Dragovian Trial

By Paul Chang


This is a guide for the Dragovian Trial.  By following the strategies and tips
discussed in this guide, you should have no problems defeating all seven 
dragons.  The methods used by me in this guide is not the only way to defeat
the dragons, but it is what I found to be the most effective and consistent
method of defeating them again and again.      

[Table of contents]

[0.0]	Battle Preparation and Questions.
[0.5]	Dragovian Lord.
[1.0]	Vermillion Dragon.
[2.0]	Emerald Dragon.
[3.0]	Silver Dragon.
[4.0]	Golden Dragon.
[5.0]	Darksteel Dragon.
[6.0]	Divine Dragon.
[7.0]	Ultimate Dragon and Company.

[Final comments]
[Legal Stuff]


[0.0]	Battle Preparation and Questions.

Being prepared is the first thing that should be on your mind.  There are 
many things you need to consider before undertaking the Dragovian Trial.

1:  Level of your characters.

To answer all the first time players wondering whether there is a MAGICAL 
LEVEL that you must reach before starting the Dragovian Trial, I say NO!  The
Dragovian Trial can actually be accomplished at any level as long as you have
some luck and decent equipment.  But I am not saying that leveling isn't 
important and you should rush the Trial.  As I will discuss in the guide, 
depending on your level the strategy will change drastically.  Well, in the
end it will come down to whether you have a hero at level 65 or if you don't.
At level 65 the Hero gains Dragon Soul, a move that ignores defense.  

2:  The equipment and items.

The equipment you come to battle is very important since the dragon forms all 
deal tremendous amounts of damage that could often knock out a character in a 
single hit.  If dying from a single attack doesn't get the point across, think
about it this way.  Each of the dragon forms attack multiple times.  Most 
attack 2 times while a few attack 3 times.  In a team of 4, losing two of them
in a single turn pretty much puts you in a tight spot.  This is because the 
remaining two must spend their next turn bringing them back to life only to 
lose 2 more that same turn.  So being able to take a hit or two before dying 
is very important.  To achieve such state, here is the list of equipment each
character should bring to the battle.

Weapon          Uber Falcon Sword/Dragonslayer/Hero or Metal King Spear	
Armor           Metal King Armor/Dragovian Armor
Helmet          Sun Crown/Dragovian Helm
Shield          Silver Shield/Dragovian Shield/Metal King Shield
Accessory       Meteorite bracer/agility ring
Items           Elfin Elixir, Yggdrasil Leaf

Weapon          Conqueror's axe/Heavy Hatchet
Armor           Metal King Armor/Gigant Armour
Helmet          Metal King Helm
Shield          Metal King Shield/Big Boss Shield
Accessory       Meteorite bracer/agility ring
Items           Sage's stone, Yggdrasil Leaf, Elfin Elixir		

Weapon          Gringham Whip	
Armor           Divine Bustier/Princess's Robe
Helmet          Sun Crown
Shield          Saintless Shield/Metal King Shield
Accessory       Meteorite bracer/agility ring
Items           Timbrel of tension, Sage's stone, Elfin Elixir

Weapon          Odin's Bow/Shamshir of Light
Armor           Dragon Robe
Helmet          Phantom Mask
Shield          Goddess Shield
Accessory       Meteorite bracer/agility ring
Items           Elfin Elixir    

The main strategy I will use involves timbrel of tension and a sage stone.  
Give a timbrel to Jessica and a Sage's stone to Yangus.  If you have another
Sage's stone, give it to Jessica.  If you have another timbrel, give it to 
Yangus.  But you shouldn't need more than 1 timbrel or Sage's stone so don't 
worry if you don't have more than 1 of each.

3:  Skills you have learned or have not learned.

If you have learned certain skills, the Dragovian Trial will become a lot
easier than if you had not learned them.  The first is the skill dragon
soul.  If you have this skill, the Dragovian Trial could be beaten by
using a single strategy for all 7 dragon forms.  If you do not possess this
skill then several alternate skills becomes necessary for at least 1 battle.
In order to defeat the Darksteel Dragon form, you will require the spear 
skill called lightning/thunder thrust and the executioner/hatchet man skill 
for the axe.  

If you do not possess the lightning/thunder thrust, dragon soul, or
executioner/hatchet man skills, then I seriously recommend that you go back 
and level up.  You may also use skill seeds to learn the two weapon skills
as well if you have them. 
Also, having the spell kazing for Jessica (Staff 100) and Angelo will greatly
help.  It is crucial that you have a good way to consistently revive your 
team.  Zing only revives 50% of the time so provide a Yggdrasil leaf for 
Hero and Yangus.  Also if you wish to attack with Yangus and Angelo, it is
nice if you have learned Big Banga and Lightning Storm.   

4:  Speed and order of attack.

In sports they often quote the following saying: "Speed Kills".  In the 
Dragovian Trial, being slow really could kill you.  The most important part
is to be able to go first before the enemy.  This could determine 
whether you win or lose in many of the battles.  Also for some of the 
strategies to work, you need to make sure certain characters go before 
others.  The one that MUST go first is Jessica since she is the key to many
of the strategies.  So if you have only 1 meteorite bracer, she is the one
who should wear.  The rest of the team really do not matter as much, but I 
find that having Angelo go second is beneficial.  But you want to keep in 
mind that you want all 4 to go before the dragons.

5:  Monster summons

The monsters you get in Morrie's monster pit are quite useful if you have 
them. They have high hp and also can be used to deal some damage to the 
dragons without putting yourself in danger.  I have recently found out that 
the monster team is actually very crucial if you are low leveled because it 
gives you a huge advantage setting up a battle.  If you have finished the 
sidequest for the monster arena, you should have 2 teams available to call 
upon.  I will call the first team the DECOY TEAM and the second as the RESET 
TEAM.  Here are the teams i suggest:

1  My Three Golems (brickman, goldman, stoneman)
2  Triple Trouble  (roborg, cybot, nohi)
3  Club Club       (Skeledoid, Steropes, Pa Troll)

1  Wizards o' Z    (metable, healer, curer)
2  The King and Us (Hev, healer, curer)

It is important to note that 'call team' move by hero has the greatest 
priority in battle.  It ALWAYS goes first.  So if you know a very big hit is
coming, switch out your decoy team and let them take the hit.  Don't even
bother having them attack.  That is not the point.  Let them take the hit and
go back to work with you team.  The RESET team is actually even more crucial
because the Wizards o' Z uses 'Zingslinger' which casts a spell that combines
Omni Heal and Kazing for all members.  So if you are in trouble, use the team
and start again with fully healed and revived party.  The King and Us is even
better because their team move 'maximaster' does the same as 'zingslinger' 
but adds the lower defense to it.   

On a final note, be very patient.  In many of these battles, you will spend
many turns healing.  As you watch your mp disappear without getting a single 
damage in, you might begin to feel some frustration or lose hope.  But keep 
in mind that many of these battles will end with just 2 or 3 hits.  So be 
patient and wait for those hits.


"Very well, Hero.  Prepare to taste the full power of the Lord of 
[0.5]	Dragovian Lord.

Personally, I like the little guy.  After facing him in the near 100 times 
that I did in order to farm seeds, you can't get mat at a guy who heals you
before battle.  You will face this man 7 times at the least, so try to have
this part memorized.

For those players who didn't use tension much, learn to love it now cause it
is crucial.  Learning to use tension correctly really helps in winning.

The Lord of Dragovians always starts out with Dragovian seal and thin air
attack that deals roughly 100 to 200 per person depending on your stats and
defense.  The Dragovian seal only seems to affect the Hero and will put him
out of battle for many turns.  So you might want to rely on Jessica and Yangus
for this battle.  If you have a skill called mercurial thrust, use that since
it guarantees a first hit.  This will give you a sneak hit with a hero that
you won't use much in this part of the battle.  *wink*

If you have listened to my advice regarding the monster teams, use the DECOY
TEAM as soon as the battle starts.  This will help you avoid the Dragovian
Seal.  Call them back after the first round, and you should have full use
of all party members starting from round two.  

The strategy is pretty simple.  Angelo always heals with multi/full heal, 
Jessica uses timbrel of tension, and Yangus attacks.  If you followed my 
preparations and made sure Jessica goes first, you will notice how clever
this way of battling is.  Since she does tension up for others before them,
the multi heal will heal with near 190 or more due to tension upgrade.  Also 
since she tensions before everyone else, they will benefit that turn directly,
not next turn.  Also giving a Sage's stone to Yangus is very nice since it 
doesn't use up tension.  For example, if you use moves like full heal, omni 
heal, kazing, or other value based moves your tension remains the same.  So if
you need only slight healing, or need to heal 1 person, using full heal will
save that tension for next turn to heal more.  

The Lord of Dragovians is rather straight forward.  For the next few turns, he
will attack then tension for his second move.  You may want to watch out since
the next hit will deal almost 2 times as much after tension.  So if you are 
low leveled, a hit of 250 to 350 is what you will expect to get hit by if he
hits you at 5 tension.  So be sure to always stay healed.  He may use thin air
attack with tension as well so the party might get hit with 250+ per person.  
But with tension healing from Angelo and occasional Sage's stone you will be
fine.  He may also cast lighting storm as an alternative attack for group 
damage or sometimes debuff using wave of ice.  So you could use oomph or 
accelerate, but he isn't too tough so I never bothered.  He should fall after 
taking around 2900-3100 hp.

1:  Hero        If you have 'call team' then use DECOY TEAM as soon as battle 
                starts.  Call the team back after the team has taken the 
                dragovian seal.  Afterwards, tension to 20 or 50 and then 
                use dragon soul, falcon slash with uber falcon sword, or 
                multi thrust at 50 or 100 tension.  If you don't have a call
                team, sneak a hit with mercurial thrust and then watch your
                team mates fight the battle for you.  The seal evantually goes
                away, but it takes 5 or more rounds.  I once got lucky enough 
                to avoid the seal but I doubt it happens again so I will say 
                around 99% of the time.

2:  Yangus      Tension to 50 or 100 and strike with your weapon of choice. 
                If you have Big Banga, use that instead.  Use Sage's stone 
                if you need healing.

3:  Jessica     Use timbrel of tension until she reaches 50 or 100 tension.  
                Then use twin lash attack or your strongest spell.

4:  Angelo      Just use full or multi heal depending on what you need.  If 
                you feel the need to attack, use lightning storm skill with
                50 or 100 tension for a good damage.

[1.0]	Vermillion Dragon.

Exp = 13500

Well here is the first dragon.  He is probably the easiest of the dragons
because he is very straight forward.  Only thing you need to watch out for is
his critical or desperate hits which almost guarantees you will lose a guy in 
a single hit.  So pray you are lucky.  He also does an intimidating scream 
that knocks the party down for 1 action.  He also might do a mist attack and
gigaflash attack that blinds and could get annoying.  He should fall around 
5000 to 5200 hp.

From this section on, I will give two versions of strategy.  One for high 
leveled with dragon soul and one without.

Strategy 1: Hero with dragon soul

Let us call this strategy 1 since this is the only one you need for all 7 
battles if you are high enough in level.  Dragon soul is nice since it voids
defense of the opponent and also doesn't take accuracy into account for being
a magic attack.  So here is the strategy.

1: Hero         Hero should tension to 20 or 50.  Once you hit one or the 
                other attack next turn hoping Jessica goes first and boosts 
                you to 50 or luckily 100 tension.  Then use dragon soul and 
                watch the damage go to around 2000 to 3000.  Usually, the 
                dragons never live past 3 hits from this move in high or 
                super high tension.  If you feel as if in danger, go ahead 
                and use omni heal since it won't waste tension.  If it gets 
                really bad, use the RESET TEAM to revive and heal you team.

2: Yangus       I call him my safety healer.  I personally never attack with
                him since he is there as a decoy to take hits for the hero or
                to heal the extra 100 for the party using Sage's stone.  The
                extra 100 heal can sometimes be a life saver since dragons
                tend to do 250 to 450 a hit and sometimes as group damage.  
                You could attack with him but he doesn't do near the damage
                the Hero or Jessica could do so it is not worth the effort.

3: Jessica      Timbrel of tension all the time unless you need to use 
                accelerate or Kazing.  Even though dragons do cast wave of
                ice(silver, golden, divine, and ultimate), it is still worth
                it to guarantee that speed advantage.  Also if someone falls
                dead, use her to Kazing them to life since Angelo will need
                to heal.  If you feel safe and healed, then use twin lash
                attack at 50 or 100 tension.  It does fairly good damage, up 
                to 1500 a hit with the Gringham whip.  

4: Angelo       He is the Key to this battle.  If he falls and isn't revived
                right away, you are Doomed!  Angelo should be using multi heal
                with tension or full heal if only 1 needs healing.  Using full
                heal is nice since you can raise your tension even more and
                heal more with multi heal.  The difference between 5 or 20 
                tension is great, so it is always nice to have more tension.  
                Also if a team mate falls and everyone else is fully healed, 
                use him to Kazing and Jessica to timbrel since Kazing doesn't
                use tension.  Being able to attack even one turn earlier is
                important since the enemy may get lucky and do a group attack
                that could wipe your out.

There you go.  This is all you need for all 7 battles.  Nice being high 
leveled huh.  Just be patient though, since being high leveled doesn't 
guarantee you will win 100% of the time.

Strategy 2: Hero without dragon soul  

Well this is a bit hard to simplify since a lot of things you can do here now
depends on what skills you have developed along the way.  Well let me break 
it down to characters again.

1: Hero         Once again tension and attack.  Simple right?  Well not quite.
                If you have 100 courage or 100 sword use gigaslash/gigagash. 
                If you dont have them, use uber falcon sword and do falcon
                slash at 50/100 tension.  If you have none of those then use
                multi strike for spear or for boomerang..... gigathrow.  Also
                if he blinds you, let your hero die and revive him.  If you
                have gigaslash/gash, you won't have to worry about blinding.
                If it gets really bad use RESET TEAM to revive and heal team.

2: Yangus       He is the dark horse in this setting without dragon soul. You
                can do it like before and just use him to heal.  You can also
                attack with him as well using helm divider or regular attack.
                He will deal some damage but not too great of damage unless
                he has oomph.  With oomph and around 50 tension, he will do
                around 1000 to 1500.  If you have Big Banga, it gives you a 
                magic attack in case you are blind.  It also deals more than
                if you used physical attack.  You can also use him as the 
                timbrel user, but being slow sucks and is not valid unless 
                you have two timbrels.

3: Jessica      Timbrel of tension with occasional kazing and accelerate at 
                the start.  You should now definitely twin lash if you are at
                50 or 100 tension since she will deal great damage.

4: Angelo       The faithful Angelo's role doesn't change whether your team 
                is high or low leveled.  Keep the faith and do as before.
                Multi or full heal with tension.  If you like you can attack
                with seraph arrow and regain mp.  With high enough tension, 
                you can get 60+ mp back in a single hit.  If you want to 
                attack, then use lightning storm or pearly gates at 50 or
                100 tension.    

[2.0]	Emerald Dragon.

Exp = 14800

This is our second dragon.  The big green dragon here is quite the brain 
buster due to his annoying status effect breaths.  He can use the breath 
attacks to make your team poisoned, paralyzed, or sleep.  As always he does 
attack for around the same ball park of 200+ a hit with occasional critical 
hit.  He only has 2 attacks.  He does a move called roar that deals group 
damage around 150+.  But other than the breath attacks, nothing special.  He 
falls around 8700 to 8900 hp 

Strategy 1: Hero with dragon soul

If he paralyzes or puts someone to sleep, use tingle from hero or Angelo.

Strategy 2: Hero without dragon soul  

Other than using tingle for sleep or paralyze, use the same strategy.

[3.0]	Silver Dragon.

Exp = 15900

This is our third dragon.  He really is nothing special in the fact that he 
still has only 2 attacks with occasional critical hit and group hits.  He is 
only new in the fact that he debuffs using wave of ice.  He also has a move 
called gleaming eye that puts 1 charater to sleep.  This can't be prevented.  
He does seem to have a bit more physical defense, so it might be better to do 
a magic based attack over a physical one.  He has low hp, in the range of 
4900 to 5100.  

Strategy 1: Hero with dragon soul

He does cast debuff that will erase your tension.  So be sure to stick to 50 
tension and not go over the board with 100.  It is quite annoying to reach 
100 only to find the enemy go before you and do a wave of ice.

Strategy 2: Hero without dragon soul  

Be sure to keep casting accelerate though even if it gets debuffed.  Oomph is 
ok but like the tension, it is annoying to lose it.  So don't bother and go 
with tension.  Since his defense is high, try to use the magic based attacks
like gigaslash/gash, big banga, lightning storm, and pearly gates.  

[4.0]	Golden Dragon.

Exp = 16350

Here is our fourth dragon.  This is the guy that might give you a bit of a 
problem by blinding you as vermillion did.  The move called strange glow 
blinds your guys in mist.  This can't be fixed by tingle and blinds your guys 
to miss.  He also uses gigaflash like the sea dragon and blinds you regularly 
as well.  Very annoying for those not using dragon soul.  He also admits a 
strange glow to make you more vulnerable to spells.  He then casts kaboom and 
other spells that hurts your team.  He also tensions alot.  I once saw him get
to 100 tension.  If this happens, send in the DECOY TEAM.  He Also seems to
have a higher physical defense over magic defense.  So use magic based attack
for better results.  Other than using spells, nothing new though.  He falls 
around 5400 to 5600 hp.  

Strategy 1: Hero with dragon soul

You don't need to worry about being blind since you don't need it for dragon 

Strategy 2: Hero without dragon soul  

It gets a bit tricky since if you get unlucky and he blinds you, you will
lose your physical attacks.  If that happens, if you have gigaslash/gash then
you are fine.  If not... hope your guy dies and revive him fresh.  Other than
those, keep doing the same as before.

[5.0]	Darksteel Dragon.

Exp = 18010

The fifth is probably the most difficult dragon of the set.  Are you ready
for the surprise?  This bad boy has 2 very nasty surprises unlike all others
before.  First, he attacks 3 times boys and girls... THREE!!!  This means
more chances to critical hit and also being cheesed by 3 critical hits that
kills 3 team members.  If that happens, then it's over.  You are doomed unless
that member surviving was Yangus with enough acceleration to go first.  Then
Yangus must have the Kerplunk that can raise 3 members at once... FAT CHANCE!
To make things worse, the second surprise is that his defense is off the
charts... OFF THE CHARTS.  NO MAGIC OR PHYSICAL does any significant damage.
He also has many combinations of full party damage attacks that do the usual
150+ to all.  So 3 hits of party attacks, which is unlikely, could happen as
well and do 450+ to your party in a single turn.  Not only that, he does
blinding attack as well with a flash of light that might blind you in mist.  
He also has a move that his eyes flash and puts one character to sleep.  I
once thought having a ring can prevent this, but sadly it does not.  It 
doesn't work because I tried it.  Sick right?  He has one downside though.
Low hp is his only good side.  He falls with 1700 to 1900 damage.  So
what do you do?

Strategy 1: Hero with dragon soul

This is fairly easy if you have a bit of luck.  Since he doesn't debuff you
can raise to 50 tension and hit him with dragon soul.  Since it ignores 
defense, it should still do the normal damage as usual.  If lucky, you can 
end this in 1 or 2 hits.  Just hope that he doesn't target the hero non-stop.

Strategy 2: Hero without dragon soul  

This is very tricky now that you don't have a move like dragon soul which 
ignores defense.  So feeling down?  Well don't give up yet.  There are
actually 2 other moves that ignore defense.  One is lightning/thunder thrust
from hero's spear and another is hatchet man/executioner from Yangus's axe.
I highly recommend that you have lightning thrust and executioner.  Those
two moves have a 50% chance of hitting and causing a critical hit.  But the
lower form moves thunder thrust and hatchet man have a 25% chance to cause
a critical hit.  In a battle like this that makes each coin toss vital, I 
would go for the 1/2 over the 1/4.  With the hp being around 1600 to 1900 the
first time around, that means you will need 5 to 7 critical hits.  I found
out from experience that it does around 250 each time.  (LOL, yes I actually
beat him doing this method at around level 45... Although I prefer the 
dragon soul one.)  You might want to pray before you fight since this one can
come down to relying on good old lady luck's pleasure.

1: Hero         Thunder/lightning thrust

2: Yangus       Executioner/hatchet man

3: Jessica      Just heal or accelerate.  You might actually want to oomph,
                but I never noticed any difference in damage or from tension
                for that matter... so it could be for nothing.

4: Angelo       Heal or kabuff.  Kabuff actually helps in this one since the
                extra defense might mean the difference between losing a
                character at 1 or 2 hits.  

[6.0]	Divine Dragon.

Exp = 19040

Our sixth and final regular dragon for the prize set of Dragovian trials.
He is a bit of a hybrid but no where near as hard as darksteel.  He does
debuff like silver dragon so relying on 50 tension is the way to go.  This
dragon shoots breath of ice that deals the usual 150+ damage to party just
like the other dragons.  The thing that is a bit unusual is that he 
normally attacks 2 times unless he tensions.  He also uses his claws to
attack sometimes, giving him another attack animation.  If he tensions, it
would mostly be like attack first and tension 2 times.  If he does this, 
WATCH OUT!  Tension breath attack could easily deal 450+ to party and wipe 
you if you are low leveled.  For this case use chilling chuckle or 
sarcastic snigger by Angelo.  Getting hit by a 20 tension is a lot worse
then a 5 tension attack.  You could also use DECOY TEAM.  Also like darksteel, 
he has that annoying high magic defense which might make the battle a bit 
tricky.  As the worse case scenario, he might tension twice then attack with 
a cold breath attack.  But I don't see this happen too often.  He has around 
9300 to 9500.

Strategy 1: Hero with dragon soul

Be sure to lower tension like I mentioned before.

Strategy 2: Hero without dragon soul  

As I said in the previous paragraph, he has a high magic defense.  So 
physical attacks are the way to go.  So stick to falcon slashes at 50 and
don't use gigaslash or those types of attacks.  Kind of weak dragon and
not as challenging as darksteel was.

[7.0]	Ultimate Dragon and Company.

Well if you think only one dragon left to go, then well think again.  Sorry
to ruin your hopes but you have 7 dragons left.  Instead of going straight
to the 7th dragon, our friendly Dragovian Lord gives you a challenge to
go through all 7 dragons at once.  To make this worse, you do not get a 
chance to heal between each dragon.  What you win with is what you get.  So
only one character was alive after Vermillion, WELL REJOICE, you get to 
start the next fight with THAT character and THAT character alone while
pretty coffins lay about you.  So you really need to think about when you
win as much as just winning.  

But the thing you can rejoice about is that all the dragons have half the hit
points.  So it will be a little bit easier.  I guess the makers had some 
mercy in their hearts anyway.  The following is the range you should expect.

Vermillion Dragon:  2500 to 2700 hp.
Emeral Dragon:      4400 to 4600 hp.
Silver Dragon:      2400 to 2600 hp.
Golden Dragon:      2700 to 2900 hp.
Darksteel Dragon:    800 to 1000 hp.
Divine Dragon:      4600 to 4800 hp.

Be sure to remember that you can use your 'call team' for each new dragon. 
So it is not as bad as you think it is.  As long as you don't lose a single
member in the RESET TEAM, it means you get to start each battle fully healed
and with all members revived.  

If you manage to beat the previous 6 and make it to the ultimate dragon, 
get ready for the Ultimate experience.  He is a little bit of every dragon 
as his name said.  He uses the icy breath of divine, intimidating scream that 
knocks you down, debuffing wave of ice, and critical hits.  The good news is 
that he only attacks 2 times but does 3 moves by tensioning twice and 
attacking as the divine dragon did.  Some new moves he does are release 
magic, which is similar to Jessica's magic burst, that does 180+ damage to 
all.  Afterwards, he uses 1 attack to replenish his mp by praying.  The only 
thing you need to worry about is the tension factor like divine.  If you are
unlucky, he will tensions 2 times first and attack with magic burst or icy 
breath.  This means you are in the world of 450-550 party damage.  I 
experienced this many times and it might tempt you to break a controller or 
two when you spent near an hour to get to him only to get cheesed.  So once 
again pray that he does tension twice after a attack.  If he does this, use 
Angelo's lowering method to bring the tension down.  A 300 hp attack isn't 
nearly as bad as 450.  He falls around the range of 7200 to 7400.

Strategy 1: Hero with dragon soul

It will probably feel similar to fighting divine.

Strategy 2: Hero without dragon soul  

He is very similar to divine dragon but without the annoying magic defense.
So it is safe to use gigaslash/gash if you like since it does seem to do a
little bit more damage than 4x falcon at 50 tension.  There really isn't much
to worry about other than the cheese factor... so pray you get normal attacks
or intimidating scream that misses all characters.  He does hit a bit harder
than the others but it shouldn't kill you in 1 hit if you have high defense
and around 290+ hp.

Congratulations.  You have survived the Dragovian Trials.  

[Final comments]

Q.      What order of prizes should I get?
A.      Well personally speaking, it depends on when you do the trial.  The
        best is still alchemy pot upgrade since it saves a lot of time.  The
        worst is the ultimate monster.  The Ultimate Monster is not as bad
        as i originally thought.  But it is not too much of a improvement 
        from the team 'Wizards o'z' to 'The king and us'.  The armor set is
        probably the better choice over the sword since defense is in greater
        demand over offense.  Besides there is no stronger weapon than the
        uber falcon since the 4x damage using falcon slash out does any and
        yes I mean any weapon.  So get the armor set first then sword after.

Q.      Why did I go through the trials so many times?
A.      Well I might have overdone it, but each dragon has a chance to drop
        a skill seed.  That is 7 seeds or 35 skill points.  Do it enough and
        you can max character stats faster.  Leveling to 99 only brings up to
        350 skill points, so you have to get skill seeds anyway.  Besides I 
        got annoyed at trying to level up to 99 from MKS hunts... so did this
        instead.  With my characters around 67 range, I found I can beat all 7
        dragons in 15 min or so it was worth it.  At my best trial, I got
        up to 4 seeds drop.  That's 20 skills in 15 minutes.

Q.      Is there any extra benefit to doing the trial?
A.      Yes.  For completion sake on monsters, the ultimate and all others
        do count.  So if you don't defeat them, you will never get them
        in the monster's fought list.  This means no GOSPEL RING.  Without
        gospel ring, it means no * next to the accessory items collected list.
        Being the collector player that I am, getting those * were the most
        important to me.  But it is not worth it to casual players.

-- to square-enix for this wonderful game.
-- to the members of gameFAQ for hosting this FAQ.
-- to the gameFAQ users and fellow gamers who have given me tips and
   strategies over the years.
-- to my friends who inspired me to write this FAQ.

(Version 1.07)
minor fixes on comments and hp

(Version 1.06)
added new strategy involving Monster team
added new trick involving Lord of Dragovian
fixed hp difference for dragons before and after ultimate fight.

(Version 1.03)
fixed strategy involving silver dragon
fixed strategy involving gold dragon
added additional moves used by gold and silver dragon

(Version 1.00)
Finished Version

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This FAQ is copyright (c) 2006 Paul Chang, the author.