FAQ version 0.85, September 23, 2007
by Kiryn Silverwing
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Table of Contents:
Version History
Chapter 1 Raindrops
Chapter 2 Revolution
Chapter 3 Fantaisie-Impromptu
Chapter 4 Grande Valse Brilliante
Chapter 5 Nocturne
Chapter 6 Tristesse
Chapter 7 Heroic
Second Playthrough Encore
Achievement List
EZI Items
Score Pieces
Score Piece NPCs
Special Thanks
Legal Stuff


0.85: September 23, 2007 Made tweaks and a couple of corrections. Finished
chapters 3 and 4 in-depth. Added sections on Score Piece NPCs, EZI Items,
and second playthrough sidequests.

0.8: September 17, 2007 I have the first two chapters finished in-depth with
the remaining chapters unfinished. Only supplemental sections at this time
are Score Pieces and Achievements. Rest of guide in progress.



Party: Polka
Enemies: Very Very Empty
After a long intro sequence, you find yourself controlling Polka on the path
to Tenuto Village. Walk to the west to find a save point and the first battle
tutorial. You can choose to go through the tutorial or not, kill the onion to
continue. Follow the path around and take the right fork into the shade to
find a Peach Cookie. Follow the path west across the bridge to get to Path to
Tenuto: North Section. Here simply follow the path until you get another
cutscene, then grab the chest nearby with another Peach Cookie and continue
north into Tenuto.

You can simply walk north and enter Polka's house, but there are a few items
you can grab first. Inside the house on the eastern side of town is a Peach
Cookie on the shelf. If you follow the path past Polka's house, you reach
Tenuto Village: Flower Field. Search the little shed on the right for Floral
Powder. Also search a bush in the far back of the field for an Angel Trumpet.
After getting these items, return to the main part of the village and enter
the largest house.

Party: Allegretto, Beat
Inspect the fountain in the center of town for 10G, and examine the boxes
near the hideout in the southeast for an Angel Trumpet. When you're ready,
enter the sewers to the northeast. If your health gets low while inside, the
priest in the church to the north can restore your HP for free.

Enemies: Florite Mouse
Straight ahead is the second battle tutorial. After completing it, follow the
path straight north for a Peach Cookie. Return to the first bridge, cross it
and go south for an Angel Trumpet. Go north to a glowing part of the wall and
exit east to Ritardando Sewers: Center. Walk directly through to reach
Ritardando Sewers: East Side and pick up the Poison Whitecap. Return to the
Center and inspect the switch near the closed door to the north to open it.
Pick up the chest directly north for a Peach Cookie. Cross the bridge and
exit to the northwest to reach a save point. To the north is a boss battle,
so be sure you're prepared (set your items for use, fight a few more rats if
you're below level 3-4 or so).

BOSS: Bread Gang & Florite Mouse x2
Keep Allegretto in the light so he can use Sun Slash. Take 12 pictures of the
boss using Beat's Vivid Shot in the light, then move him to a dark area so he
can use Rapid Shooter. This boss isn't really that difficult once you get the
pattern of his attacks down.
REWARDS: Saber, Rat Tail.

Party: Polka, Frederic
After some more story, you return to Polka -- this time with Frederic Chopin
by her side. We'll be heading to the forest, but first, there are some new
items to pick up. Examine the water basin to the left of Polka's house for a
Floral Powder. Enter Polka's house for an event, then enter the bedroom to
the left and examine the plant for an Angel Trumpet. Back outside, examine
the flower patch right of the small bridge for a Peach Cookie. Then head
northeast to Heaven's Mirror Forest.

Enemies: L'Opera Knight
When you get to a fork in the road, take the right path to reach a Poison
Whitecap guarded by an enemy, then backtrack to the left path and continue
north to Heaven's Mirror Forest: South.

When the path splits, follow the left path to get an Angel Trumpet, then
return to the main path and continue north to Heaven's Mirror Forest: Middle

When the path splits, take the right path to find a chest containing a
Walking Parasol, an upgraded weapon for Polka. Equip it, then backtrack to
the main path. Continue along the main path until finding another side path
going left, open a chest there for a Poison Whitecap. Return to the main path
and head north to Heaven's Mirror Forest: Middle North.

Follow the path straight ahead and curve around to the right to find a chest
with a Copper Necklace. Equip it to either Frederic or Polka, then return to
the fork and take the left path to reach a save point. Make sure your item
set is set up for the upcoming boss battle. If both characters are not at
least level 4, it will be extremely difficult, so go fight a few more L'Opera
Knights if you are a little underleveled.

BOSS: Forest Boar
This is a tricky boss, especially since both of your characters are not
particularly strong offensively. Try to keep the boar in a light area, so
that Polka can use Orange Glow while Frederic stands in the boar's shadow and
uses Piu Grave. Watch out for the Boar's Charge and Winning Shot attacks, as
they are particularly difficult to guard against.
REWARDS: Bamboo Shaft

You also gain Party Level 2. This party level changes the Action Gauge so
that it will keep counting down even when you are not moving. But the most
important thing about Party Level 2 (which the description does not mention)
is the appearance of the Echo Meter. As will be explained in an upcoming
tutorial, the more echoes you build with regular attacks (up to 32) the more
damage/healing your abilities will do. Learn to use your Echoes and any enemy
will fall before you very quickly.

***ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Unlocked Party Level 2 (10G)***

Party: Allegretto, Beat
First things first, equip Allegretto with the Saber that dropped off the
Bread Gang boss, as it is a good upgrade for him. Then go to the shop in the
middle of town:

Hunting Knife 30 Angel Trumpet 200
Arquebus 20 Peach Cookie 20
Mail Shirt 50

Sell the photos you took of the Bread Gang boss. "There is a photographer in
the shop today" means that any photo you sell is worth a lot more. The photos
you took earlier should give you between 3000 and 4000 gold each, more than
enough to last you the next several chapters at least. Buy a good supply of
Peach Cookies and as many Angel Trumpets as you can carry (you'll be using
them for the rest of the game, so best to stock up now). The weapons here are
the same as Allegretto & Beat's starting equipment. The Mail Shirt is an
upgrade to Beat's equipment, but don't buy it, since you'll find one soon.

Follow the same path you took to reach the Bread Gang boss. Find the girl Lib
in the end room and trade her your Rat Tail for her Stick. Exit the sewers.

Walk southwest to the beach and follow a little ledge right next to the
water. The old man in the corner will trade you his Dentures for your Stick.
Now exit the town to the northwest.

Enemies: Very Very Empty/Great Coconut, Florite Mouse
Here you will get the third and final battle tutorial. Once it is complete,
open the chest to the right for a Copper Necklace, and don't forget to equip
it to either Beat or Allegretto. Follow the path north to Agogo Forest:
Middle South.

Pick up a chest on the right for a Serpentine Lock, a weapon upgrade for
Beat. Continue along the main path until you reach another fork near a Great
Coconut enemy. Take the right path to reach a Light Guard. Equip this item on
Allegretto, then take the Mail Shirt Allegretto was wearing and equip that on
Beat. Return to the left fork and to the save point.

BOSS: Baby Dragon + Florite Mouse x2
Kill off the Florite Mice first, they have annoying healing abilities. Build
up your echoes and only unleash Allegretto's Sun Slash once you have 32. It
should take about 3 of these to kill the boss. If you think you need to take
pictures, wait until the dragon is almost dead. When it is hunched over, it
fits into the picture better for a higher score.
DROPS: Stone Sword Hilt

Party: Polka, Frederic
Enemies: Very Very Empty/Great Coconut, L'Opera Knight
First, equip Frederic with the Bamboo Shaft that dropped off the Forest Boar
and the Stone Sword Hilt dropped by the Baby Dragon. Follow the path north.
Open the chest to the left of the fence for Pretty Clothes, an upgrade for
Polka. Continue along the path until reaching a chest with a Glowing Tail.
Return to the stairs slightly south, and after going up, go north for a Wet
Umbrella, another upgrade for Polka. Return to the fork and follow the main
path into Agogo Forest: North.

Follow the path, there will be a fork in the road guarded by a Great Coconut.
Defeat it and pick up the chest behind it for a Hunting Coat, an upgrade for
Frederic. Continue along the main path until reaching a save point.

BOSS: Fugue
You can't win this battle, so watch as Fugue utterly destroys you.

Party: Allegretto, Beat
Follow the same path you just explored as Polka, the treasure chests are
already opened. When you get to where you fought Fugue, talk to the old man
on the right to trade your Dentures for some Green Paint. Backtrack down to
the painter in Middle South where you found the Light Guard, and trade him
the Green Paint for some Long Johns. Return to where Fugue killed Polka, but
on the way back, examine a rock near where you fought the Baby Dragon for 1G.
Head north from the clearing to reach the village.

Walk forward to meet up with the other party. Oh no, Polka is in trouble!

Party: Allegretto, Beat, Frederic
Instead of immediately chasing after Polka, go back south to town to prepare.
Examine the shrine in front of the nearby house for Score Piece 1, then enter
the house. Inspect the top right corner for a Club Clover, and the left side
for a Twilight Feather. Exit the house, go east and enter the item shop.
There is a Floral Powder just inside the door, and a Glowing Tail at the end
of the path to the right. Follow the spiral down to the shopkeeper:

Saber 150 Hunting Coat 100
Wet Umbrella 70 Angel Trumpet 200
Serpentine Lock 80 Peach Cookie 20
Cork Baton 200 Floral Powder 100
Light Guard 150 Glowing Tail 50
Breast Guard 300 Twilight Feather 50
Guardian Clothes 140 Poison Whitecap 100

Sell all of the photos you have if you took any. Most of the equipment sold
here is stuff you recently found, but you can buy the Cork Baton for Frederic
and upgrade both Allegretto and Beat to the Breast Guard. Buy a Guardian
Clothes to give to Polka later, and with the rest of your money, buy as many
Floral Powder as you can carry or afford. Since it restores a percentage
rather than a flat amount of HP, these items will still be useful through the
entire game! Finally, inspect the totem pole south of where March is standing
for 1G. Prepare your items, save and head off to the west.

BOSS: Ogre Champ & L'Opera Knight x2
As usual, kill off the two extra enemies first. Have Beat take 12 pictures
right away if you are low on money, then use him to build your Echo Meter.
Use Frederic for building Echoes and healing when necessary, and save your
32-point Echoes for Allegretto's Sun Slash. Like the last boss, it should
take about 3 of these to take down this boss.
REWARDS: Long Sword

***ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Raindrops (10G)***


Party: Polka, Frederic, Allegretto, Beat
Equip the Guardian Clothes to Polka, and stop by the shop back in town to
sell photos and restock any healing items you used in the last battle. Return
to where you fought the Ogre Champ and inspect the mushroom patch in the
northeast for a Poison Whitecap. Return to the save point, save, then head

Enemies: Angel Goat, Earth Shaker
Walk all the way to the west for a chest containing a Leather Hide, an
upgrade for Frederic. Go to the bridge to the north to trigger an event.
Collect the three pieces of paper: near the bridge, along the eastern fence,
and near the southern entrance. Return to the goats and give them the paper
scraps to gain access to Chorus Plains: South Lake.

Open the chest on the western edge for a Jezail, an upgrade for Beat. Talk to
the goat-herder to trade your Long Johns for some Goat's Milk. Examine the
rock in the far northwest corner for a Club Clover. Exit to the northeast to
reach Chorus Plains: East Lake. Continue along this path to the save point.

BOSS: Maledictor x2
Viola joins your party for this battle, so your third group member is pushed
out. Keep Viola far away and aim her shots for massive damage. Move your
other two party members in close and fight normally.

Party: Allegretto, Beat, Polka, Frederic, Viola
Open the chest at the north wall for a Club Clover, then exit the house.

Go all the way north, up the stairs.

Walk across the bridge and enter Fort Fermata.

Enemies: Lord of Darkness, Maledictor
Walk all the way to the end of the first passage to the locked door. Enter
the hole in the wall on the left to enter Fort Fermata: West.

Go north to get to a ladder, then follow the path around to the ladder back
down, enter the rectangular room, and go through it to reach the first save
point. Go up the ladder near the save point and walk across the roof of the
room to find a chest with a Paper Umbrella, an upgrade for Polka. Take the
path east until you reach the wall, then go all the way south to the corner.
Follow the west path all the way around to the north. Along the east wall is
a passageway to Fort Fermata: Over Central Road.

Save at this save point, then continue east to Fort Fermata: East.

Move south and down a ladder, and hit the switch inside the small room. This
will move the floating rectangular room slightly east, opening up a new path.

Return to the floating rectangular room in West and go through it to find the
Poison Blood, an upgrade for Allegretto.

Return to the southeast corner of West, and follow the path slightly west
until finding a ladder down. Enter the small room at the end of this path and
push the button to reset the floating room to its original position, and pick
up the Red Velvet, an upgrade for Polka. Return to the save point in West,
and enter the small room nearby. Hit the switch to move the floating room to
a third position.

Return to East, run past the save point and south to a ladder. Pass through
the floating room's new position. Go south and up the ladder, then walk back
northeast across the floating room's roof. Move north and go down the ladder,
then walk north, across the bridge to the west, then south again to reach
another small switch room. Hit this switch to move the floating room to its
fourth position. Go north from this room, west across a rock bridge, then
slightly south to a ladder back up. Walk south across the top of the floating
room, then climb the ladder down and walk through the floating room to get a
Maple Baton, an upgrade for Frederic. Return to the outermost ring and follow
it all the way south for a Rapid Fire, an upgrade for Viola. Follow the ring
to the north until reaching the wall, then follow the path south. Take the
ladder down to a save point.

BOSS: Killer Knight & Maledictor x2
I recommend using Viola, Allegretto and Frederic. If you need money for some
reason, you can take Beat instead of Frederic. Make sure Viola is at least
level 15 and knows Heal Arrow. Have Viola shoot the boss from as far away as
possible, while standing in a light area to use Heal Arrow as needed.
Allegretto and your third character should be standing between Viola and the
boss, since the Killer Knight will always back away to attack, and it's best
to herd him away from Viola.
REWARDS: Fort Fermata Key, Lace Veil

***ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Unlocked Party Level 3 (10G)***

Party Level 3! This party level allows you to set two different attacks for
light and dark, triggering the second one by holding the button down. It also
increases your item slots to 20 but reduces your Action Gauge and Tactical

Open the chest next to the boss for Score Piece 2!

Enemies: Eternal Green, Earth Shaker/Dark Bat
Open a chest containing an Angel Trumpet behind an enemy to the left.
Continue along the path to Hanon Hills: Midway.

Rescue the merchant from the enemy, then you can stop to heal, buy, sell, and

Bat Umbrella 250 Club Clover 150
Breast Guard 300 Glowing Tail 50
Leather Hide 100 Shadow Tail 50
Fancy Clothes 200 Twilight Feather 50
Red Velvet 180 Dawn Feather 50
Coachman's Coat 300 Pure Feather 50
Angel Trumpet 200 Chance Feather 50
Floral Powder 100 Poison Whitecap 100

Sell any pictures you've taken with Beat if necessary. Buy a Bat Umbrella for
Polka, two Fancy Clothes for Polka and Beat, and a Coachman's Coat for
Frederic. Sell your old equipment, and restock on Angel Trumpets and Floral
Powder as necessary. Also pick up some Club Clovers. They're inexpensive and
a good way to heal everyone in your party at once.

After you're done at the shop, follow a path to the left with an Odd
Chocolate, then continue north from the main road. There's a man sitting in
the shade along the path who will trade his Piggy Bank for your Goat's Milk.
Follow the path north to find a Club Clover. Continue along the path to Hanon
Hills: North.

Continue along the main path for a while until reaching a chest containing a
Lace Veil. Keep walking along the path until you reach Forte City.

WARNING: You will not be able to return to any of the previous areas after
entering this city.

Walk north into the main square and talk to the boy there to trade your Piggy
Bank for his Speed Shoes. (Yay!) Play both of your score pieces for
Gentlemanly Pop nearby:
A Rank EZI Cracker Score Piece 2
B Rank Peach Cookie Score Piece 1,3
S Rank Lion's Mane Score Piece 8 (encore only)
Return to the southern part of town and enter the inn. After the event,
examine the back left corner for 100G. Exit the inn and talk to the man at
the item shop, and pay him 100G to go away.

Walloon Sword 350 Glowing Tail 50
Bat Umbrella 250 Shadow Tail 50
Wolf's Fang 250 Bubble Straw 50
Oak Barrel 280 Hell Mustard 300
Rapid Fire 280 Twilight Feather 50
Full Plate 450 Dawn Feather 50
Pair Jacket 190 Fallen Feather 50
Fancy Clothes 200 Pure Feather 50
Tailored Clothes 300 Chance Feather 50
Coachman's Coat 300 Icy Feather 50
Angel Trumpet 200 Poison Whitecap 100
Club Clover 150

Buy a Walloon Sword and Full Plate for Allegretto, the Wolf's Fang for Beat,
Oak Barrel for Frederic, Pair Jacket for Viola, and Tailored Clothes for
Polka and Beat, then enter the bar to the east. Talk to the barmaid, and
examine the trash can for a Lead Slug, an accessory for Beat. Exit the bar
and talk to the old man in the center of town several times. Exit town to the
west and talk to the man next to the cart before going down the cliffs.

Enemies: Sweet Whisper/Caravan Crab
Climb down two ropes until reaching a jump. Climb up the next rope for a
Bubble Straw. Go down 3 ropes until reaching a bridge to the west. There is
a Score Piece NPC named Wiseman Maracas on the ledges to the east:
A Rank EZI Certificate Score Piece 5 (encore only)
B Rank Tailored Clothes Score Piece 23 (encore only)
Walk west into Glissando Cliffs: Area 2.

Go down the rope, and down the next nearby rope and through the cave for a
Hell Mustard. Go back up the rope, walk to the west and find a nearly
invisible rope down from the oval hole in the ground. Jump off to the left
and go down another rope for a Silver Necklace. Go back up the rope, jump off
to the east, and go down the next rope. Go around through the cave and down
yet another rope. Jump across to the right and go down another rope. Where
you see a rope coming down from above, jump down and climb the rope for a
Reed Bow, an upgrade for Viola. Go east and jump down to the save point. Go
down the nearby rope to reach Glissando Cliffs: Area 3.

Jump to the left and follow the path for Speed Shoes, a great accessory and a
way to continue the item trading chain if you missed part of it earlier. Go
east and down the rope, then all the way west and down another rope. Continue
all the way west across two jumps to find a Spirit Arrowhead hidden behind a
tree. Go back east and down both ropes, then go west to Glissando Cliffs:
Area 4.

Go down the rope and all the way to the west. Jump across to the right and
enter the cave to go down some more. Follow the ledge to the right for a
Larkspur Robe, an upgrade for Viola. Go down the remaining ropes until
reaching the bottom, then walk west to trigger an event. The party will be
returned to Forte City after the event.

Stay at the inn. Buy anything you need at the shop and save one last time
before going north to Forte City Square.

BOSS: Tuba
Beat will not be available for this battle. I recommend Allegretto, Viola,
and Frederic. This battle is relatively easy, just have Viola be as far away
as possible (kinda tricky in this small battle area) and keep herding Tuba
away from her using your other two characters.

Here, you meet Salsa. After the event, walk east all the way to the large
hole in the wall. Before going through it, examine the nearby boxes for a
Club Clover. You will find Thief Slur nearby:
A Rank Emerald Bracelet Score Piece 17 (encore only)
B Rank Copper Necklace Score Piece 14, 16 (encore only)

Enemies: Sweet Whisper/Caravan Crab, Bolbo
Go south to the first fork and go east. Follow the right fork after the save
point until reaching Andantino's Secret Passage: Cave - North.

Jump off the left side of the path for a Branch Sword, an upgrade for
Allegretto. Jump down from there and follow the right path for a Star Cookie.
Follow the left path back to North Section 3.

Continue until reaching a north/south path and go south for a Frilly Umbrella
for Polka. Return to the northmost fork, and continue down the east path past
where you jumped off to reach Southern Cave. Follow the path around to the
east and north. Jump off to reach a chest with Charmed Scales for Allegretto.
Circle back to where you jumped and continue along the path to South.

Open the chest between the waterfalls for a Buffalo Horn for Frederic. Move
to the southern part of the cave, circle around to the eastern side and open
a chest for a Dragon Scale. Go north and across the root near the waterfall.
Follow the path to the exit.

Go south towards Fort Fermata. Talk to the man on the spiral left path near
the Fort Fermata entrance to trade your Speed Shoes for his empty Fruit

Use your key to access the shortcut directly south to the other side of the
fort. After a few events and conversations, save at the save point and exit
the fort to the south to arrive at Cabasa Bridge.

BOSS: Tuba
Opposite of the last battle, you're forced to use Beat in this fight. Also
bring Allegretto and Viola. Have Viola heal when necessary and otherwise
shoot from a distance while Allegretto and Beat build up combos for
Allegretto's Sun Slash.
REWARDS: Crescent Blade

***ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Revolution (10G)***


Party: Allegretto, Viola, Falsetto, Jazz, Claves
Enemies: Blue Gil/Rare Metal Picker
Use Allegretto, Viola and Falsetto in your party during this chapter. First,
don't forget to equip the Crescent Blade you just got onto Allegretto, it
restores HP so it's a very nice item to keep on him for a while. And since
you're not going to be using Jazz, replace his Mammoth Armor with something
else and give that to Allegretto.

First, go north until you reach the bent tree. From there, go south. At the
far southern path, go east to find a chest behind an enemy containing a Fish
Incense. Follow the path north and across the bent tree for an Angel Trumpet.
Cross the water and follow the next path to the south. Go east for a Swallow
Shooter, a very nice upgrade for Viola, before continuing east to Adagio
Swamp: East Side.

Follow the path east and when you reach a fork in the road, keep going east.
When you reach the southern path, walk off the path north into the water, and
follow this path north and west for a chest with Mammoth Armor. Return to the
wooden path and walk north and east along the tree. When you are back on the
south path, the path to the right of here has a sick fish, remember this
location. For now, follow the north path. At the fork, go south for a
Falchion for Jazz, then go back and take the other path to the exit.

Exit your room and enter the other room to the right. Examine the plant for a
Meat Hook, an upgrade for Falsetto. Talk to the man to trade your Fruit
Basket for a Winder. Exit the inn. Examine the cart near the path for 45G.
Examine the boat along the path north of the dock for Score Piece 3. Continue
along the path to the north.

Enemies: Mushroom Up, Bloody Onion/Leaf Egg
Go north and jump down to the left. Follow this path until reaching a score
piece NPC named Hungry Drum:
A Rank Gold Necklace Score Piece 8 (encore only)
B Rank Poison Whitecap Score Piece 4
S Rank Brilliant Brooch Score Piece 1
The Brilliant Brooch will come in handy in the next chapter for Polka,
but for now don't equip it. Continue north and jump off the bridge. Follow
the path around to a Bloody Onion with a chest behind it containing a Back
Sword for Allegretto (but you should probably still have the Crescent Blade
equipped for the health regen bonus). Jump down to the path and continue
north to Woodblock Groves: South Center.

Jump off the second overhang and cross the bridge to the north to reach a
Bloody Onion guarding the path. Continue along the path past it until you're
able to jump off onto a lower path. Go south and cross the bridge for a
Fencing Saber, an upgrade for Claves (though you really shouldn't be using
her at all). Return to the jump location and follow the path until reaching a
Bloody Onion near a chest containing a Luckless, an upgrade for Viola. Jump
down to the original path and move north to Woodblock Groves: North Center.

Jazz will give you a Neutralizing Stone, which reduces the poison damage
taken in battle to a fraction of what it was, for this area only. Jump off
the path on the right side. Follow this path north and then west to find a
hungry Bloody Onion. Trade it the Winder for an Empty Vase. Go back east and
follow the path all the way south. Jump off the bridge and backtrack to the
sick fish in Adagio Swamp that I told you to remember. Trade the fish the
Empty Vase you just found for a Power Ring. This is an amazing item that
increases your ATK by 10%, but you will need it for the next part of the
trading chain. If you plan on trading it, give it to Viola, as she will be
the only character here who is in your party when you need it.

Return to North Center where the fork in the road leading to the Bloody Onion
was, but this time go south and jump off a mushroom bridge. Follow this path
around to the south to find Score Piece 4. If you want, you can backtrack to
Hungry Drum, he will give you a Poison Whitecap for this score piece, but I
don't think it's worth it. Continue through North Center, past where the
hungry Bloody Onion was. Jump off the southern side of the bridge to get to a
tree with a chest containing a Big Paper Fan. Jump back down to the path and
continue into Woodblock Groves: North.

Go North and jump off the first bridge, then walk under it to get a Windblow,
an upgrade for Viola. Walk to the west to find a chest with an Angel Trumpet.
Jump back down to the path and walk over the first bridge, jump down at the
second. Follow this path really far north until you get to the second bridge.
Jump off and cross two bridges to reach the Recovery Gloves. I suggest you
equip these on Viola or Falsetto right away (Allegretto already has 10% regen
from his sword). Jump off the second bridge to the right to return to the
path, and follow it to reach Woodblock Groves: Waterfall, where your
Neutralizing Stone will break.

BOSS: Trick or Treat & Mushroom Up x2
Continue using Allegretto, Falsetto and Viola. Viola can do massive damage
from afar while Falsetto and Allegretto build up echoes so that Falsetto can
use them for her Snow Claw attack or Viola can use them to heal.
REWARD: Recovery Gloves, Floral Extract

After the battle, equip the Recovery Gloves to whichever character does not
have a similar regen item yet, then go east to Lake Reverb where you will
find Lonely Pitch:
A Rank EZI Photo Score Piece 20 (encore only)
B Rank Shadow Tail Score Piece 1, 3
S Rank Onyx Bracelet Score Piece 23 (encore only)
Return to Woodblock Groves: Waterfall and go north into the cave to reach

The second door leads to a doctor who can heal you for free. The third door
leads to a storage room with Score Piece 5 and Sullen Melody:
A Rank Amethyst Bracelet Score Piece 30 (encore only)
B Rank Peach Cookie Score Piece 1
S Rank Floral Powder Score Piece 10, 12 (encore only)
Exit the storeroom, walk down the stairs to the lower level and talk to the

Dragoon Blade 1000 Hell Mustard 300
Monkey Bow 800 Twilight Feather 50
Power Stroke 700 Dawn Feather 50
Mammoth Armor 350 Fallen Feather 50
Tiger Armor 800 Pure Feather 50
Cloth Dress 300 Chance Feather 50
Silk Dress 600 Icy Feather 50
Angel Trumpet 200 Time Feather 50
Star Cookie 200 Lion's Mane 300
Club Clover 150 Odd Chocolate 300
Glowing Tail 50 Fish Incense 300
Shadow Tail 50 Big Paper Fan 300
Bubble Straw 50

Buy the Tiger Armor for Allegretto, a Monkey Bow for Viola and the Power
Stroke and a Silk Dress for Falsetto. Walk all the way to the west and
examine the barrels for a note telling you to examine a stone pillar. Enter
the nearby door for an event. Return to this room after the event for a Flare
Head, an accessory for Viola. Return to the very first bridge in town and
search behind the stone pillar at the entrance for Score Piece 6, then exit
the town to the southeast.

Enemies: Scourger, Light Antique
When returning through a door, retrieve all flames from it unless I instruct
you otherwise.

1. Move north to view an event and get the first Red Flame.

2. Go through the lower right red door to reach Blockheads' Boneyard. Find
the first blue flame in the northeast corner, then return to the Main Road.

3. Go through the upper right blue door to reach Old Age Acres. Find a Mailed
Fist in the southeast corner for Falsetto, but it is not an upgrade over the
Power Stroke you recently purchased. Go through the red door in the northeast
corner of this area to find the second red flame, then return to the Main

4. Go through the upper left red door to reach Warrior's Burial Ground. Open
the purple door in the northwest corner inside to find the second blue flame,
then return to the Main Road.

5. Go through the lower left purple door to reach Gone Too Soon Graveyard.
Pass through the purple door to the northwest to enter the Back Road where
you will find a Lion's Mane in a chest. This path leads to Entrance to Spring
where you will find the green flame to the southeast.

6. Return to the Main Road, then enter Blockheads' Boneyard to the southeast.
Enter the red door and the light blue door to the southeast to find a
Chivalry Armor, an upgrade for Allegretto, then return to the Main Road.

7. Enter the lower left door (Gone Too Soon Graveyard) and place the flames
at the northern purple door inside. Leave them there, and exit back to the
Main Road, taking the red and blue flames from the door there. Enter the
northern yellow door and take the Back Road around to the purple door in Gone
Too Soon Graveyard. Remove these two flames once inside and place them at the
southern doors, reaching a Hellstriker, a great upgrade for Allegretto.

8. Return to the Entrance to Spring. Save, check your item set, and enter
the blue door to the north.

BOSS: Death Crow + Light Antique x2
Kill the antiques first, and do so again if the boss revives them. The
Hellstriker Sword is awesome for 32-point Shadow Assaults here, and the boss
is not immune to the Power Stroke's slow effect. Be sure to use Viola's Hawk
Eye at the beginning (if she's learned it), and as usual, keep her as far
away from the boss as possible. This boss is rather difficult to hit in melee
since it floats, so a large part of your damage will be from Viola's long-
distance attacks.
REWARD: Thunder Stir

***ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Fantaisie-Impromptu (10G)***


Party: Polka, Beat, Frederic, Salsa
Exit the room and go up the stairs. Talk to the shopkeeper.

Jonas's Parasol 700 Dawn Feather 50
Hoolurge Gun 800 Fallen Feather 50
Buffalo Horn 700 Pure Feather 50
Leather Jacket 500 Chance Feather 50
Sparkling Clothes 700 Icy Feather 50
Angel Trumpet 200 Time Feather 50
Floral Extract 250 Lion's Mane 300
Glowing Tail 50 Dragon Scale 300
Shadow Tail 50 Mouse Metronome 300
Bubble Straw 50 Very Odd Chocolate 500
Hell Mustard 300 Fish Incense 300
Twilight Feather 50 Big Paper Fan 300

Buy the Jonas's Parasol for Polka, the Hoolurge Gun for Beat, and a Leather
Jacket for all 4 party members. The Sparkling Clothes have higher DEF, but
the Leather Jacket's guard against critical hits will be much more valuable
against the upcoming pirates, especially in the 2nd playthrough.

Go down the stairs to East Hallway, and look under the staircase for a Bubble
Straw. Look on the bookshelf in the right room for Score Piece 7. Back on
deck, enter the northern door and examine the barrel under the desk for a
Hell Mustard. Walk to the lower right to view an event. After the event,
inspect the boxes and barrels to the right for a Piercing Shell and Score
Piece 8. Walk back to the other side of the ship for an event.

Enemies: Raider Pirate, Warrior Pirate

You can talk to the sailor standing on the deck to return to the Baroque Ship
if you need to buy or sell anything. Once there, you can talk to another
sailor on deck to return to the pirate ship. Be sure to equip the Brilliant
Brooch you got in Chapter 3 to Polka, so she can heal even when standing in
a dark area. As soon as she reaches level 16, don't forget to set her new
healing ability, Earth Heal.

I recommend using Salsa, Beat and Frederic for the random pirates in the
ship, and healing with Peach Cookies between fights if necessary. Switch out
Polka for Frederic when you get to the boss though, as her Earth Heal is very
good for healing large amounts of damage.

Walk north to find a save point and the entrance to the ship.

1. Enter the first left room and jump down for a Wormwood. Cross the hallway
to the right room and go up the stairs to return to Level 1.

2. Enter the northwest room for a Very Odd Chocolate.

3. Cross the hall and go down the stairs to Level 2. Go south and cross the
hall into the next room. Go north for a Glowing Tail.

4. Back in the hallway, go north for a Floral Powder.

5. Go south to the lowest right door and down the stairs to a save point.
Walk across the hallway to the cargo hold and go north for a Goddess Bouquet.

6. Return to the hallway and enter the northeastmost door. Go up the stairs
and slightly south for a Mercy Breath, a great upgrade for Salsa.

7. Jump down, return to the hallway, and enter the southeastern door. Jump
down for a Harmonic Wand, an upgrade for Frederic.

8. Jump down and cross the hallway for a Sailor's Uniform, an upgrade for
either Salsa or Polka.

9. Return to the hallway. Go up one door and to the right for Score Piece 9.

10. Return to the hallway and go north one door and to the left for a Goddess

11. Return to the hallway. Go north one door and to the right for Floral

12. Return to the hallway. Go south two doors and to the left for a Fish

13. Go up two sets of stairs and then jump down to get the Pirate's Key.

14. Jump right to the hallway, go south one door and to the right. Go up the
stairs, into the hallway, and into the northwest room to find Captive Conga:
A Rank EZI Scarf Score Piece 4
B Rank Twilight Feather Score Piece 16, 17 (encore only)
S Rank Dark Brooch Score Piece 3

15. Return to the 4th floor hallway and enter the north door using the key.

BOSS: Captain Dolce + 1st Lieutenant + 2nd Lieutenant
Kill off the Lieutenants ASAP. They can heal and revive each other. Get the
timing down for Dolce's attacks -- they're quick and they hurt a lot, but
Dolce is the first boss you find who will actually walk around you to hit
you from behind, so sometimes there's nothing you can do do defend yourself.
Once the Lieutenants are dead, work on building up echoes for Salsa's
32-point Grand Slam and Shadow Silhouette. Polka's Earth Heal is very
powerful, but have lots of Angel Trumpets and Floral Essence or Star
Cookies on hand to heal Polka and revive any party members who die. Beat can
take pictures of Dolce if you think you can still defeat her, if you are
running low on money at all.
REWARDS: Pirate's Paper 1, Skull and Bones, Torn Umbrella

Enter the castle to view an event. After, go south into the central area.
Enter the first door to the right. Enter the second door and examine the
record player for Score Piece 10. Talk to Impatient Pizzicato in the hall:
A Rank Ruby Bracelet Score Piece 22
B Rank Peach Cookie Score Piece 2, 9
S Rank Angel Trumpet Score Piece 3
Return to the main area and ascend the right staircase. Enter the room at
the end of the hall and examine the clock for Score Piece 11. Back in the
hall, go around to the left side and talk to Celebrity Marcato:
A Rank EZI String Phone Score Piece 1
B Rank Club Clover Score Piece 7, 9
Return to the right and enter the guarded blue door for an event.

Walk east to where Lonesome Loco is standing:
A Rank Topaz Bracelet Score Piece 32 (encore only)
B Rank Fallen Feather Score Piece 22
S Rank Sky Blue Brooch Score Piece 15
Go past him to the east and examine the garbage bags for a Mouse Metronome.
Walk south from the fountain to reach Main Street. Talk to Contrary Marimba:
A Rank Smiling EZI Score Piece 6
B Rank Glowing Tail Score Piece 5
Enter the inn and enter the far left room atop the stairs. Examine the desk
to the left for Score Piece 12.

***VERY IMPORTANT: If this is your second playthrough, enter another room in
the inn and talk to the Grandma there. If you do not view this event during
Chapter 4, you will not be able to get Score Piece 31 later on, and will need
to progress through a third playthrough to complete all achievements!!

Exit the inn and visit the nearby item shop to sell/buy stuff:

Jonas's Parasol 700 Bubble Straw 50
Lohar Cannon 1000 Twilight Feather 50
Ebony Shaft 900 Dawn Feather 50
Mercy Breath 750 Fallen Feather 50
Leather Jacket 500 Pure Feather 50
Elegant Clothes 900 Chance Feather 50
Angel Trumpet 200 Icy Feather 50
Snowpuff Cookie 300 Time Feather 50
Glowing Tail 50 Wormwood 200
Shadow Tail 50 Stone of the Spring 500

Buy an Ebony Shaft for Frederic, and Elegant Clothes for one of the two party
members who are not wearing the Sailor's Uniform (you will find a second one
in the next area). With your remaining money, buy some Snowpuff Cookies.

Examine the snowy planter next to the save point south of the train for a
Snowpuff Cookie. Enter the little house to the south and examine the barrels
to the right for a Feathered Hat. Go south to the Entrance and examine the
snowman for Score Piece 13. Return to the castle fountain and go west.

Enemies: Ice Coffin, Swordfish
Follow the right fork to the EZI Shrine. Inspect it for 321G. Follow the
right path to a Shard of Sampo chest behind an enemy. Behind the left enemy
is a Snowpuff Cookie hidden in the snow. Return to the first fork and take
the left path to Sharp Mountains: Second Point.

Follow the right wall to a dead end in a cave for Score Piece 14. Go back
south and take the left path. Take a left path up a slope for a Bird Cloak,
an upgrade for Frederic, then return to the path. Far to the north, there is
a chest containing Elegant Clothes behind an enemy. Go slightly south and
follow the path to Sharp Mountains: Sixth Point.

Behind the enemy to the north is a Chakram for Salsa (though since it's a
Light-specific weapon, I do not consider it an upgrade and would rather keep
using the Mercy Breath). Follow the path north and enter the cave to the
right. Talk to Killer Bell Lyre:
A Rank EZI Egg Score Piece 14
B Rank Star Cookie Score Piece 3, 7
Continue north to Sharp Mountains: Eighth Point.

Follow the right path to the lodge for an event. Inside the lodge, open the
chest for a Warhammer Pistol for Beat, and examine the fireplace for Score
Piece 15. Exit the lodge and walk north to the Summit.

Enemies: Fire Antique, Haken Busche/Coelacanth
Watch out for the Coelacanth enemies. They can attack very fast and are very
difficult to guard against. Their spinning attack can kill a character during
the second playthrough. The larger dragon enemies they turn into in the light
are more armored, but much easier to guard because they are slow, so if
possible, try to lure them into the light. And as usual, use your stock of
Peach Cookies to heal yourself between fights if necessary.

Open the chest along the path for a Snowpuff Cookie. Continue west into
Wah Lava Cave: North Side 1.

At the first fork, follow the south path for a Saffron Parasol, an upgrade for
Polka. Return to the fork and follow the west path to reach Wah Lava Cave:
North Side 2.

Follow the south path for Score Piece 16. Follow the north path for a Floral
Extract. Jump down from here to return to the main path, and follow it until
reaching a save point. Follow the path south from the fork until finding a
Resonating Wand, an upgrade for Frederic. Return to the fork and go west
until reaching an enemy guarding a jump platform. Jump down 3 times to find
a Goddess Bouquet. Jump down from here and go back north along the path.
Jump down from the second jump point you find 3 times to reach a Hard
Jacket, an upgrade for Frederic, Beat, or Polka. Jump from here and walk
south to Wah Lava Cave: Middle 1.

Pass through south to Wah Lava Cave: Middle 2 and collect the chest behind an
enemy to the south for a Cloud Cape, an upgrade for Salsa or Polka. Go back
to North Side 2 and take the left path to Middle 1 this time, walking through
it to Middle 2 and the next save point.

Jump south, south, west, west, south, south, south to Wah Lava Cave: Middle 3.
Run south and jump east across several platforms to reach a Mouse Metronome.
Return to the north and jump down to the path. Follow it all the way to the
west until it curves north to reach Wah Lava Cave: South Side 2. Pass through
it to Wah Lava Cave: South Entrance, and pick up a Celestial Hourglass on your
way south to the save point.

Go east to Wah Lava Cave: South Side 1. Jump north across the platforms to
reach Wah Lava Cave: Middle 3. Go north to the dragon that's staring at the
flower. Kill it and inspect the X on the ground.

BOSS: Captain Dolce + 1st Lieutenant + 2nd Lieutenant
Immediately run back to the patch of light if Polka doesn't have the
Brilliant Brooch. In this fight, it helps to keep your party members close
together. If you can hit both lieutenants and Dolce at the same time, you
can build echoes three times as fast for higher damage to kill them off
sooner. This version of Dolce is about the same as before, except that you're
both a higher level. If you're having trouble, you might want to get Frederic
up to level 24 so he learns Spirit's Pathway and you can use him for healing
instead of Polka.
REWARDS: Pocket Watch, Pirate's Paper 2, enough XP for all of your party
members to go up 3-4 levels at once.

Return to the save point in South Entrance and go west.

BOSS: Fugue
If you defeated Dolce in the cave, this should be a piece of cake. Salsa
should probably know Deadly Orbit now, so have her stand in the dark or wear
a Dark Brooch to use that ability. Frederic should know Spirits Pathway, so
have him stand in the light and heal when necessary.
REWARDS: Brisingamen, Torquatus

***ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Unlocked Party Level 4 (10G)***
***ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Grande Valse Brilliante (10G)***

Party Level 4! This party level adds the ability to counterattack by
pressing the Attack button instead of the Guard button when given the chance.
It also enables you to chain together two attacks from the same character
by pressing the special attack button when prompted to towards the end of
the first attack, if the first attack was used with either a 24-point or 32-
point echo meter. Note that harmony chains are not like defending, you do not
need to time it perfectly for it to be successful, so just spam the button
all you can during the end of the attack to guarantee the harmony chain's
success. Note that a Harmony Chain will only occur if you have two different
attacks selected for that character. This party level also increases your
item set to 30 slots, and further decreases your tactical time to 1 second.


Party: Allegretto, Beat, Frederic
Exit the hideout and walk across to the bakery. Examine the back of the store
for Score Piece 17, and the side of the store for Score Piece 18. Go back
outside and talk to Worrywort Horn:
A Rank Cherry EZI Score Piece 3
B Rank Star Cookie Score Piece 1, 23
Walk north to the church for an event.

Party: Allegretto
Walk to the beach for another event.

Party: Beat, Frederic, Viola, Salsa, March
Exit the church and walk down to the hideout for an event. Exit the sewers
and enter the pharmacy. Talk to the shopkeeper, then exit the pharmacy and
enter the house across the square, west of the bakery. Talk to the woman
there to trade your Power Ring for Cold Medicine. Enter the cave that leads
to Tenuto and talk to the man inside. Return to the sewers and give the girl
the Cold Medicine and you will get the Spell Book in return. Exit the sewers
and enter the shop:

Jonas's Parasol 700 Bubble Straw 50
Hatchet Musket 1100 Twilight Feather 50
Bastard Sword 1300 Dawn Feather 50
Lunaticus 1150 Fallen Feather 50
Battle Shirt 1000 Pure Feather 50
Leather Guard 900 Chance Feather 50
Ugly Clothes 500 Icy Feather 50
Angel Trumpet 200 Time Feather 50
Snowpuff Cookie 300 Heroic Feather 50
Diamond Clover 350 Sock Incense 500
Glowing Tail 50 Wormwood 200
Shadow Tail 50

Buy a Hatchet Musket and Ugly Clothes for Beat. Buy Ugly Clothes for Salsa,
and a Leather Guard for Frederic and Viola. Equip these items as well as the
Thunder Stir for Viola that dropped off the Death Crow in Chapter 3. Leave
the shop, enter the church, and pass through to the door in back.

Enemies: Viege, Orange Float/Ruby Eye
At the T, go right. Continue east into Mandolin Church Catacombs: East
Section, then go south to find Score Piece 19. Continue south to the hideout
to find Scramasax. Return to the T and go west. Go north and after the event,
you will be in Mandolin Church Grotto: South Section.

At the T, go left to find two enemies guarding a chest with the Prophetic
Cane. Examine one of the six pillars and return to the T, this time going
right. Continue north to the next area.

On the right side, behind a mine cart, there is a chest with a Power Ring. If
you missed the previous parts of the chain, this can get you caught up, or
use this as a good accessory if you did follow the trade chain earlier.
Continue north and cross the left bridge to reach two enemies guarding two
chests: a Double Crescent (for Viola) and a Diamond Clover. Back on the main
path, continue north to the next area.

Turn right at the T and find a Diamond Clover all the way to the northeast,
next to a waterfall. Go back west and follow the path you find going north.
Past the save point is another boss battle.

BOSS: Root Lurker
This boss has an annoying tendency to charge to the other side of the area
(often towards Viola) so speed-enhancing items like Speed Shoes are good
here. Apart from that, this boss is pretty easy.
REWARDS: Herebra, Crimson Brooch

Party: Allegretto, Beat, Polka, Frederic, Viola, Salsa, March, Jazz
Walk east and talk to the Former Servant. Enter the castle and go up the left
stairs. Enter the second room to find Shallow Sweet:
A Rank EZI Pajamas Score Piece 12
B Rank Poison Whitecap Score Piece 3
Enter the room at the end of the hall and examine the green glowing flask on
the left for Magatama. Exit the castle and go south to Main Street. Stop at
the shop to sell/buy, then save and enter the bar. Enter the door in the back
that leads to the wine cellar. Talk to the employee there and choose the
third option.

BOSS: Captain Dolce + 1st Lieutenant + 2nd Lieutenant
Same strategies as before, but this time at a higher level and a better
choice of characters who can actually do damage. Much easier because of this.
REWARDS: Werewolf Choker

If this is your first playthrough, you will also get a Peace Earring. If you
are on the second playthrough, you get Pirate's Paper 3. Be sure to examine
the barrels nearby for Score Piece 20 before you leave, then exit Baroque
City to the south.

Enemies: Flamea/White Pearl, Anathema
Walk south to trigger an event. If you have the Spell Book from the trading
chain, return to the castle laboratory and trade the man there for the Aria
Key. If not, continue along the path. Follow the right path for an Orbis.
Behind an enemy on the left path is a Spell Book, so go back now. Be sure to
talk to the merchant on the bridge on your way back for Score Piece 21.
Continue the path in Celesta Forest until you reach the Aria Temple entrance.

Enemies: Sorbie/Ice Melody, Icicle Eater
Enter Aria Temple using the key you got earlier. Immediately warp up to the
first floor. Follow the right path and kill 3 enemies in the east section as
well as one in the nearby hallway to cause a chest containing an Imperial
Guard (weapon for Viola) to teleport nearby. Follow the path northwest to the
northern steps and kill the enemy hiding behind the pillar to cause another
chest to teleport to the northeast hall. Walk southwest and kill the enemy in
the west, then kill the first enemy in the southwest hall to cause a chest
with a Lion Armor to teleport to the west room. Return to the northeast hall
to collect the Rib Crusher that was teleported earlier. Continue up the
stairs to the next floor.

Open the nearby chest for a Bubbly Hat, then go back down to the previous
floor. Enter the center room here. Kill only the enemies standing on the
glowing circles (NOT the rats), and a rope will appear leading up.

In this room, kill the four enemies that are not standing on glowing circles
(again, NOT rats) to cause a chest containing a Recovery Orb to appear in the
center. Kill the remaining enemies in this room before exiting to the north.
Follow down the passage to the southeast and then southwest. Kill the first
enemy here to cause a chest containing a Flintlock Pick to teleport to the
east room. After getting the contents of this chest, kill all remaining
enemies on this floor to teleport a chest with a Forecaster Cane to the west
room. Go up the north stairs to the next floor.

Open the chest nearby containing a Tundra Vest. Walk south to the stairs and
up to the next floor.

BOSS: Rondo
The first member of your party will automatically be Falsetto, so be sure to
choose the other two you want by making them the first two in your party
beforehand. You can choose to bring Beat to take pictures, Polka or Frederic
for healing, anyone else for damage. Whoever you pick, know that Rondo is
very fast, and her attacks are extremely hard to block. Beating her is mostly
a matter of practice to learn the timing on her attacks, and if necessary,
returning to previous levels of the tower to level up some more.
REWARDS: Heart Pendant, Death's Head

***ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Nocturne (10G)***




Walk towards the shrine for an event. Afterwards, examine the shrine for a
Saint's Mirror, then examine the tree for Score Piece 22. Follow the path to
the west and north, stopping at the save point for a shop and rest before
continuing north.

~~MT. ROCK~~
Follow the path north to Mt. Rock: Main Area. The path curves to the west,
enter the tunnel at the end and pass through it. In the next area, follow the
path north to a narrow wooden bridge to a chest containing NO NAME, a weapon
for March. Continue along the path until it forks, and take the right-side
path to a cave. This leads to the Aloof Fiddle:
A Rank Sunlight Guards Score Piece 11
B Rank Floral Powder Score Piece 12
Return to the fork, and take the left path to Mt. Rock: Canyon.

Follow the path to the right for ANTELOPE ARMOR, which is good for Allegretto
or Jazz. Take the north path and then walk east into the cave for a
SUNBRINGER, a weapon for Allegretto that isn't an upgrade at all if you
picked up any of the last 4 weapons for him that I told you to get. Exit the
cave and walk against the wind all the way to the western side. After the
save point you will enter a clearing for an event and...

BOSS: Waltz & Calamity Wilhm
If you are good at guarding attacks, I'd suggest ignoring the dragon, making
sure not to turn your back to it. Its attacks are slow and easily blocked.
However, if you do decide to kill it first, it goes down pretty quickly. Just
don't turn your back to Waltz, his attacks can do a lot of damage if not
guarding. This is mainly one of those fights where the enemy is fast and
difficult to guard, leveling up or practicing this fight a few times can be
the key to victory.

Party Level 5!

***ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Unlocked Party Level 5 (10G)***
***ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Tristesse (10G)***


First things first, jump into the portal along the cliff.

The blue light on the left is a shop/inn with new equipment for sale. Examine
an urn to the right of the stairs for a DARK TAIL. Walk up the steps to West
(yes, I know you walked east to get there, level with me) and walk east into
the main area. The red light to the right of the main door is Glamorous Oboe:
A Rank EZI Bun Score Piece 28 (encore only)
Examine the southeast corner of the town for a RAINBOW EZI before exiting

Walk north to the end of the path and talk to the blue light (the Elder).
After the event, open a chest to the northeast for a SPADE CLOVER before
returning to Elegy.

Talk to the light guarding the door to gain entrance, now that you have
gotten the elder's permission.

Wow that's a long name for this place. Don't be intimidated, it's very
straightforward. There is a simple minigame within this tower, you must
repeat the notes that the guardians play three times. Talk to Trio in the
middle of the first room to trigger the first one. The notes are:

F F# G Ab A Bb B C C# D Eb E F F# G Ab Bb B C
| | |
1 | |
| 2
3 |

After completing this simple trial, ascend the staircase to the right and
spiral up. Upon reaching the IF Landing, follow the right wall to a MIST
CAPE. Follow this circle around to a save point and the stairs to the next



Right before the end credits roll, you are given the option to save. You may
resume from that save to either watch the ending credits again or begin a new
game. In this new game:

~You keep all score pieces you collected so far.

~You keep the Hero's Crest, allowing you to enter the Mysterious Unison
before visiting Double Reed Tower.

~All enemies have twice the health, 1.5 times the attack and defense, while
still giving you the same amount of experience and gold.

~You keep the highest Party Level you have unlocked, (5 or 6, depending on
whether you visited the Mysterious Unison before ending the game) and are now
free to change your party level at any time from the main menu.

Upon reaching Chapter 6 in the second playthrough, the left teleporter in
Baroque is unlocked which allows you to revisit various places to get new
score pieces, play for new score piece NPCs, find new items and events and
complete a few sidequests.

Warp locations:
Tenuto Village
Agogo Village
Forte City
Cantabile Inn
Baroque Ship

New Score Piece NPCs:
Easygoing Flat: Tenuto Village
Solitary String: Tenuto Village (the cat near Polka's House)
Sister Loving Trumpet & Tenacious Cornet: Cantabile Inn
Petty Oud: Guard in Forte City Square
Strolling Ghost Note: Hanon Hills just south of Forte
Precocious Flute: Agogo Village clearing, where you fought the Ogre Champ
Twilight Juju: on a dock near the lake in Chorus Plains
Gentle Harp: Baroque City after completing a sidequest
Methodical Gospel: Ritardando Church pew
Henpecked Phil's Dad: Forte Inn, Chapter 7 only
Quack Ukelele: Sharp Mountains EZI shrine, Chapter 7 only
Disappointed Note: Cabasa Bridge (Fort Fermata side) Chapter 7 only

New Score Pieces:
26: A Rank with Easygoing Flat in Tenuto
27: Heaven's Mirror Forest, from a squirrel
28: Forte City Tavern, upstairs
29: Forte City Inn, outside near the door
30: Man in Forte City (only if you talked to the granny in Baroque in Ch.4)
31: Baroque City after completing a sidequest
32: A Rank with Disappointed Note at Cabasa Bridge, Chapter 7 only

Other story events:
Talk to Polka's mom in Tenuto
Return to Andante to find out about Etude


Snow Dogs: Enter the small house south of the shop in Baroque to find that
the woman's husband is missing. A dog tells Viola that he is hurt and lost
in the mountains. Go up to 2nd Point in Sharp Mountains and follow the fork
to the right through the cave. You will fight a relatively easy rat boss
named Tracer for an Artemis's Bow. After defeating it, you will be rewarded
with Score Piece 30 and the ability to play score pieces with his wife, who
is now known as Gentle Harp.

Pirates: If you defeated Dolce all three times, you should have Pirate's
Paper 3. Take this paper to Woodblock Groves: South Center, where the Bloody
Onion is guarding the path. There is a place to enter a code. Enter 3214, and
a chest will appear, Dolce soon behind. After defeating her for the 4th and
final time, she will drop Wilderness, a weapon for Salsa, and the chest
contains the wonderful Seven Stars accessory, which increases all EXP gain
by 20% when it is equipped. This will also unlock the 80-point achievement
"Pirate's Treasure."

Trading Chain:
1. You must talk to the Former Developer in Ritardando, either as Beat during
Chapter 5 or later as Allegretto once you can teleport back.
2. Talk to the Former Servant in Baroque City (near Lonesome Loco) who
will tell you more about Chord.
3. After defeating Rondo in Aria Temple, you get a Heart Pendant.
4. Once you can teleport around during Chapter 6 and 7, you can return to
Fort Fermata and enter a locked door to trade the Heart Pendant to Chord for
the Pot sitting near him.
5. Trade the Pot to a woman in Tenuto Village for some Goat Stew.
6. Trade the Goat Stew to the goatherd in Chorus Plains for a Coupon.
7. Trade the Coupon to the merchant in Hanon Hills for some Honey.
8. Take the Honey to the Magic Researcher in Baroque Castle.
9. Give photos of 20 different monsters to the Agogo Boy in Agogo Village
(since you can only carry 12 photos at a time, it will require at least 2
trips to bring enough) for Agogo Droppings.
10. The Magic Researcher will take the Agogo Droppings and give you the Odd
Candy after you spend the night at the Baroque Hotel.
11. Trade the Odd Candy to the merchant in Hanon Hills for a Glass Ball.
12. Take the Glass Ball to the priest in Baroque. He gives it back and tells
you to take it to the top of Aria Temple.
13. Take the Glass Ball to the top of Aria Temple, and examine the very back
of the top room where you fought Rondo. It will change into the Orb.
14. When you reach the top of Xylophone Tower in Chapter 7, place the Orb
in the slot at the back of the top room in Xylophone Tower. This leads
to a chest containing the Lion's Chime, and also unlocks the 80-point
"Xylophone's Treasure" achievement.

Super-powerful weapons:
Not quite a "sidequest" but be sure to return to Forte City Inn during
Chapter 7 to get Allegretto's Silver Star sword as a reward for playing
Score Piece 26 with Henpecked Phil's Dad. It is the absolute best weapon
in the game, increasing Allegretto's critical rate to 100% and also his
active time.
And also, don't miss Polka's Gold Moon umbrella from Quack Ukelele in Sharp
Mountains in Chapter 7. Play Score Piece 25 for him to get this great weapon,
which increases EXP by 5% for all characters as well as recovering 10% HP
at the beginning of every turn.



Points Name Description
10 Unlocked Party Level 2 Party Level 2 can now be selected.
10 Unlocked Party Level 3 Party Level 3 can now be selected.
10 Unlocked Party Level 4 Party Level 4 can now be selected.
10 Unlocked Party Level 5 Party Level 5 can now be selected.
20 Unlocked Party Level 6 Party Level 6 can now be selected.

10 Raindrops Chapter 1 Raindrops has been completed.
10 Revolution Chapter 2 Revolution has been completed.
10 Fantaisie-Impromptu Chapter 3 Fantaisie-Impromptu has been
10 Grande Valse Brilliante Chapter 4 Grand Valse Brilliante has
been completed.
10 Nocturne Chapter 5 Nocturne has been completed.
10 Tristesse Chapter 6 Tristesse has been completed.
10 Heroic Chapter 7 Heroic has been completed.
10 Heaven's Mirror Complete Final Chapter: Heaven's Mirror.

30 Hero's Gate The Hero's Gate has been opened.
50 Rondo's Return Defeat Rondo in Unison.
50 Claves's Resurrection Unison has been completed and Claves
has been resurrected.
70 Grand Finale Final Chapter Heaven's Mirror has been
completed with all characters remaining.
79 Soul Released The soul of Chord, the first mineral
powder test subject, has been released.
80 Xylophone's Treasure The hidden treasure inside the secret
room, highest floor of Xylophone Tower,
has been acquired.
80 Pirate's Treasure The mystery behind the pirate's treasure
has been solved and the treasure has
been acquired.
100 Score Piece Collector All the score pieces scattered throughout
the world have been collected.
321 EZI Worshipper All the items related to EZI have been

~~~~EZI ITEMS~~~~

You will need to collect all 21 items in this list in order to unlock the
321-point achievement, "EZI Worshipper". Almost all items are acquired by
playing score pieces for various people, but you are not required to find all
score pieces in order to unlock this achievement.

The items themselves usually have no use, or such a small use that you would
not actually want to use them for anything. Their only purpose is collecting.

Possible to acquire in first playthrough:
EZI Cracker: A Rank (2) with Gentlemanly Pop in Forte City Square Ch.2
EZI Scarf: A Rank (4) with Captive Conga in Pirate Ship Dolce Ch.4
EZI String Phone: A Rank (1) with Celebrity Marcato in Baroque Castle Ch.4-7
Smiling EZI: A Rank (6) with Contrary Marimba in Baroque City Ch.4-7
EZI Egg: A Rank (14) with Killer Bell Lyre in Sharp Mountains Ch.4
Cherry EZI: A Rank (3) with Worrywort Horn in Ritardando Ch. 5
EZI Pajamas: A Rank (12) with Shallow Sweet in Baroque Castle Ch.5-7
EZI Paddle: A Rank (7) with Granny's Girl Quena in Baroque City Inn Ch. 6-7
EZI Handkerchief: A Rank (18) with Conceited Choir in Baroque Ch.6-7
Rainbow EZI: Purchased for 10G in Elegy City Ch.7
Chapel EZI: B Rank (13) with Desolate Saburo in Noise Dunes Ch.7

Can only acquire in 2nd playthrough:
EZI Certificate: A Rank (5) with Wiseman Maracas in Glissando Cliffs Ch.2
EZI Photo: A Rank (20) with Lonely Pitch at Lake Reverb Ch.3
Elite EZI: A Rank (21) with Solitary String in Tenuto Village Ch.6-7
EZI Pendant: A Rank (27) with Methodical Gospel in Ritardando Ch.6-7
Small EZI: A Rank (29) with Precocious Flute in Agogo Village Clearing Ch.6-7
Swimming EZI: A Rank (15) with Twilight JuJu in Chorus Plains Ch.6-7
Laughing EZI: A Rank (9) with Strolling Ghost Note in Hanon Hills Ch.6-7
EZI Pocketbook: A Rank (13) with Tenacious Cornet in Cantabile Inn Ch.6-7
Weekly EZI Magazine: A Rank (16) with Gentle Harp in Baroque City Ch.6-7
EZI Bun: A Rank (28) with Glamorous Oboe in Elegy City Ch.7


Since score pieces are not labeled in-game in any way, I am numbering them
according to the order they are found in the game. If you miss one, you will
likely not know which one you are missing until I figure out how to type
music notes in ASCII art :P

First Playthrough:
Any of these score pieces can also be obtained in the second playthrough,
either through regular play or by teleporting back to these locations
with the teleporter.
1. In a shrine in Agogo Village, Chapter 1 or 2
2. In a chest at the end of Fort Fermata, Chapter 2
3. In a boat outside Cantabile Inn, Chapter 3
4. In a chest in Woodblock Groves, Chapter 3
5. In a storage room in Andante City, Chapter 3
6. Hidden near a rock in Andante City, Chapter 3
7. On a bookshelf on the Baroque Ship, Chapter 4
8. On the bow of the Baroque Ship, Chapter 4
9. Pirate Ship Dolce, Chapter 4
10. In a record player in Baroque Castle, Chapter 4-7
11. In a clock in Baroque Castle, Chapter 4-7
12. On a desk in the Baroque City Inn, Chapter 4-7
13. In a snowman at Baroque City Entrance, Chapter 4-7
14. In a cave in Sharp Mountains, Chapter 4
15. In the fireplace in the Sharp Mountain Lodge, Chapter 4
16. In a treasure chest in Wah Lava Cave, Chapter 4
17. In the back of the Ritardando Bakery, Chapter 5
18. On the side of the Ritardando Bakery, Chapter 5
19. In a treasure chest in Mandolin Church Tunnel, Chapter 5
20. In a barrel in the Baroque tavern wine cellar, Chapter 5-7
21. From a merchant at the Celesta Forest entrance, Chapter 5-7
22. Cello Tree at Cowbell Heights, Chapter 6-7
23. Mysterious Unison Floor 4, Chapter 7
24. Mysterious Unison Floor 9, Chapter 7
25. Mysterious Unison Floor 12, Chapter 7

Second Playthrough:
These score pieces can be obtained by teleporting back to previous areas
by way of the teleporter unlocked in the second playthrough's chapter 6.
26. A Rank with Easygoing Flat in Tenuto Village
27. Last area in Heaven's Mirror Forest squirrel
28. Forte City Tavern upstairs
29. Forte City, near door to inn
30. Baroque City, rescue man with dogs sidequest
31. Forte City, man in pain, Chapter 7 only.
***NOTE! You MUST have talked to the old granny in the inn during
Chapter 4 for the man in Forte to give you the score piece.
The old woman is asleep during chapters 5-7 so if you missed
this event, you must complete a 3rd playthrough to complete
all achievements.
32. A Rank with Disappointed Note at Cabasa Bridge (north side) Ch. 7 only


These NPCs are listed in the order they are encountered in normal gameplay.

I'm only going to list the first 2 score pieces if there are many you can use
for the same result. You can return to any of the first playthrough NPCs
during the second playthrough in chapter 6 or 7 using the teleporter.

Some rewards from First Playthrough NPCs can only be acquired in the
second playthrough.

First Playthrough:

Gentlemanly Pop: Forte City Square, Chapter 2
A Rank EZI Cracker Score Piece 2
B Rank Peach Cookie Score Piece 1,3
S Rank Lion's Mane Score Piece 8 (encore only)

Wiseman Maracas: Glissando Cliffs, Chapter 2
A Rank EZI Certificate Score Piece 5 (encore only)
B Rank Tailored Clothes Score Piece 23 (encore only)

Thief Slur: Forte Prison, Chapter 2
A Rank Emerald Bracelet Score Piece 17 (encore only)
B Rank Copper Necklace Score Piece 14, 16 (encore only)

Hungry Drum: Woodblock Groves, Chapter 3
A Rank Gold Necklace Score Piece 8 (encore only)
B Rank Poison Whitecap Score Piece 4
S Rank Brilliant Brooch Score Piece 1

Lonely Pitch: Lake Reverb, Chapter 3
A Rank EZI Photo Score Piece 20 (encore only)
B Rank Shadow Tail Score Piece 1, 3
S Rank Onyx Bracelet Score Piece 23 (encore only)

Sullen Melody: Andante City Storage, Chapter 3
A Rank Amethyst Bracelet Score Piece 30 (encore only)
B Rank Peach Cookie Score Piece 1
S Rank Floral Powder Score Piece 10, 12 (encore only)

Captive Conga: Pirate Ship Dolce Basement 3, Chapter 4
A Rank EZI Scarf Score Piece 4
B Rank Twilight Feather Score Piece 16, 17 (encore only)
S Rank Dark Brooch Score Piece 3

Impatient Pizzicato, Baroque Castle Lower Right, Chapter 4-7
A Rank Ruby Bracelet Score Piece 22
B Rank Peach Cookie Score Piece 2, 9
S Rank Angel Trumpet Score Piece 3

Celebrity Marcato: Baroque Castle Upper Left, Chapter 4-7
A Rank EZI String Phone Score Piece 1
B Rank Club Clover Score Piece 7, 9

Lonesome Loco: Baroque City North, Chapter 4-7
A Rank Topaz Bracelet Score Piece 31 (encore only)
B Rank Fallen Feather Score Piece 22
S Rank Sky Blue Brooch Score Piece 15

Contrary Marimba: Baroque City Main Street, Chapter 4-7
A Rank Smiling EZI Score Piece 6
B Rank Glowing Tail Score Piece 5

Killer Bell Lyre: Sharp Mountains, Chapter 4
A Rank EZI Egg Score Piece 14
B Rank Star Cookie Score Piece 3, 7

Worrywort Horn: Ritardando: Chapter 5
A Rank Cherry EZI Score Piece 3
B Rank Star Cookie Score Piece 1, 23

Shallow Sweet: Baroque Castle Upper Left, Chapter 5-7
A Rank EZI Pajamas Score Piece 12
B Rank Poison Whitecap Score Piece 3

Granny's Girl Quena: Baroque City Inn, Chapter 6-7
A Rank EZI Paddle Score Piece 7
B Rank Fish Incense Score Piece 1, 9
S Rank Obsidian Mirror Score Piece 10

Conceited Choir: Baroque Castle Garden, Chapter 6-7
A Rank EZI Handkerchief Score Piece 18
B Rank Snowpuff Cookie Score Piece 1, 3
S Rank Odd Chocolate Score Piece 11

Aloof Fiddle: Mt. Rock Mineshaft, Chapter 6-7
A Rank Sunlight Guards Score Piece 11
B Rank Floral Powder Score Piece 12

Glamorous Oboe: Elegy City of the Moon, Chapter 7
A Rank EZI Bun Score Piece 28 (encore only)

Desolate Saburo/Goro: Noise Dunes of Fantasy North, Chapter 7
A Rank Shadow Helm Score Piece 10
B Rank Chapel EZI Score Piece 13
***NOTE: you need to talk to the other stone heads in this area before
he will play score pieces with you.

Second Playthrough only:

Easygoing Flat: Tenuto Village, Chapter 6-7
A Rank Score Piece 25 Score Piece 24
B Rank Floral Powder Score Piece 23, 30
S Rank Silver Bullet Score Piece 6

Solitary String: Tenuto Village, Chapter 6-7
A Rank Elite EZI Score Piece 21

Methodical Gospel: Ritardando Church, Chapter 6-7
A Rank EZI Pendant Score Piece 27

Precocious Flute: Agogo Village Clearing, Chapter 6-7
A Rank Small EZI Score Piece 29
B Rank Guardian Clothes Score Piece 2

Twilight JuJu: Chorus Plains, Chapter 6-7
A Rank Swimming EZI Score Piece 15
B Rank Club Clover Score Piece 7
S Rank Rapture Head Score Piece 6

Strolling Ghost Note: Hanon Hills North, Chapter 6-7
A Rank Laughing EZI Score Piece 9
B Rank Big Paper Fan Score Piece 1, 21

Petty Oud: Forte City Square, Chapter 6-7
A Rank Diamond Bracelet Score Piece 32
B Rank Bat Umbrella Score Piece 12, 30

Sister Loving Trumpet: Cantabile Inn, Chapter 6-7
A Rank Hippolyte's Belt Score Piece 23
B Rank Snowpuff Cookie Score Piece 12

Tenacious Cornet: Cantabile Inn, Chapter 6-7
A Rank EZI Pocketbook Score Piece 13

Gentle Harp: Baroque City, Chapter 6-7
A Rank Weekly EZI Magazine Score Piece 16
B Rank Bubble Straw Score Piece 22
***NOTE: You will need to complete the sidequest to rescue her husband
before she will play score pieces with you.

Henpecked Phil's Dad: Forte City Inn, Chapter 7
A Rank Silver Star Score Piece 26
B Rank Peacock's Feather Score Piece 12, 15

Disappointed Note: Cabasa Bridge North Side, Chapter 7
A Rank Score Piece 32 Score Piece 19
B Rank Hunting Knife Score Piece 1, 2, 3

Quack Ukelele	Sharp Mountains Ð Ch. 7
A Rank Gold Moon Score Piece 25
B Rank Peacock's Feather Score Piece 2, 3


I would first like to thank Namco Bandai and Tri-Crescendo for making this
wonderful game.

Big thanks go out to my fiance and my friends for motivating me to write
another guide. It's a lot of work, but totally worth it.

And finally, I want to thank you, the reader, for reading this FAQ. If I had
not written this FAQ, you would have had to wait for someone else to do it.
The fact that I made a difference to you makes it all worth it.


This document copyright (c) 2007 Kiryn Silverwing.