Unlockable Achievements

Xbox 360 Achievements

Many of these Achievements can only be unlocked while playing the Encore and due to many being story related, SPOILERS may ensue. There are 22 achievements worth 1000G and all are secrets.

Claves's Resurrection (50G)
- Collect all 7 pieces of Claves's Soul

EZI Worshipper (321G)
- Collect all EZI items in the game

Fantaisie Impromptu (10G)
- Complete chapter 3

Grand Finale (70G)
- Defeat Frederic with Claves unlocked

Grande Valse Brilliante (10G)
- Complete chapter 4

Heaven's Mirror (10G)
- Complete Final chapter: Heaven's Mirror

Hero's Gate (30G)
- Use the Hero's Crest to open the way to Mysterious Unison

Heroic (10G)
- Complete chapter 7

Nocturne (10G)
- Complete chapter 5

Party Level 2 (10G)
- Obtain party level 2

Party Level 3 (10G)
- Obtain party level 3

Party Level 4 (10G)
- Obtain party level 4

Party Level 5 (10G)
- Obtain party level 5

Party Level 6 (20G)
- Obtain party level 6

Pirate's Treasure (80G)
- Finally obtain Dolce's treasure

Raindrops (10G)
- Complete chapter 1

Revolution (10G)
- Complete chapter 2

Rondo's Return (50G)
- Defeat Rondo in Mysterious Unison

Score Piece Collector (100G)
- Collect all 32 Score Pieces

Soul Released (79G)
- Free Chord's Soul from Fort Fermata

Tristesse (10G)
- Complete Chapter 6

Xylophone Treasure (80G)
- Use your orb to open the secret door in Xylophone Tower