Side Quests

- Reach the Calm Lands, and head off to the top right corner past the Monster Arena.
- If this is your first time through, defeat Defender X.
- Head down the slope to the right.
- Save if needed, head in the Cavern.
- Head to the back of the Cavern, and meet Lulu's old summoner.
- Defeat Yojimbo.

BOSS: Yojimbo
HP: 30,000
MP: 0
If you wait until after beating Yunalesca to come get Yojimbo, the battle will be much easier. Chances are that he will attack you with Daigoro for the first few turns. Summon Bahamut and have him use Boost, and then unleash Mega Flare, hopefully twice if Yojimbo doesn't kill him. Once Bahamut is dead, don't bother attacking him because he has high defense. Summon your Aeons in Overdrive instead. If you got Bahamut to do 2 Overdrives on him this battle should be a breeze.

- Next, head to the left and right using the warp pad to get some valuable items. When you are ready, go forward to the Chamber of the Fayth.
- It's bidding time! First of all, choose the third option, "To defeat the most powerful of fiends." If you chose this, his asking price will be 250,000 gil. For your first bid, offer half of his asking price, plus one gil. So if you chose the third option offer 125,001, if he asks for 300,000 give him 150,001. On your next offer raise your offer by one gil. (ex: 125,002). By the time he offers 205,000, don't press your luck, just make an offer of at least 190k. If at any time you triple or more his asking price, he'll toss in the pot 2 Teleport Spheres, which let you on the Sphere Grid warp to any node activated by an ally.

Yojimbo Fighting Style:
Once you summon Yojimbo during battle, a Pay/Dismiss box will come up. If you elect to pay him, you can choose your amount. Obviously, the more you pay him, the more damage he'll do. Generally, 1000 gil will get you about 5000-7000 damage.
Zanmato is worthless, so don't bother blowing your cash on him unless you just want to see a really cool five minute long FMV.

- After the Highbride event with Maester Mika, board the airship. Go to the "Search" option and enter:
X: 11 to 16
Y: 57 to 63
Z: anything will work

- A new location entitled Baaj Temple appears on the list. Go there.
- Before you continue, make sure you have collected the Destruction Sphere treasures from all of the temples. It doesn't matter if you got the one in Bevelle or not, so don't worry.
- If you haven't already, equip Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka with armor protecting against petrification.
- Go straight and dive in the water.
- Head towards the green dot on the mini-map, and you will encounter Geosgaeno.

BOSS: Geosgaeno
HP: 34,767
MP: ???
Remember this guy? The one Tidus encountered in the beginning of the game. Anyway, I just had Rikku Mix 2 Door to Tomorrows and this fight went by like a breeze. If you don't have these, get get some. You can obtain 99 of them for catching all the monsters six areas.

- Dive underwater and continue into the temple.
- Follow the path into the main area.
- Activate all the statues by standing near them. Don't miss the great items near the closest 2, in chests.
- Chances are your seal didn't break. You're set either way.
- Go to the Zanarkand Dome Cloister of Trials (the big floor puzzle). In the first room, activate the three white squares, and in the second room, activate the four.
- Grab the destruction sphere from the chamber that opens.
- Insert it into either of the sphere-shaped recesses in the second area. Get the treasure, head out, and get back to Baaj.
- Approach the statues again, and go through the now defuntional seal.
- Learn about Seymour from the fayth, and obtain the powerful Aeon Anima!

The Magus Sisters
- First of all, get Yojimbo and Anima.
- Go to the Remiem Temple in the Calm Lands.
- To get there, mount a Chocobo, go to the entrance of the area and to the right
- Examine the Chocobo Feather to jump to the temple entrance
- Enter and defeat Belgemine's Aeons
- Only required ones are Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, and Bahamut
- Receive the Flower Scepter after Bahamut.
- Go to Mt. Gagazet and capture the following monsters:
- Bandersnatch, Bashura, Grat, Behemoth, Grenade, Dark Flan, Ahriman, Mandragora, Achelous, Splasher, Maelspike, and Grendel.
- Receive the Blossom Crown from the Monster Arena guy.
- Go to the Remiem Temple and use the 2 key items to break the seal.
- Receive the Magus Sisters!