 A.D.
Lavos: The one who has come to destroy the planet. Unfortunately, he's your opponent.

2,300 A.D.
Atropos: Robo's "girlfriend". Her memory has been corrupted by the Mother Brain
Belthasar: One of the Guru's who's memories have been put into a Nu. Inventor of the Epoch.
Doan: The leader of those still alive.
Jonny: A racing robot. He's The Man!
Mother Brain: The computer in charge of the R series factory. It wants to destroy all humans
Robo: A caring robot who will join you on your journey.

End Of Time
Gaspar: A.K.A. The Guru Of Time. Was sent through a time warp from 12,000 B.C.
Spekkio: A funny little dude who is "The Master Of War."