Final Fantasy X Short Walkthrough
Version 2.00 (8.15.01)
Written By Muni Shinobu ([email protected])

This is just a short walkthrough, because the game is pretty linear, and
only a short walkthrough is needed.
This is just a very brief walkthrough of where to go and what to do, no
detailed information or secret explanations. Look into other faqs for more
specific information.
Look around on your own to find all the item boxes in the area, I am not
listing them.
Intro muyo, let's get started.



Once you gain control of Tidus, speak to the children and the ladies, then
speak to the ladies again before heading off to the Blitzball tournament.
In the midst of the tournament, Zanarkand is attacked.
After meeting up with Auron, the two of you will head toward the object
known as "Shin", fighting Pieces of Shin along the way.
Very soon you will encounter your first boss.

Boss - Big Piece of Shin Emuzu : HP 2000

After fighting some more Pieces of Shin, the two of you will be completely
surrounded by them. Now stop fighting Shin Pieces and start attacking the
machine hanging off the side of the highway. When the machine is destroyed,
so will Zanarkand.

When you regain control of Tidus in the water, press X to dive deeper and
deeper down to the bottom. You will see a boy. Swim to him to speak to him.
Say good bye to Zanarkand, you won't see it again for a long time.



When Tidus regains consciousness, follow the red arrow on the map on the top
left corner of the TV screen and swim forward to find your way out of the
After you fall into the water, you will fight 3 fishes and then a big boss
fish. But this battle won't last for long, Tidus will run away after several
attacks because the fish is just too strong for you right now.

Getting back on dry land, you will find yourself in a big hall. In the
center of the hall is a spot where fire could be made, but you need the
tools to make it.
Head to the room at the bottom left of the map to get the fire starting kit,
then head to the double doors at the top of the map, go up the stairs to
find some dried up flower. Use these 2 items to build a fire back in the big
Finally, a little rest. But don't rest too easily, for a boss battle awaits.

Boss - Kurikku : HP 2400

In the midst of the battle, an event will happen to add Rikku to your party.
Use Rikku's ability to steal grenades from Kurikku and use the grenades back
on Kurikku and this battle shouldn't take too long.
After winning the battle, you will be forced to leave with the Al Bheds.



Talk to Rikku to learn how to use the Sphere Board.
After talking to everyone on board, you will jump into the water with Rikku.
Press X like before to dive, and follow the red arrow on the map to head
toward your destination. After Rikku activates the power, and you head back
out, you will meet the boss there.

Boss - Torosu : HP 2200

During the fight, use the Trigger Command menu by pressing left at the
command menu to regain some HP, and use Rikku's Steal and Use commands to
win the battle.

After returning to the salvage ship, Tidus and Rikku will have a short
conversation, during which Tidus will find out that his home, Zanarkand, was
destroyed by Shin 1000 years ago, meaning that somehow he had been
transported 1000 years into the future.
Like Zanarkand, the salvage ship will soon be attacked by Shin.
Say good bye to Rikku, you won't see her again for a while.



After regaining consciousness in this tropical paradise, you can watch Tidus
as he shows off his Blitzball skills and impress the local folk.
After you regain control, swim toward the shore. If you want to get it now,
there's a Moon Wheel Scroll in an alcove to the right of the shore. You have
no use for it now.
Follow Wakka to his village. In the water pond on the way, there will be
enemy fishes, so be ready.
Explore the village a little, don't miss the 3 item boxes at the end of the
small slope. You can go to the Monster Fighting Team Living Quarters to save
your game. Now go to the big temple at the top of the map to learn some
history by talking to the monks there, then return to Wakka's house to take
a short nap.
When you wake up, go to the temple again to look for Wakka.

After Tidus breaks into the Room of Training, you are faced with your first
temple maze. The idea of the temple mazes is to put the right shining sphere
in the right hole to activate the corresponding contraptions. The tricky
part is that Tidus can only hold one shining sphere at a time, and to put
the right shining spheres in the right holes, you will have to know when to
put the wrong shining spheres in the wrong holes. The sphere stand is
helpful, make good use of it.

To get out, you need to figure out which sphere goes in which hole. That, I
am going to leave for yourself to figure out. I will tell you which hole to
put the Broken Sphere in to get the treasure though. The Broken Sphere is
the magenta colored sphere that doesn't shine as brightly as the other

To get the Broken Sphere Treasure, put the Broken Sphere in the hole of the
wall that has spiderweb-like lines surrounding the hole.

After finding your way out of the maze, say hello to Lulu and Kimari, and
then the summoner Yuna.
You have just obtained Valfore.

Following is a long sequence of no fighting, so be at ease. There's the
summoning demonstration, the night celebration, sleep, the Lulu and Wakka
conversation about how Tidus looks exactly like Wakka's younger brother, the
next morning where Wakka gives Tidus his brother Chap's sword, and then it's
off on Yuna's long journey of summoner training.

Don't worry about Kimari, he's just a pussy cat, all you need to do is keep
attacking and he'll back off.

Remember to return to this temple later in the game to find a woman with a
dog to receive the second overdrive attack for Valfore.



Talk to Yuna after talking to everybody else.
Prepare to be attacked by Shin again.

Shin Pieces : HP 200
Boss - Shin : HP 2000

In this battle, Shin will keep on dispatching Shin Pieces onto the boat so
just kill off 2 and leave one alive. Your main target is Shin. But because
Shin is too far away, the only attacks that will work are black magic and
Wakka's attack. Everyone else just concentrate on healing injured party
After the battle, Tidus will fall into the water, and Wakka will jump in
after him. In the water, there's a battle only Tidus and Wakka will attend.

Boss : HP 2100

After the battle, Shin would have gotten away, and Kiirika Village would
soon be destroyed.


KIIRIKA ISLAND - Port Kiirika, Kiirika Forest, Kiirika Temple

After watching Yuna dance the Ikai Okuri, it's into the forest toward the
But you can save the little girl in the collapsing house before leaving the
village. if you do save the little girl, go back to the bar to receive an
item of thanks, an edel.

There is an optional boss in the center of the forest.

Boss - Ochyu : HP 4700

Before leaving the forest through the path to the right of the Monster
Fighting Team Member standing guard, go to the top left of the forest to
collect a rare Luck Sphere.
Also if you talk to the Monster Fighting Team Members, you can receive items
from them. If you talk to them to receive items after defeating Ochyu, they
will give you better items.

On the platform atop the steps to the temple, a big Shin Piece awaits you.

Boss - Shin Piece : HP 3000
Boss - Shin Piece Arms : HP 450 x 2

Get rid of the two arms first, or else all magic attacks will be absorbed by
them. After the two arms are defeated, the only attack to be careful of from
the Shin Piece is the poison attack.
A note, this boss absorbs water magic.

In the Kiirika Temple, you are faced with the second temple maze.

To obtain the Broken Sphere Treasure in this Room of Training, you have to
follow a few steps:
1) push the stand to the spot on the floor which sparkles
2) put a Kiirika Sphere (red sphere) on the stand
3) take out the new Kiirika Sphere that just appeared and put it anywhere
you want, doesn't matter
4) put the Broken Sphere in the hole you just took the Kiirika Sphere out
from to reveal the treasure box

When you have found the way out of the maze, you will have obtained Ifrit.

Now make your way back the way you came, all the way back to the dock of the
village, and it's good bye to Kiirika.



Before talking to your friends, go down to the inside of the ship first.
In the passage way of the ship, you will meet the traveling salesman
Ouakaya. If you invest in his business and lend him money, you will be able
to buy things from him cheaper when you meet him in the future.
Investing is recommended, the more the better, if you can afford it.

After talking to Lulu, Wakka, and Yuna, head to the front deck of the ship,
go near the blitzball to trigger a memory sequence, then try to learn the
Jekt Shot by pressing the corresponding direction as the position the words
appear on the TV screen. If the words appear on the top of the screen, press
up+O, if the words appear at the bottom right of the screen, press bottom
right+O, etc.
If you make it, during the conversation with Yuna, the blitzball players
will be trying to imitate what you just did in the background.
If you failed to learn the shot, there will be no one but you and Yuna on
the deck during your conversation.



You begin in Ruka with a long sequence of following the red arrow.
Storywise, you are first trying to find Auron because Tidus thinks he saw
him, and then afterwards you are searching for Yuna because she had
The end of which you will be aboard an Al Bhed ship, where a boss fight
immediately ensues.

Boss - Al Bhed Machine : HP 6000

The main point of this battle is to first use Tidus' Trigger Command to
investigate the crane on the side of the ship, and then have Lulu use her
thunder magic on the crane to give it power and thus to activate it. The Al
Bhed Machine will be very easy to deal with after that.

After getting back Yuna, the team returns to the Blitzball Stadium, where
Tidus will replace Wakka for his injury.
The outcome of the Blitzball game does not effect the game itself.
After the Blitzball game, monsters will terrorize the stadium, but no major
battles, so no worries. After finishing the fishes in the water, Auron
reappears, and joins the party. Once you have beaten all the enemies that
come your way, it's time to marvel at the sight and strength of Seymour's
summon - Anima.

Yuna's journey of summoner training continues.


MIHEN ROAD - North Portion, Travel Company, South Portion

While you walk, talk to the travelers to receive items.
Along the way you will find a woman standing by a structure, she is
Berugemiine the master summoner, talk to her for her to give Yuna training
and lessons on summons. Before the training battle, she heals all of Yuna's
summons, and after the battle, she gives Yuna a different ring depending on
the outcome of the battle. The ring you get if you win has the silence
guard, the ring you get if you lose doesn't.
Upon reaching the end of the road, the party will be tired and will take a
brief rest in the Travel Company.

Upon exiting the Travel Company, an event will happen, ending in a boss
battle with a big ugly beast.

Boss - Chocobo Eater : HP 10000

You shouldn't have much trouble defeating this monster if you have properly
trained your characters. And after beating him, to thank you, Lin will treat
your party with a free ride of the Chocobo, reminding you that the next time
you want to ride one, you'll have to rent it.

There are many treasure boxes in the Mihen Road area, so look around the
entire place with your chocobo before going to where the red arrow directs
Note, it is okay to get off the chocobo, he won't run away.

That is until you reach the area where a big cart is blocking the gate out.
Once you speak to the people there, the chocobo is gone.
After the cart moves out of the way, your party tries to follow, but is
blocked. This is when Seymour will show up to give Yuna permission to pass.
After passing through the gate, you will be out of the Mihen area.



Go all the way forward on the one way road until you reach the main
elevator, but before going up, go downward on the screen to talk to the
Monster Fighting Team Members you knew from Bisaido Village. After talking
to them, ride the elevator up to the command center.
I recommend filling everyone's overdrive gages at this point, around the
save sphere there, because a major boss fight awaits.

After the conversation sequence, get yourself ready, meaning purchase items
from Ouakaya and collecting all the items from the treasure boxes there. And
when you are ready, talk to the soldier standing at the bottom right
position in the command center, choose the second option to engage battle
with Shin.

Boss - Piece of Shin
Body : HP 12000
Head : HP 3000
Arms : HP 800 x 2

The head attacks with poison, and doesn't regenerate, so getting rid of that
first is recommended. To hit the body, you have to dispatch of the arms
first, so do that, and attack the body before the arms regenerate. If you
took the time to fill everyone's overdrive gages, including the summons',
then the battle should be a piece of cake.

Enjoy the beautiful CG FMV you earned by defeating this huge Piece of Shin,
but beware, another battle follows.

After the FMV sequence, you will be fighting with a battle party of only
Seymour, Auron, and Yuna.

Boss - Piece of Shin
Body : HP 6000
Head : HP 1000
Arms : HP 800 x 2

Rely mostly on Auron's sword and Seymour's black magic to attack, and
concentrate Yuna on healing. The Piece of Shin is weaker than before, it
shouldn't be difficult to defeat.

Once Tidus regains consciousness, first find and speak to Gatta kneeling on
the ground, he's the only one in the area still alive, then speak to your
friends, and leave the sad Kinoko Mushroom Rock Road.



On route to the temple, talk to the people you meet to receive items.

In the Jyoze Temple, you face your third temple maze of the game.

To get the Broken Sphere Treasure in this temple, follow these steps:
1) when the elevator appears, don't ride it yet, instead, go touch the wall
to the left which just light up
2) take the Broken Sphere with you up the elevator
3) put the Broken Sphere in the stand that just appeared

When you exit the Jyozo Temple, you will have obtained Ixion.

After waking Yuna up in the left monk room, the party is again off on their
journey of summoner training.



Along the road, you will meet Berugemiine for the second time. This time,
when Yuna defeats her, she will give Yuna the "Summoner's Heart", which will
allow you to teach summons abilities with items in the option menu.

When the party rests at the Ciparf Riding Dock, you can look around for
salespeople hanging around the place, but be careful who you purchase from,
none of them looks to me to be honest business people.
And when you are ready to leave, just talk to the guy standing beside the
lift and you'll be off.

Halfway across the river, while still on the Ciparf, Al Bheds will suddenly
emerge from the river and kidnap Yuna again, but worry not, her guards are
here to save her.

Boss - Al Bhed Catcher : HP 4000

Again, because of the battle being under water, only Tidus and Wakka will be
available to fight. This is not a boss to be dealt with lightly, especially
with its lightning attack which is quite strong, but as long as you keep
attacking non-stop, you'll make it out alive.

The rest of the Ciparf ride is like butter. So rest your nerves.

After speaking with all your friends, head northwest (top left) from the
resting Ciparf and enter the forest. There you'll meet Rikku again. After
some conversation she will join the party, and it's off to the next town.


GUADO SALAM - Guado Salam, Ikai

First, go to Seymour's residence. Then after the whole sequence, head up the
spiral passage and enter the cave on the top of the entire Guado Salam.
That's Ikai, the place where the dead go...

In Ikai, first speak to Wakka, then speak to Yuna, and you can leave.

Back in the Guado Salam, you can choose to either speak with Lulu or Rikku.
Then after the conversation head to the cave to the left going toward the
Thunder Plains even though everyone's not ready to leave yet. At the
entrance of that cave, you will meet the young Ebon Priestess in training.
After speaking with her, go back to your party and speak with them. Now
everyone is ready to leave.



When you first enter the place, a tutorial will begin, teaching you how to
avoid being struck by lightning. But don't worry, even if you do get hit, it
doesn't do damage. The lightning avoiding is actually a mini-game for the
purpose of getting a part of Lulu's ultimate weapon. But that's not the
topic of this faq, so I am not going to go into that.

Along the way, when you see these two stones with the likeness of Sabotendas
carved on them, press the square button to pray to it, and thus releasing
Sabotendas into the field. Fighting them gives you good weapons as rewards
if you win, but since their escape rate is extremely high, don't count on
beating a lot of them.

Around midway into the Thunder Plains is a Travel Company, there the party
will rest due to Rikku's fear of thunder and lightning. Once inside, just
follow Yuna into her room, then speak to Wakka and then Rikku and the party
is off once again.

You know the direction to go by now, right?


MAKARANYA - Makaranya Forest, Sphere Spring, Makaranya Lake, Temple

After speaking with an odd fellow, you will be able to play the catch the
blue butterflies mini-game in quest of Kimari's ultimate weapon. If you meet
with red butterflies, the enemy encounter rate in the forest drops to 1/2
the normal rate.

Just before reaching the lake, Auron will lead the party off course to
retrieve something Jekt left there 10 years ago. But before getting the
item, a boss guards the place.

Boss - Sphere Manager : HP 11000

Recommended attacks are Auron's Power Break and Yuna's Ba-water white magic.
After defeating the boss, Jekt's sphere will be retrieved, it is a video
sphere recording images from 10 years ago, when Braska, Auron, and Jekt were
on their journey of summoner training.
After watching the video sphere, it's off to the Makaranya Lake.

When you meet the Ouakaya, before purchasing anything, don't forget to
answer "Takasugi" - "Too expensive", so he'll drop his prices.

Once you pass the Travel Company, another boss fight will ensue, this time,
another mechanical contraption of the Al Bheds.

Boss - Al Bhed Gunner
Main Body : HP 16000
Magic Seal : HP 1000

You can either choose to destroy the Magic Seal first so your party can use
magic, or ignore the magic seal and just fight a hand on battle. Remember
before you decide, that if the magic seal is destroyed, the main body will
start doing this 1000 damage attacks that are very dangerous.

After the battle, Yuna will temporarily be off the battle party.
The Al Bheds' snowmobiles will take everyone to the Makaranya Temple.

Immediately following the event in the Makaranya Temple is the first Seymour
battle, so be ready. Yuna will rejoin the party for this battle. And even
though you haven't had a chance to name it yet, you just got Shiva.

Boss - Seymour : HP 6000
Guado Guards : HP 2000 x 2

If you want to fight the cheap fight, equip someone with a weapon carrying
the stone effect. Because even though the stone effect won't work on
Seymour, it works on his 2 Guado Guards, and because of their constantly
healing Seymour, you can't beat Seymour without dispatching of these 2
guards first. And stone effect kills them in one blow.
Seymour's magic attacks follow the exact pattern of ice, thunder, water,
flame, so if you have yuna cast ba- spells accordingly, you can actually
avoid all damage from Seymour's magic attacks.
When both Guado Guards are gone, and Seymour's HP is half gone, he will
summon Anima.

Boss - Anima : HP 18000

I recommend summoning the "????" you just obtained from the Makaranya
Temple, which is Shiva as we all should already know, and fight while
casting blizzard on herself to regain HP. This way Anima will be defeated in
no time.
You could also go with the party member fighting way, but Anima gains
overdrive gage very quickly from physical attacks, and you do not want to
see his overdrive attack being used on your party, almost a guaranteed

Once Anima is defeated, Seymour's HP will return to the original 6000, but
his magic attack pattern is still the same. So no worries, it is completely
possible to defeat him without being hit once.

Time for the getaway. Ready for another Temple Maze?

If the Broken Sphere is placed in the right hole in the bottom level, the
Broken Sphere Treasure would be obtained. And by "right", I don't mean
"correct", I mean the hole on the right.
The key here is to not leave the very minute you are able to, but to step on
that which is not there before, and destroy the path you've made.

Once out the gates of the Makaranya Temple, run! Because every time a guado
soldier catches up with you it's a battle. But they're easy, so don't worry.

However, save at the save sphere just ahead and fill up some summon
overdrive gages, because they will be useful in the boss battle that's about
to happen

Boss - Windigo : HP 18000
Guado Guard : HP 1200 x 2

One summon overdrive attack will deal with the healing-happy guado guards,
and then you can concentrate on Windigo. Windigo is very strong physically,
a hit takes away around 1000 HP from your party, so I would recommend
Auron's Power Break, and all the negative status effect attacks you have,
blind, sleep, silent, anything you got. This way, even the physically strong
Windigo is no challenge.

The bottom of the Makaranya Lake is a good place to rest a little bit, and
gather some treasure chest items. But be warned, it's Shin on the attack yet



Tidus wakes up in a little oasis area in the Sanubia Desert to find all his
allies missing. So he wanders into the desert alone, hoping to find his
allies, but what he finds instead is a boss fight.

Boss - Zuu : HP 12000

But don't worry, it's Auron and Lulu to the rescue midway into the battle.
Do some negative effects on the big bird and it should head for ikai very

Then it's off to search for the others.
Apparently, the Sanubia Desert is Al Bhed territory. Rikku will lead you
(In reality, just follow the red arrow.)



The CG FMV here is spectacular.
After the events, follow everyone inside the home.
Many people had trouble with the Al Bhed books in here, so let me just say
this, look everywhere, and do not be afraid to backtrack. I got all 3 books
in here with no trouble, and a location list was not available yet when I
first played. (Considering the list was written my me...)

You will soon find yourself in a Y shaped area. The door to the left where
the save sphere is continues the story, if you go through that door, there's
no return after that. So go to the right first. In one of the rooms are 2
chests. If you've gotten enough Al Bhed books you'll be able to understand
the puzzle, if not, just answer 5633 on one chest, and 3, 4, 2, 1 choices on
the other chest.

Past the door beside the save point are some mandatory battles, but none too
major, so you should do fine.
In the shelter is where one of the major plot twists was revealed, this is
the point where Tidus finds out that for Yuna to call the Ultimate Summon,
she will have to give up her life.

Enjoy your ride on the Al Bhed Airship.
But don't get too excited, you don't get to control it just yet.



First talk a few times to Cid, then to Auron, then exit the control room and
return to trigger an event, but feel free to venture around the airship
before going back into the control room. Speak to the Al Bheds aboard, some
of them give you items.
When the event is over, speak to the pilot at the front end of the control
room, then speak to Auron, this will trigger the monster attack event. Get
yourself ready to battle, and head to the deck of the airship.

Boss - Efureie : HP 32000

Other than the stone touch and the poison effect, this dragon didn't give me
too much trouble. Just tell Cid through the Trigger Command to get away from
the dragon when the party needs healing and curing, and get close when you
are in good condition to do some hand on battle.
A couple of notes:
Only Tidus and Rikku can communicate with Cid.
Cid only has 3 rounds of missiles, so don't count on those too much.

The airship will take you to your next destination automatically.


HOLY BEBERU TEMPLE - Temple, Paths of Repentance, Great Bridge

The events and story here are pretty linear, so not much explanations are
needed I think. Just fight when the battle comes to you, and follow the red
arrow when there's nothing else to do.

After all the events, alas, you have reached the Beberu Temple Room of
Training, the temple maze of the last mandatory summon beast.

If I remember correctly, solving the Broken Sphere puzzle is a part of
getting out of the maze. In other words, if you didn't solve the Broken
Sphere puzzle, you cannot exit the maze. So since I had always left finding
a way out for you to do yourself, that's all I am going to discuss about
this temple maze.

When you get out, you will have obtained Bahamut.

You will gain control of Yuna after she is banished to punishment in the
Path of Repentance. In this maze, Yuna can find Kimari, Lulu, and Auron to
join her battle party, but it matters not if you don't find them, for they
will reappear after you get out either way. And with Bahamut by your side,
you practically can't lose, considering his special attack hits all enemies.

The exit of the maze is where the tunnel turns red. But before going there,
I recommend filling up the summons' overdrive gages, because a summon boss
battle is waiting in the red zone.

Boss - Summoner Isaaru
Ifrit : HP 10000
Valfore : HP 10000
Bahamut : HP 20000

Shiva is a good summon to face Ifrit, because she has the ba-fire magic
which will guard her against all fire attacks, and also because Ifrit is
weak against ice attacks.
Bahamut is strong against Valfore, one or two overdrive attacks will
definitely win the battle.
Bahamut will do his Mega Flare attack every 5 turns or so, but if you have a
summon that had already learned the white magic cure, you should have no
trouble fighting Bahamut.

After you win the summon battle, the story switches to Tidus. After being
thrown into the water, you regain control of him.
In the chasm beyond the second save sphere is the dragon from the airship
battle, so be prepared before swimming across.

Boss - Efureie=Orutana : HP 16384

His stone touch is irreversible, so if you have armors with stone guard,
equip it, if not, pray.
You can fight the easy battle by opening the 2 x 2 gate locks with the
Trigger Command, but then you will lose two item chests with nice weapons, a
counter sword for Tidus and an avoid counter ball for Wakka. Which is why if
you are properly equipped and adequately leveled, I don't suggest against
fighting him head on. It's what I did.

Once out of the water, the entire party will be reunited, just to separate
again. But you weren't going to just leave Kimari to face Seymour alone,
were you?
If you want, purchase some things from the Ouakaya, or else, cross the
bridge and join Kimari.

Boss - Seymour Transformed : HP 36000
Magic Illusion Alien : HP 4000

There are Trigger Commands for Tidus, Yuna, Kimari, and Auron for them to
talk to Seymour. Tidus, Kimari, and Auron's attack powers go up and Yuna's
magic defense goes up if you choose to speak to Seymour. I personally felt
it was a waste of turns so I skipped those.
Seymour's black magic still goes by the pattern of ice, thunder, water,
fire, but he does consecutive magics, so it's harder to block it. But having
ba magic on all the characters on screen will cause Seymour to do his
Desperate attack, so just ba magic 2 of the characters each time.
Summons will be dismissed by Seymour after one attack, so make it an
overdrive attack.
The Alien will cast carera on Seymour and is a menace, but whenever it's
defeated it regenerates by draining HP from Seymour, so it will always be
there even if you deplete all of its HP.
Also of note, poison does work on Seymour.



After the beautiful event, the journey continues.
All the other routes are closed for you right now, so there's only one way
to go.



The exit of this area is at the northeast corner (top right).
Somewhere in the center of the plain is a rest stop with a save sphere where
you'll need to go in order to trigger some event scenes before leaving the

To the down left position of the rest stop is Berugemiine, she has the
"Summon Beast's Heart" for Yuna if Yuna trains with her again. You will be
able to increase your summons' status values with items in the option menu
if you obtain the "Summon Beast's Heart".
However, if you miss her this time, she'll be waiting for you in the Remiamu
Temple and you can still get the Important Item from her there.

Exiting through the Northeast, the party will be faced with a boss battle.

Boss - Guardian Robot : HP 64000

He's armored, so Auron's Armor Break should take care of that. Black magic
and blind effect also work on him. If you are having trouble defeating this
robot, then you simply haven't leveled up enough.

Some sidetracking are available at this point:
Monster Training Facility
Chocobo Training
Remiamu Temple (optional summon - Megus 3 Sisters)
Valley Bottom Stolen Inorigo Cave (optional summon - Youjinbou)


GAGAZETT MOUNTAIN - Mountain Gate, Mountain Cave, Water Cave

After the somewhat long event at the Gagazett Mountain Gate, Kimari will be
forced into a solitary battle against his long time rivals, Biran=Ronzo and

Boss - Biran=Ronzo : HP (4:3 as compared with Kimari's current HP)
Boss - Enke=Ronzo : HP (same as Biran=Ronzo)

This battle is more of a training battle than a boss battle, neither Ronzos'
attacks are very strong, and they don't have any worry-worthy attacks to be
careful of.
Rather than using Kimari's physical attack which doesn't do much damage,
just keep using Dragon Sword, it simply takes away more HP.
And many of Kimari's missed Enemy Skills can be learned from these 2, not to
mention the skills White Wind and Mighty Guard.

After overpowering Biran and Enke, the party can continue on their journey.

The entire mountain is pretty straight forward, and none of the puzzles are
too difficult to understand, so I'll just skip to the end of this area.

Before exiting through the cave on the top, make sure to fill everyone's
overdrive gages beside the save sphere, because after the cut-scene beyond
the exit, Seymour's Final Transformation awaits you.

Boss - Seymour Final Transformation : HP 70000
Boss - Light Illusion Machine : HP 5000

This Seymour is quite smart, he would cast zombie on a character and than
cast araise to kill that character instantly. So if you have armors to guard
that, equip them, otherwise, pray.
This Seymour also has plenty of hit all attacks, which also take away a
surplus of HP, so be ready to cure a lot.
Like before, summons can only get in one attack before being dismissed.
Other than these tricks, this Seymour doesn't take too much to kill if you
have all your party members at full overdrives as well as your summons.
Yuna and Kimari has Trigger Commands to speak to Seymour at the beginning of
this battle. Doing so will increase Kimari's attack power and Yuna's magic
defense. But like before, I ignored those and did fine.

After Tidus' dream sequence back to his home Zanarkand where the second
major plot twist is uncovered, the party continues on.

First Test : Wakka blitzball toss, a lot of fun to execute.
Second Test : Fit the body size of the characters to the size of the holes.

Do venture around the caves to find some good items, and do not be afraid to

The higher you climb, the closer you get to the next boss battle. Before
entering the battle, the same as always, fill up all overdrive gages around
the save sphere.

Boss - Holy Ground Guardian : HP 40000

This dragon is strong in every way, so have Auron Break all of them.
If you have the leisure, Shell everyone.
Other than saying use your head and maximize the effects of your fighting
skills, there is no easy way to defeat this dragon.


Enjoy the scene from the opening of the game, you know where you are.


There is only way path to follow...



Yuna's journey of summoner training in search of the ultimate summon is
nearing its end, all that's in your way is the last temple maze of the game.

This one is very simple, just match the blocks on the ground with the blocks
shown on the screen.
At the end of the puzzles, the counterpart of the Holy Ground Guardian

Boss - Demon Sky Guardian : HP 52000

Be careful not to face this bird head on, use the Trigger Command to move
behind him. If you use the overdrive attacks of some summons, this battle
shouldn't be overly difficult. But I would recommend you save those for the
next battle that follows.

After defeating the Demon Sky Guardian, ride the elevator down and watch the
long cut-scene, at the end of which the team will have reached this
decision, to abandon the useless ultimate summon, and battle Yunareska!

Boss - Yunareska
First Form : HP 24000
Second Form : HP 48000
Third Form : HP 60000

Yunareska will immediately neutralize Haste, Shell, and Protes as they are
cast, so don't bother with those.
She will inflict Blind when physically attacked and Silence when magically
attacked, so if you have armors to guard against those, equip them.
In her second form, she will add Zombie to her list of status inflictions,
so either have zombie guard armors equipped, or be ready with Holy Waters.
In her third form she'll even do Confuse, so be ready for that as well.
If you have summon overdrive attacks left, use them.
I won the Yunareska battle my first time without having made all the
preparations and only one summon left with overdrive full, so you should be
able to too.

After the battle, there's nothing left to do but to leave.
Outside, the fully repaired airship awaits you.

To get the Broken Sphere Treasure in the Ebon=Dome, you have to first leave
and go into the airship then return. You can't do it without going into the
airship first. So just board the airship and return immediately to the
Ebon=Dome, the location is the very last choice on the location list.
If you don't want to walk all the way from the save sphere to the dome, use
the teleport pads beside the save spheres. First go right, then go up, and
you'll find yourself right in front of the Temple Maze entrance.

To get the Broken Sphere Treasure in here, step on all the white square
blocks. 7 in all, 3 in the small room, 4 in the big room. Put the Broken
Sphere in the right hole of the big room and you're done.



Find and speak to Yuna, then return to the control room to begin airship
travel. Where to first?



After the event scene at the Holy Beberu Temple, a new location will be
added to the list of locations on the airship. After you're ready, go.



Exit from the deck to enter the consecutive battles.

Boss - Shin's Left Arm : HP 65000
Boss - Shin's Right Arm : HP 65000
Boss - Shin Piece : HP 20000 & Shin : HP 36000

Use Auron's Armor Break and Mental Break right away because Shin is strong
against both physical and magic attacks.
When you see the signs of a Gravity attack powering up, use Tidus or Rikku's
Trigger Command to have Cid move the airship away from Shin, I didn't really
feel the need for this actually, but it's the right thing to do.
When fighting the Shin Piece and Shin, there's only the poison effect to be
careful about, otherwise the battle is pretty much the same.

After this battle is won, you will return to the airship where you will be
allowed to save.
Exit to the deck and speak to Yuna. After the cut scene ends in the control
room, exit the deck again to fight Shin head on.

Boss - Shin : HP 140000

Release all your strongest attacks as fast as possible. Haste everyone is
not a bad idea. You have to deplete Shin's large amount of HP before his
mouth completely opens, or else it's a guaranteed all death attack resulting
in a game over.


 - Grief Sea, Dead Dream City, Nightmare Center, Dream End / Final Fantasy

I recommend leveling up around a save sphere here before proceeding with the
When you are ready, go up the stais to battle Seymour for the last time.

Boss - Seymour Ultimate Final Transformation : HP 80000

As usual, Auron's Breaks.
Seymour is elemental this time, so make good use of Lulu's strongest
elemental magic attacks and Yuna's ba magic barriers.
You can tell what element he is by the color of the wheels behind him.

Afterwards just follow the red arrow until the end of the path. If you find
yourself at a dead end, you've actually missed the exit, backtrack a little
bit and go the way to the top of the save sphere.
Inspect the pink seal to proceed.
Note, this save sphere is the last save sphere of the game.

Touching the ice sticking out of the ground will lead to a battle.
Each of the crystals from the sky carry an item, and after getting 10 the
party will be transported to the last area of the game.

After the scene, Jekt will release Braska's ultimate summon.

Boss - Braska's Ultimate Summon
First form : HP 60000
Second Form : HP 120000
Spell Pagoda : HP 7000 x 2 (2nd & 3rd form HP dependent on damage)

You should be very good at fighting major battles by now, just use your
head, react accordingly, release all your powers, and you'll do just fine.

After the ultimate summon is defeated, you will enter the very last battle
of the game.

Final Boss - Ebon=Jyu (Ebon=Spell) : HP : 99999

First, you have to fight all the summon beasts Yuna has, and then you will
face the Ebou=Jyu, or the Ebon=Spell.
The Spell Pagodas are also there, but just ignore them.
This battle is pretty much just an event battle, so you can't lose.
There's no use in physical attacks in the beginning because it replenishes
9999 HP automatically each time.
Just cast reflect on everyone, and let the Ebon=Jyu's Gravity attack deplete
it's own HP. But remember not to cast healing magic on yourself after that,
or you will be healing the enemy.
Use Lulu's Gravity to attack as well.
When its HP is low enough to be depleted in one blow, slash it.
There's not much to say about this battle.
Or if you want to have a little fun, cast Zombie and then Araise on the

Enjoy the spectacular ending movie.
Congratulations, you have just finished Final Fantasy X.


The End


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