Build: Paladin Hammerdin

str: 75
dex: enough to max your block
vit: *the rest goes here
nrg: 100


Combat Skills
20: Blessed Hammer - your main skill.
20: Holy Shield - boosts defense, and also helps you achieve max block and a faster block rate.
1: Smite (prereq) - is, on occasion, useful for stunning enemies.
1: Charge (prereq) - sometimes nearly as useful as teleport for getting around.
1: Holy Bolt (prereq) - can heal allies.

Offensive Auras
20: Concentration - boosts hammer damage sky-high, and is your main aura.
20: Blessed Aim - just a synergy to blessed hammer.
1: Might (prereq) - not very useful.

Defensive Auras
20: Vigor - a synergy to blessed hammer, and is extremely useful for getting around town, since it boosts not your run/walk speed, but your overall velocity! Also it's sometimes useful for getting around out of town with party members who can't teleport. 
1 (unless you pass level 93): Defiance (prereq) - boosts holy shield

Skill Point Allocation Summary

Blessed Hammer - 20
Holy Shield - 20
Concentration - 20
Blessed Aim - 20
Vigor - 20
All Prereqs - 1 in each for a total of 5



	- armor with +2 to skills
Arachnid Mesh unique spiderweb sash belt
	- string of ears
War Travs
	- Sandstorm Treks
SoJ / Bul Kathos / Ravenfrost
	- Serpah's Hymn
	- +2 to pali skills
	- Wizard spike
Herald of the Zakarum
	- Spirit
	- Lidless

- try and get Call to Arms (CTA) for 2nd weapon slot 


Summary of what I would use on a PvM Hammerdin:
Armor: Dusk Shroud Enigma unless you have enough str for an archon plate
Helm: Shako Ber'd
Weapon 1: Heart of the Oak
Shield 1: Herald of Zakarum Ber'd
Belt: Arachnid Mesh
Gloves: Magefist
Boots: Shadow Dancer
Amulet: Maras
Rings: 2 SoJs
Weapon 2: Call to Arms
Shield 2: Spirit
Inventory: a Paladin Hellfire Torch, an Annihilus, and resist small charms (scs) if they aren't already maxed (75).