ASURA- how to defeat her:
Cast the WALL spell on her (Rosa gets the spell at lvl 34) and you get the benefits of all her healing spells. She still is difficult since ASURA's attacks take off more than 700 - 800 HP, so be cautious. Although you get a lot from her, your spells are very useless against her unless you use WALL and another spell on you of your party members.

ODIN- how to defeat him:
Very tricky, since in one swipe you're all dead. For all of you who are saying, "Who the hell is Odin?" let me tell you: He's the former King of Baron, who can be found in the basement of Baron Castle. He allows his spirit to be called once defeated. To cause massive damage to him in the beginning of the round, you must seek out the Sylph Cave in the underworld. Once you find Yang (if you haven't already) you'll have to go tell his wife about him. She'll give you a frying pan. You will have to go back and forth between Yang and his wife for awhile until you get the Silver Spoon. This can be thrown at Odin by Edge to cause 9999 points of damage. Now you can kill him!

ZEROMUS- how to defeat him:
The easiest quickest way to kill him is by having the METEO spell or calling BAHAMUT.
First round - Cecil uses the crystal and the monster changes
Second round - Cecil will attack with the crystal sword
Kain will do his jump attack
Rosa cast a low level cure spell
Rydia cast METEO
Edge use the throw attack , have him throw Excalibur
-this combo inflicts massive damage
Third round - Heal your characters and do the same, except have Edge throw the avenger sword (if you have it) Once the second METEO spell hits you'll have him. He may not die but he'll be close to it. Just continue the pattern until he succumbs, having Edge throw anything since I've found this to be the most effective.

CAVE OF TELLAH- The secret of the waterfall
In the cave where you meet Tellah, there is a waterfall which you can walk under to get some hidden treasures!

TOWN OF MONSTERS- How to reach the treasure chests in the town:
Once you enter the town, go to the spot where you can see all four treasure chests. From that spot, go right. You'll see a shadow and a hidden teleporter. Step on it and you'll transported to the chests.. There are Samurai Arrows, a Samurai Bow and two Elixir Potions

Go to floor B6 of Lunar Subterrane and take the left ladder down. Then turn left and walk straight over the gap. Go up to the left, turn right and walk through the wall. Go down, take the ladder and go all the way to the right and step on the portal. From there go across three ladders to the room with the save point. The lower exit leads to the crystal sword which is guarded by the Wyvern.

The four types of Call Magic that can be attained through fighting are Imp, Coctrice, Mage, and Bomb. They are all gained by fighting their respective monsters.

In combat, select the item icon then press A while pointing at an empty space in characters inventory. Select the weapon in your hand and press A again. Press B to return to battle - Now quickly RUN AWAY! Immediately go the equip option and Equip and place the same weapon in your hand. The weapon should split in two!

To fight a Pink Puff quickly, use the Dummy-Monster in the room where you fight Pink Puffs. The Dummy-Monster is about 4 items after a tent using the Gunslinger Code. Get that Pink Tail!