Al Bhed Primers

Volume   Al Bhed to English   Location
I Y » A Crane in back left of Al Bhed Ship.
II P » B In Besaid, in the Crusaders' tent on the left.
III L » C On Bikanel Island - tent by oasis.
IV T » D On Kilika, in the pub by the guy.
V A » E On the boat to Luca, in the wheelhouse.
VI V » F In Luca Stadium, in a chest in the opposite locker room.
VII K » G In the Luca Sphere Theater.
VIII R » H In the Djose Highroad Shop - Rin gives it to you.
IX E » I On the north part of the Mi'Hihen Highroad.
X Z » J In the Mushroom Rock Valley on the circular path.
XI G » K On the Djose Highroad.
XII M » L In Moonflow on a platform by the shoopuf.
XIII S » M In Guado Salam, in the same house as the chest with 3,000 Gil.
XIV H » N In the hotel at Thunder Plains.
XV U » O Along the road at Macalania.
XVI B » P Outside the Al Bhed shop near Macalania.
XVII X » Q In the Sanubia Desert.
XVIII N » R In the top right of the Sanubia Desert Central.
XIX C » S To the west near the Al Bhed Home.
XX D » T In Al Bhed Home, near where they live.
XXI I » U In Al Bhed Home, in a hallway.
XXII J » V In Bevelle Temple after the wedding.
XXIII F » W In the Calm Lands in the far bottom left corner.
XXIV Q » X At the Remiem Temple.
XXV O » Y At the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, up center and left.
XVI W » Z In the Omega Ruins.

- Volumes 1, 3, and 14 can be regained in the Desert Oasis. You can still get them if you missed them the first chance you had to get them.
- When Al Bhed people are speaking, the translated text is the red letters. Blue letters are those that have yet to be translated.
- Upon gaining all 26 books, you will receive the item 'Reverse Key' from Lin.
- Since you can re-play the game through on the same save file, carrying over all items from previous time through, you can use combine spheres to turn the old Al Bhed books into Al Bhed dictionaries, the second time through.