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The Playstation version of Ehrgeiz comes with 4 minigames and 1 hidden minigame.

The minigames are:

- Infinity Battle
- Battle Runner
- Beach Battle
- Battle Panel
- Evil Panel (hidden)

All characters except Django can participate in the games. (No dogs allowed.)


Infinity Battle

Objective: To defeat as many opponents as possible and accumilate ability

In this minigame, the controls are exactly the same as the arcade. It is like a
survival mode that runs forever, for infinity.
When you defeat an opponent, you get a certain amount of hit points which can be
store in the little hearts under your life and special guages. Your special
guage will also befilled to the brim. How many hit points you get and how many
ability points you are awarded depends on how much damage you received and time
you spent.
If you score a prefect win, you will get a certain number of ability points
more, which seems to be percentage based, and another heart. You can have up to
8 hearts.

*If you get 2000 points and above, you will release a 3rd outfit for Prince


Battle Runner

Objective: To beat the opponent in running rounds round the track.

This mode is fun because you get to race against the opponent and still be
allowed to bash him up!
Basically, there are 3 different coureses to choose from:

Basic Loop
Climb Loop
Mebius Loop

There are also "power ups" you can get:

Speed Up (Yellow Star)
Reverse (Red Star)
Hp Reverse (Blue Star)

Speed Up - Your running speed is increased by a little bit
Reverse - Your total number of laps run turns into your total number of laps not
run and vice versa, and you got to run in the opposite direction because the
start and goal has been changed.
Hp Reverse - Swap Hp with your opponent


- After a certain time, a power up will appear.
- When you knock out the opponent, he will be temporarily out of commission,
and his Hp will be refilled.
- When you are lacking behind your opponent, you gain the ability to run super
fast, so there is always great competition.

*If you beat the CPU at a race, you will unlock a 3rd outfit for one character.


Beach Battle

Objective: Beat the opponent in 3 different races using raw speed, and
accumilating points in the process.

In this minigame, you race against the opponent again.

There are 3 different events in the game:

Flag Dash

Here are the controls:

Triangle, Square: Action
X, Circle: Run

How to press the buttons such that you can out run the CPU

1. Put the controller on the floor.
2. You should put your index finger on X and middle finger on circle.
3. Raise your middle finger a little bit higher than your index finger, such
that when you press both fingers down, you press the X button first, then
followed by circle immediately.
4. Make your right arm, from your elbow to your finger tips stiff and rigid,
and "vibrate" it up and down to press the buttons.
5. Have your left hand press the Triangle button for you.

It is now possible to obtain a score of more than 35000.


- If you run off before the whistle, then you are "flying". "Fly" more than 2
times in an event and it's bye-bye.
- You can run off just as the whistle is blown. (Don't wait for it, estimate
and run off before your opponent)


Just remember to start off earlier than your opponent and hammer the buttons
like crazy, then press the triangle button when you are like 1 metre from the
finish line.

Flag Dash:

Start off earlier than your opponent, hammer the buttons insanely, then press
triangle when you are half metre from the finish line. If you get the flag, than
you get 1000 bonus points! (It looks funny one you go "flying" in this game.)


Start off earlier, while pressing the buttons like your gonna die, press
triangle before every log to jump over.(The CPU may be good at running but how
come it always loses here?). Press the triangle button again when you are 1
metre from the finish line.

*Get 35000 points in this mode to unleash Dasher Inoba's 3rd character outfit.


Battle Panel

Objective: To have converted the the most number of panels before the game ends.

This is the speed version of Reversi or Othello!


Square: Tackle
X: Set Tile


- The rules of Othello or reversi, minus the start and the turn base stuff.
- P1 takes the Red tiles while P2 takes the Blue tiles
- Black is a neutral colour and appears randomly. It refers to the hint thingy
at the bottom left corner. It is just there either to block your way or to be
- You can feel free to tackle your opponent.


A. Take control of the corners.
B. Don't mark a tile next to an unclaimed corner tile.
C. Try to maintain a presence on the edges.
D. If you wait long enough, all the empty spots on the board will become
neutral tiles (one by one), except for the corners (exception: if all
of the corners have already been claimed, the last empty spot on the
board will not become a neutral tile (one of the players will have to
claim it).

In more detail:

A. Like in Othello and Reversi, corners are important. If you have control of
two adjacent corners, it should be fairly easy to take control of the entire
edge that spans them.

B. The only way to grab a corner tile is to "jump over" a tile next to it. So
basically, don't claim any of these tiles, and wait (work on other parts of the
board while waiting) until either a neutral tile, or an opponent's tile claims
one... then figure out a way to quickly hop over it to claim the corner for
yourself. (note: the CPU doesn't play very intelligently, so it's fairly likely
to grab one of the tiles next to an empty corner eventually...)

C. A presence on the edges isn't essential... but it's sometimes rather
helpful in setting up other takeover moves... and even in grabbing the

D. Waiting for neutral tiles can sometimes be useful. If you see the CPU
player heading for a tile (that you can't grab yourself) that would cause you a
lot of trouble were he/she/it to get it, you can bash the CPU opponent about for
a while, and the tile will eventually become a neutral tile (and thus no longer
a danger to you). Similarly, you can wait for neutral tiles to help you grab
certain locations (such as corners).

In the first few moves of the game, try to establish a pesence on at least one
of the edges, while simultaneously converting as many clumps of enemy tiles as
you can...

Evil Panel

To access this hidden minigame, you have to satisfy a certain condition, which
most probably is to win Battle Panel 10 times in a row.
Then, hold, L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 as you select Battle Panel.

Evil Panel is sort of like Battle Panel, except:
- You can attack each other, like in arcade mode, Infinite Battle, and
Battle Runner (R2 is used to mark a tile).
- There's a health balance bar, like in Battle Runner (K.O. is
temporary, like in Battle Runner).
- You only get to play one game before getting the Continue prompt
(like Battle Runner).

*Beat the CPU at Evil Panel and get Godhand's 3rd outfit.