Affection Levels

The Affection Levels are just that, the levels of affection between the FF10 party members and Tidus. This of course is self explanitory by how you choose to act throughout the options in the storyline. Be nice, hit on the ladies, don't be an ass, and everyone will like Tidus. This setup is exactly like FF7 when you can have a date with Barret, Yuffie, or Aeris, depending on how you 'act' throughout the game.

Affection levels influence certain cutscenes. It also influences who throws the ball to Tidus in his final overdrive "Blitz Ace".

The cutscene changes that are dependent on the affection levels are:
- After visiting the Farplane for the first time, a slightly longer conversation may occur with either Lulu or Rikku depending on your affection level with each one.
- En route to Macalania Temple, depending on who your affection level is highest with, you may either ride the snowmobile with Lulu or Rikku, or ride the snowmobile alone with Kimahri, or Auron next to you. If the affection level for two characters is in this event equal, the priority goes like this: Lulu > Rikku > Auron > Kimahri.
- After fighting Sin's fins, the character with the highest affection level for Tidus will jump from the airship first.
- After fighting Sin's Core and Sinspawn: Genais, and Tidus wants to jump off the airship again to fight Sin, a conversation may ensue with that same character, or a different one: during the battle, if Tidus heals, the affection levels will change.

In all other cases excepting the Farplane and snowmobile events, if the affection level between two or more characters is equal, the priority is this: Yuna > Auron > Kimahri > Wakka > Lulu > Rikku.

With regard to Blitz Ace, the character who throws the ball to Tidus will always be female. If that character is absent due to story reasons, dead, or petrified, the one with the next highest affection level throws Tidus the ball. If all three girls are unavailable, the ball comes out of nowhere. Likewise, when fighting underwater, if Rikku's affection level is lower than the other two girls, the ball also comes out of nowhere.

Affection Tips:
- If one of your party members is wounded or dead, use a curative item, status- restorative item, curative spell, or a Phoenix Down on them and they'll like you more. This applies to your male party members as well as your female ones.

- Using Guard or Sentinel in conjunction with Provoke may improve affection levels. For example, if you want to protect Rikku from attacks and therefore raise her affection level for Tidus, have her Provoke the enemy, then have Tidus use Guard or Sentinel to take the hits. Provoke isn't absolutely nescessary, but Guard and Sentinel are too unpredictable without it.

- The affection level also rises if when all your characters are standing around, you talk to one first before anyone else. If talking to a character leads to a conversation about that character's past, the affection level also rises. Also, the rate at which the affection level rises is more quickly for female characters than male ones.

- Another way to make the girls like Tidus more is by pulling a Zidane - get your mack on. Flirt like it's going out of style. (There aren't any instances where Tidus can flirt with the male party members, therefore it only applies to the girls.) If you want Yuna to like you, on Besaid Island, when Wakka asks you if you like Yuna, say yes. Lulu fans, on the other hand, should respond that Yuna's not their type when Wakka asks. (I'm not sure if saying that increases Lulu's affection level, or simply makes Yuna's not rise.) Then at Guadosalam, when Lulu rambles on about who Yuna should marry, tell her you've fallen in love with Yuna if you don't want Lulu's affection for you to rise (this may increase your affection level with Yuna, I'm not positive), or tell Lulu you want to marry her instead if you do want your affection level with Lulu to rise. Lastly, at Thunder Plains, when Rikku's throwing a tantrum outside of Rin's shop, do not walk away with your party if you want Rikku's affection level for Tidus to rise. Go back and comfort her.

Now onto decreasing affection levels. This may sound twisted, but if you want your party members to hate you, repeatedly have Tidus kill them in battle. If their evade rate is too high for you to hit them, use a Petrify Grenade to petrify them, then attack the unlucky character to shatter them. If one of your party members is habitually low on HP, and you can't be bothered to heal them, their affection for Tidus may decrease.