Chocobo Guide

How to get the Cloudy Mirror:
You have to win a race at the Remiem Temple. No chests are required, and I think you'll still get the mirror if you run into a pole.

How to turn the Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror:
You turn it into the Celestial Mirror by wandering around Macalania forest and talking to some people. You go to the Macalania Lake with your airship, go south to the X shaped map. To to the lower-right part of the X and run along the shiny path until you see a mother with her child (they won't be on the shiny path.) Talk to them a few times, then go near the exit of the Macalania Forest, where you'd end up at the Calm Lands. Go on the Northern Path and talk to all the people until one of them runs off. Go back to where the mother and child were. The child will be gone, but his mother and father will be there. Talk to them a few times, then go back on the shiny path until you see a fork in the road. The child should lead you up to a big hemi-sphere type thing. That will turn your Cloudy Mirror into the Celestial Mirror. This is also the place where you power-up ultimate weapons with crests and sigils.

How to get 5 chests in the Remiem Temple race: Luck. Skill. Patience. I spent about 2 hours racing before I got all 5 chests. Also, use the D-pad rather than the analog stick. I don't know why, but the D-pad seems easier to use. When you get a chest, hold UP so you run as soon as you can. If you can see the other chocobo on your screen while getting the 4th chest, you might as well let him win.

Where to do the Chocobo racing stuff:
The Calm Lands. I first started it after I got the airship. Go to the Calm Lands, go down a bit, and talk to the stationary chocobo rider. The rider will have several options for you.

How to get 0:0.0 on the Catcher Chocobo game:
If not, just try to get a good run with the balloons at the beginning. After that, avoid birds and get balloons.

Where to find the chocobo rider:
If you go back to the airship and then to the Calm Lands, she'll probably be just south of the rest area. If she's not there, she might be in the northwestern part of the Calm Lands or maybe she'll be in the southern part. Look around, there is only so many places she can be.

You got 0:0.0 on the Catcher race but didnt get a Sun Sigil?:
You have to beat the time, not match it.

Remiem Temple Race:
- Getting to the Remiem Temple:
Assuming you travelled via airship, Goto the Calm Plains. Go down a bit and talk to the chocobo rider Choose the first option "Let me ride one!" Ride your chocobo to the southern-most enterance to the Calm Plains. All the way to the east of that area, there will be a broken bridge with a chocobo feather lying on the ground. Examine the chocobo feather while still on the chocobo. It will jump down onto lower ground. Now, follow along the path until you get to a save sphere. Inside the temple, Yuna can have a summoning battle with Belgemine, but we're not covering that now. Anyway, from the save sphere, run to the left. Just beyond the chocobo, you'll see a message sphere. Examine it. Then go to the opposite side of the temple. Examine that chocobo. You can now do the Remiem race.

You want to do this race so you can get the Cloudy Mirror along with a bunch of other neat items.

Here are the goals:
07 seconds - Chest A
13 seconds - Chest B
13 seconds - Chest C (w/o Chest B)
18 seconds - Chest C (with Chest B)
19 seconds - Chest D (w/o Chest B)
23 seconds - Chest D (with Chest B)
28 seconds - Chest E (w/o Chest B)
32 seconds - Chest E (with Chest B)

0 chests - Potion - Easy
1 chest - Elixir - Easy
2 Chests - Megalixir - Moderate
3 Chests - 30 Wings to Discovery - Moderate
4 chests - 30 Pendulum - Hard
5 chests - 60 Three Stars - Very Very Hard

Chocobo Training:
To be able to access these mini-racing-games, talk to Cid on the airship and go to the Calm Lands. Go down from the rest area a bit and talk to the chocobo rider. Select the 3rd option to be able to play the games.

If you haven't played the games yet, the first time you go, only the Wobbly Chocobo race will be available. To open up the next races, you have to beat the previous one:

Wobbly Chocobo
- Try to keep the chocobo near the middle of the track. He likes to turn to the right toward the end, so you might want to aim yourself at the chocobo rather than the trainer.
- First Time Prize: Elixir
- Beating Your Record Prize: X-Potion

Dodger Chocobo
- Keep turning. If you don't, you'll get hit by blitzballs and get stopped for a second. Don't go TOO far out to the side, or you might have trouble getting back. The blitzballs tend to come in groups of 3. Dodge 3 in one direction, switch directions, continue dodging, repeat.
- First Time Prize: Lvl 1 Key Sphere
- Beating Your Record Prize: Mega Potion

Hyper Dodger Chocobo
- Swirve like mad. If you're on the right side and you see stuff coming at you, swirve to the left. If you're on the left and see stuff flying at you, swirve to the right. Chances are you'll get hit at least once, even if you're good.
- First Time Prize: Lvl 2 Key Sphere
- Beating Your Record Prize: Ether

Catcher Chocobo
- At the beginning, hope for a line of ballons on the right. If the balloons aren't on the right, just stick to the inside of the turn. Attempt to dodge the birds (why the hell are they flying at you in the first place?) while collecting balloons. Dodging birds should be priority 1, while collecting balloons should be your 2nd priority.
- First Time Prize: Lvl 3 Key Sphere
- Beating Your Record Prize: Turbo Ether
- Beating 0.0.0: Sun Sigil